Pondering Purpose…

Know your life purpose. Like everyone else God created, my purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. I live out that purpose within the boundaries and limitations God set in my life. Every dream and goal I had changed the day we got James’s autism diagnosis. No matter what I thought my calling was when I was 5, or 15, or 25—the calling that overshadows almost every other goal I had is being James’s mom. But this wasn’t a mistake. This didn’t surprise God. When He created me with a set of gifts and calling, He did so knowing I would be James’s mom. That means I can still achieve every purpose He has for me within the constraints of my daily life.”

This is from:


If I substitute “Josiah” for “James” this practically applies Verbatim to me…I’m going to personally come back here occasionally & return to this post to further ponder the impact…and the implications…Blessings, Valerie


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