Here are some Messianic Jewish brothers & sisters in Christ worshiping the Lord!

God is on the move in our land!

This timeless, priceless song is in many ways an anthem for my life…& yours?

The Neville Brothers, featuring Aaron Neville, singing Amazing Grace & One Love


Voices of Lee Christian Acapella

The below video showcases some of the faith of our fathers, in haunting refrains that surely presage heavenly worship with images of glorious Gothic cathedrals soaring majestically toward the heavens.  Certainly our forbears grasped godliness & reverence in ways that modern man finds foreign & mysterious…enjoy!

this beautiful video was found here initially, fyi:

Tuesday August 14th – Open Thread

Here are more lovely videos found also at The Conservative Treehouse!

I hope this link posts as I copied it from the Conservative Treehouse (link below video) but it had an apparent Facebook origin.  It shows Ravi Zacharias explaining the exclusivity of Christianity but from intellectual & philosophical perspectives!

Thursday June 20th – Open Thread

Another uplifting video…enjoy!

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