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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve added anything to this page & boy have times changed, & not for the better.  Not to get bogged down in all the depredations on freedom infesting the world, I stopped by to add this tasty gem from my currently favorite blog to hang out in, The Q-Tree.  This song takes me back as my parents had a 45 record w/ this song by Tennessee Williams, I believe, that I played with some regularity as a kid.  Please enjoy!  The link below is the page where I first encountered this gem.  Blessings!

DEAR KAG: 20210827

Another gem found within Conservative TreeHouse comments!

found here originally:

Here’s a gem from Stella’s Place (found there):

‘“Pie Jesu” (Latin lyrics w/ English translation)
Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber & performed by The Priests, The Irish Film Orchestra’  found here:

Here are a couple of lovely offerings found originally at Stella’s Place, link below:

& here is a video telling part of Eva Cassidy’s story:

Another lovely video found at Stella’s:

This video montage shows a farm view at noon for a year:

How this video was achieved & ones showing the same views at sunrise & sunset for a year are to be found here:

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