Q Storm Rising?

I don’t follow the Q updates, nor vouch for the accuracy or even meaning of the Q phenomenon.  This is a fascinating video that is worth watching.  Are we all Q?

I found this video at the Conservative Treehouse blog in the comments section, link below.  There are many people who inhabit the branches of the Treehouse, probably most of whom are more informed than am I…so this is just presented as food for thought…& perhaps even action…

January 18th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #729


Mr. Missile Defense

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse, shared President Donald Trump’s address on missile defense at the Pentagon; video & transcript at the link below.

One of the commenters to the original post crafted a brilliant summary, which I copied here for our enjoyment (& enlightenment).  Treepers Rock!


    • We are committed to establishing a missile defense program that can shield every city in the United States.

    • This past Tuesday, the Iranian regime tested a “space launch vehicle” — which [could lead to a] ballistic missile capability … of reaching the United States. We’re not going to have that happen. Iran is a much different country today than it was two years ago. It’s not the same and it won’t be the same.
    [IRAN will be CRUSHED]

    • The U.S. will now adjust its posture to also defend against any missile strikes, including cruise and hypersonic missiles. We will always be at the forefront of everything.

    • My upcoming budget will invest in a space-based missile defense layer. It’s ultimately going to be a very, very big part of our defense and, obviously, of our offense.

    • … we will terminate any missile launches from hostile powers, or even from powers that make a mistake. It won’t happen.

    • We have some very bad players out there, and we’re a good player but we can be far worse than anybody, if need be.

    • I’ve always known — and I’ve watched and I’ve seen — the stronger you are, the less you will need, whatever that strength may be.

    • … we will remove bureaucratic obstacles to dramatically speed up the acquisition and deployment of the new technology.

    • … our plan directs the Department of Defense to prioritize the sale of American missile defense and technology to our allies and to our partners.

    • For too long, we have been held back by self-imposed limits while foreign competitors grow and they advance more than we have over the years.

    • Part of the reason is we spend so much money on so many other places. Now that’s changing.

    • We’re helping [not owning defending]

    • … we’re able to spend money on technology and new defense, and far beyond defense systems. So those days are history.

    • Our strategy is grounded in one overriding objective: to detect and destroy every type of missile attack against any American target, whether before or after launch.

via VP Mike Pence and President Donald Trump Deliver Remarks to Pentagon During Missile Defense Review….

“Soviets'” Swamp Stench

Sundance continues to stun with his brilliant insights & analysis of all things Swampian.  Here he presents a plausible case for links between the DC Swamp & Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska.  DC-Russian links appear to be to Frame Donald Trump & his team Not to be orchestrated by the President nor his “allies”…Fascinating stuff, check out Sundance’s post, linked below, for details!

“Keep in mind all of the 2016 fraudulent “Muh Russia” narrative creation was happening in the background and candidate Trump is oblivious to it.  FISA’s on Carter Page; intel operations again George Papadopoulos; running Five-Eyes spies (Tawil, Halper etc.) against the campaign; and the requests of Deripaska for assistance therein; all of it was happening in the background.  Ms. Vashukevich would only hear a flicker of it at the time.

Additionally, as we noted, the real risk to the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials was if any of this was exposed.  Some of it has come to light over the past two years.

Now, think about this…. Yes, with Oleg Deripaska in the picture there was indeed Russian meddling in the 2016 election; only, it wasn’t the type of meddling being sold by U.S. media….. The FBI/DOJ has approached Russian Deripaska to frame their Russian conspiracy narrative. It is almost a certainty that Deripaska, through an intermediary, was one of Chris Steele’s sources for the dossier.  [Steele previously worked for Deripaska.]

Now, put yourself in Deripaska’s shoes and think about what happens AFTER candidate Donald Trump surprisingly wins the 2016 election.  All of a sudden Deripaska the asset becomes a risk to the corrupt Scheme Team (DOJ/FBI et al); especially as the DOJ/FBI then execute the “insurance policy” effort against Donald Trump…. and eventually enlist Robert Mueller.

