Sundance’s Superb Summation

Sundance of the Conservative TreeHouse has taken massively complex moves on the world stage & boiled them down to the bottom line.  He is ripping back the curtain & exposing the inner workings.  Trump’s MAGA moves on the world stage are astounding, effective, electrifying…(& I don’t even Like politics!)…MUST READ!!!

via President Trump’s Economic Approach Toward National Security Wins – U.S. Media Ignore…

” The corporate media are hopelessly deficient in their coverage and explanations of how strategic objectives for national security are being delivered through a geopolitical Trump Doctrine via economic leverage. The results are stunningly effective, yet few have noticed and even fewer seem willing to articulate; perhaps their inability is because they simply just don’t get it.”

“When it comes to the use of economic leverage to create U.S. national security outcomes, well, we are learning at the knee of an economic master player. The media will now do everything they can to stop people from realizing how effective President Trump is…”

…”complicated business folks,…. complicated business”…

Note: the images & quotes are all from the original CTH article cited above…

Aging Gracefully…

Here is a poem found in the comments section of a Conservative Treehouse post here:

Wednesday January 31st – Open Thread

that I wanted to be able to access & share.  I’m not a grandparent (yet) but can relate to many of the described changes.  Blessings!

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    Ill have the stuff in the green bottle….cause its a celebration…

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    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.”

    So I will share with you 😛

    A MEMORIAL TO THE GIRLS AT  “Hillcrester’s OverTheHill”

    Just because we are a little “over the hill” does not mean we have “crested” now…or ever will.

    It means we have “matured” just a little bit, with perhaps a slight advantage in humor and wit.

    Our energy has lessened, but our hearts have grown. The plants have been harvested from the “oats” we have sown.

    Our bodies are softer, and a bit saggier, too, but when it comes to Grand parenting, we could out-do most of you.

    Our muscles have shifted to a new hemisphere. What used to go North, is now South, or in the “Rear.”

    We have a few more wrinkles…that can’t be “ironed” out. It’s harder to “hear” what everyone else is talking about.

    But our interest in “life” is ever increasing. Our minds are more “open” to “accepting” and “releasing.”

    We stop more to observe the flowers…and things. We eat a bit more chocolate…because we have found it is “nurturing.”

    We have left our footprints, in the sands of time, a path for some to follow; others to decline.

    Sometimes it was hard…getting up that Hill. The winding road was full of chills and thrills.

    But now as we look over the exquisite view, we have a new perspective to share with all of you…
    Live more fully…Laugh more heartily…Take more chances…Hug more freely…Love without limits…and Dance like there’s no one watching!

    written by
    An Over the Hill’er,