The Heavenlies

Here is a link about the recent visibility of 5 planets:


Although I’ve made an attempt to see this spectacular display each time I’ve tried the sky has been obscured by clouds or fog…perhaps most will still be visible long enough to catch during this longer than usual month of love.

For an idea about what night sky sights are very appealing to me, here’s a few of my related Pinterest Boards:











& here is a gem from one of the commenters at the Conservative TreeHouse from this post (there are many fascinating things to learn from the online communities at CTH)!:

Sunday March 11th – Open Thread

A rare recently hatched Cahow chick can be viewed livestream at this Cornell Lab link. This seabird species was thought to be extinct for 300 years. The parents are beautifully feeding and preening this rare chick in its underground nesting chamber.


The below video is of an abandoned farmhouse.  Sometimes there is great beauty in places & items left behind.  I enjoy older buildings & appreciate the artistic detail & quality craftsmanship displayed in the old glories of yesteryear.  Enjoy!

Here is a video showing some aspects of volcanic activity in Hawaii…

This next video is a lovely walk along a California beach accompanied by the sounds of wind, surf, & kids playing…Enjoy!

Here is an interesting video & accompanying description from the Conservative Treehouse commentor who provided the original post.  “It’s a live webcam, underneath the Deerfield Fishing Pier in Florida. It’s mesmerizing. Every once in a while the big school of baitfish near the bottom starts swirling….as if there’s a predator about. That means the dummy in their midst decided to take up an angler on the offering. The school will swirl madly, and then you’ll see the dumb one try to swim to his mates, while getting hauled to the surface. The water is not very deep here, and on a sandy bottom, so it’s not a coral reef shot, although we have them here, in abundance. Rather, it’s a lesson on FAD’s (fish aggregating devices). The ghost-like plate shaped fish that are close to the pillars are “lookdowns”, they appear to be swimming backwards! Their faces are the long “up and down” end of the fish, unlike, say, an angelfish. I’ve yet to see a tarpon, or any larger predators, but they are there. Anyway, enjoy!”