It is entirely possible for a Russian to be blackmailing someone, but it ain’t Trump vulnerable to blackmail; it’s the conspiracy crew within the DOJ, FBI, intelligence apparatus and even some significant politicians.  Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska now has blackmail material on Comey, McCabe and crew that he can leverage for his own business interests.

via Curiouser – Oleg’s ‘Sparrow’ Anastasia Vashukevich Arrested in Moscow….

Narrative Nonsense

Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse provides insight on the leaked Bruce Ohr congressional testimony, revealing that the FISA warrant(s) against Team Trump were politically motivated hit jobs…Is anyone Really surprised?

(L-R) Christopher Steele – Bruce Ohr – Glenn Simpson

“The DOJ and FBI were specifically warned the dossier was political opposition research; compiled by anti-Trump efforts from Fusion-GPS and Christopher Steele and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.   However, the DOJ and FBI chose to use it regardless of sourcing/verification and without informing the FISA court.

Again, under normal circumstances this new evidence would fundamentally change the media outlook toward the entire two-plus year narrative, and we could interpret the discovery as a game-changer.  However, given how thoroughly the media have abdicated any semblance of integrity, unfortunately it’s likely no-one in the MSM will allow new facts to interrupt their carefully created narrative.”

via John Solomon: Bruce Ohr Testimony Shows Politically Motivated DOJ and FBI Ignored Warnings…

Deep State Coup (attempt), Collusion, & Confusion

Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse continues to uncover so many aspects of the Deep State “CONspiracy” to derail &/or unseat President Trump.  Please see his detailed & well-researched post for details.

♦Sequence. Unbeknownst to the FBI (per testimony from Lisa Page), CIA Director John Brennan was briefing the Gang of Eight [Aug 11th => Sept 6th (2016)] on the Steele Dossier. Brennan was also placing the briefing in Obama’s PDB, and the targets of the dossier, now inside the PDB, were unmasked by Susan Rice.

So the question now becomes: In addition to candidate Donald Trump, who were the targets within the Obama PDB material (placed by Brennan and unmasked by Rice)?

Well, in hindsight, we now know the answer:”

Per the included image, hopefully shown below:

  • George Papadopoulos
  • Carter Page
  • Paul Manafort
  • General Michael Flynn


via Backtracking Lies Worsening – REMINDER: The FBI Counterintelligence Operation into Donald Trump *DID NOT* Start After Comey Firing….


Here are a couple of comments from the article that give much food for thought:

  1. LafnH20 says:


    Through the PDB..



    Stated differently…

    Like a Crime Boss…
    He sanctioned ALL ILLEGAL Activities.

    He Allowed them.
    Encouraged them.
    Used them for his benefit against Political and Ideological Enemies.

    He Weaponized The Presidency!!!
    The PDB was allowed to be accessed by so many individuals the “Expectation” of NATIONAL Security was eviscerated.

    He Could well have Enabled The Enemy!!
    Via Espionage…

    Espionage is the crime of spying on the federal government and/or transferring state secrets on behalf of a foreign country. If the other country is an enemy, espionage may be treason, which involves aiding an enemy. The term applies particularly to the act of collecting military, industrial, and political data about one nation for the benefit of another.

    Was Russia… using Espionage..
    To influence a Presidential Election?

    Was Obama… using/allowing/knowingly benefiting from acts of Espionage to try to influence a Presidential Election?

    “If that Bastard wins…
    We ALL Hang from nooses!!”

    H. Clinton

    Why would she say that?

    A crime so serious that it is punishable by means of death by hanging???

    She felt so strongly… The need to Win the Presidency “At Any Cost”…

    She Feared HANGING??


    She LOST!!!

    What was so serious?

    Imho, You Will Find The Answer in The PDB.

    It’s out there…
    30 some people.. had access.

    Did I say FISA?


    Literally 1000’s… Possibly Tens of 1000’s of people could be effected.
    Possibly… Many Many Many MORE!!

    “The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.”

    – Maxine Waters


    • czarowniczy says:

      Look no further than the NSA’s Utah Center, the culmination of decades of work. Obama was at the helm when the national metadata capture program was realized but he had as much of a hand in its creation as Al Gore did the internet.
      The breadth and depth and future expansion and use of the data those dark areas of government have and will have will render any and everyone in the US buck nekked to government prying, the algorithms will sort through it sifting, twisting and selectively interpreting it at will.
      I’d posted on the programs long ago here and data on the government’s use of intercept programs. Carnivore, Omnivore, Echelon, Prism and stuff still under classification and NDA control, there is a trail of intercept programs going back decades. In truth, there isn’t much we could have done or can do, many programs operate in a quasi-legal area of ‘we’re just gathering data’ or ‘we’re gathering it without the ability to determine the owners’ IDs’ or ‘we’re not operationally using it. Plus there’s the question of have the gatherers used the data to compromise those who’d interfere with their abilities to gather it – ala J. Edgar Hoover?

Deep State Duplicity

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse continues to wade into the weeds on the Dossier purportedly written by Christopher Steele.  Links to Nellie Ohr & John Brennan surface.  Here is an appropriate quote from Lisa Page:

“So let me just sort of be clear.”

Please check out the details at the original post, linked below…

“Christopher Steele is not the actual author of the material inside the ‘Steele Dossier’, but rather he was attempting to wash away evidence of FISA database abuse by finding alternate confirmation for the underlying material.  Once he could provide ¹plausible secondary origination for Ohr’s material, Steele sent it back to Fusion-GPS in chapters.

Nellie Ohr was, is, and will always be, the factual author of the material inside the Steele Dossier.  Notably Nellie Ohr refused to testify to the joint house committee citing spousal privilege as the excuse to avoid questioning.

Nellie Ohr, a CIA contract employee, is at the epicenter of the Steele Dossier; and as a result she is the person who created the basis for all of the FISA surveillance warrants that exploited the dossier for approval.

Of course CIA Director Brennan was briefing Harry Reid in August 2016 on the dossier material a month prior to the FBI unit receiving it…. Brennan helped create it.

¹”plausible” – the Cohen-in-Prague mistake within the Steele Dossier is evidence of Nellie Ohr mistakenly interpreting a database search query result for the wrong Michael Cohen.”

via Leaked Lisa Page Testimonial Transcripts on CIA Brennan Angle, Confirms Likelihood of Dossier Origination….


Corruption Junction

Shedding sunlight on Deep State Darkness…or being played by Machiavellian puppet-masters?  Hopefully time (& Sundance) will eventually tell…

Well some keen insights are trickling out about the massive effort to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy, transition, & ultimately his presidency.  Sundance continues to shed sunlight on these & many other matters.  See the link for details…& excuse the language in the quote…

“There’s a hell of a lot more to be learned from the Lisa Page testimony, specifically about the role of the CIA in the overall operation…  However, for me personally, her outline of Bowditch in the main FBI DC office -as connected to the larger investigation- completes an annoyingly missing puzzle piece.

DAG Rod Rosenstein was hired by President Trump at the direction of, and request of, AG Jeff Sessions.   Rosenstein then recommended that President Trump hire FBI Director Chris Wray (a transparently useful idiot)….. Director Wray then hired David Bowditch as his deputy AND re-hired Dana Boente as FBI chief-legal-counsel.

The picture we get here is how the 2015/2016 officials within the corrupt DOJ and FBI enterprise, were put into higher office in the Trump administration 2017/2018; and those same officials are currently occupying positions that allow them to keep their prior corrupt activity hidden.

This whole thing is FUBAR.”

via Leaked Transcripts from Lisa Page Provide Some Stunning Revelations…

Sundance also recommends this link for deeper reading into the topic:

Here are suggested links from some of the commenters to the original CTH post, fyi:

Lisa Page’s new boss, major anti-Trumper:

The Mistresses of Mirrored Halls – Looking At The Corrupt DOJ Side of “Operation Trump”…

Sundance & several commenters express significant skepticism about the leaking that underpins these revelations.  Motives & players are obscured.  I haven’t read at all of the links shared above, just pass them along for anyone wanting to dive more deeply into the weeds.  The rationale for including these links can be found within the 2 pages of discussion following the original CTH post…