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I was posting some stuff over at Wolfmoon’s Q-Tree & wanted to keep some of these items for future reference.  Most of what I shared is about my family’s experiences in Michigan over the generations.  These tales are told to the best of my recall & were brought to mind starting with the tweet posted of a farmer trying to create a firebreak to save his crops…

Here is the link for where you can find this material originally:

Valerie Curren

This one reminds me of a family story I like to call “And the Wind Turned”…

My grandfather was a young child in the early 1900’s visiting his grandparents on their old homestead farm in mid Michigan. They were awakened in the middle of the night by the roar of flames in the forest adjacent to the property. My GGGrandparents woke up my grandpa & they loaded up the wagon with most of their possessions & wet down a rug to lay over the top, hitched the horses, & waited to see what would happen. I think my grandpa, who was quite young had to stay in the wagon & his grandparents were pouring buckets of water on the roof of the house & perhaps of the barn too. The flames started licking along the wood fence on the perimeter of the property & these 2 retirement age MidWesterners prepared to drive away & restart w/ no insurance, the possessions in their wagon, & their lives…& then the wind turned & blew the fire back on itself & it eventually went out. I think my family’s journey would have been a tad different had they been burned out as elderly but hardy farm folk that day.

This farmer is a hero. I hope he succeeded in saving his crops & moar!

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Looks to me like that crop had already been harvested.

That Farmer was probably doing that to try and head off the fire from reaching his home and barns.

He was running his discer to turn up the dirt and make a fire-break.
I hope it worked!

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Valerie Curren

I hope so too! That was way to close to that line of fire for comfort!!!

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awesome, inspiring story Valerie!
fight for what yours but be ready to leave to protect what’s most important!

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Valerie Curren

Yes! When my grandpa died he had very little left to his name financially, I think I got $100 as an inheritance as one of his 5 grandkids. He did leave us The Cottage owned jointly by my dad & his sister which we lived at in our early marriage. Apparently he almost signed the deed over to the Masons to guarantee himself a place in a retirement home but thankfully that never happened. He also left my dad & aunt part ownership in a one-room tar paper hunting shack in Michigan’s North Woods. My husband got put on the deed of that place early in our marriage (I’m not on it) & Hunting Season (bow opened Today!) is a big deal to our family & thankfully 3 of our 4 kids love it–we’re still tentatively working on Josiah in that arena. He loves being Up at the Shack for hunting but isn’t (yet) ready to become a hunter, if ever. His special needs complicate that whole adventure!

My grandpa, his cousin, & a couple friends were the original owners of The Shack. They used to hunt on the land where the Shack now sits & would camp there during hunting season for years, begging the then owner farmer to sell them a small plot so they could put up buildings instead of tents & for years he refused. One year they invited the farmer into camp to share a meal. They had a large canvas tent w/ a wood burning stove that was the cook tent. Well a spark fell on the canvas & the whole tent went up in flames quicker than they could drop it to the ground.

The farmer decided that was no way to live so he sold them one acre on the edge of his land. It was a long skinny rectangle w/ a 2 track running through it. The deer camp was large enough to actually build 2 shacks, though the guys across the street got the larger portion of the land & put up better facilities, though most of them live near by that Northern Michigan woodland while most of Our Shack hail from Metro Detroit.

Back in the day, before the buildings, they dubbed the location “Piscopalian Valley” & there was a nice wooden plaque w/ that moniker burned into it that hung over the porch across the street. Unfortunately that sign was stolen a few years ago which is crazy because no one but our groups would even know of that name as is was Extremely Local. It was for Piss Go in the Pail! not a slam on Episcopalians.

My grandpa’s cousin’s father who came to hunting camp until his death was known as “the Mayor of Piscopalian Valley” since he would make the rounds of the various hunting camps & the horse camp (there is “the blue horse trail” camp nearby & that trail crosses MI’s lower peninsula for horseback riding) & learn all the news & gossip of the area so he was Always up to speed on the hunt & beyond!

A number of years ago my dad & his close friend & hunting buddy (who only got put on the deed of the Shack after 30+ years in camp) bought a nearby shack on the hill behind our Shack. That place was called “the Luzerne Hilton” by the prior owners, so it’s now “the Hilton” to our guys. My family mostly likes to stay in the Hilton & the old timers & my brother’s gang stay in the Shack. However, for the first time this year my 2 older sons will be bringing companions to deer camp so we’ll have Currens in the Shack & the Hilton. Next weekend will be a big deal hunt!

I can’t wait for all the stories once they get back from deer camp!!! It’s a huge tradition to download many of their tales after the hunt, sometimes before they even catch a shower! Getting out into the woods, wood duty, camaraderie, & tales mostly of getting skunked on the hunt are just awesome. Most of my family Hate coming back down into the city after a couple days “living like rats” at the Shack!!!OK, I’m just hitting post w/out checking because it’s so long….sorry for any typos!

As a final note I’m super thankful that both my daughter & daughter-in-law have embraced hunting!!! My generation Never had women in deer camp. My aunt claims to have been hunting but I don’t think it was in our hunting camps…She did host a bunch of girl descendants of the Shack guys a few years back when the Hilton was owned by our group over a Youth Hunt weekend. Unfortunately Only my daughter Clarissa of that group of cousins & friends has continued on as a hunter…& she loves to hunt!!! Good Times, even vicariously…

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thanks for sharing so many good stories!!
my granddaughter went hunting last year for the first time and shot an 8 point buck…she is hooked on it now. I am not much for hunting, but they hunt as a family on my son-in-law’s family farm.
this year they may come up here for bear season tho–granddaughter and daughter will NOT participate in that particular hunt tho–bears are too daunting (thank goodness!)

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Valerie Curren

I don’t know if anyone has ever Seen, let alone Shot, an 8 point in our camp. You can find such big bucks downstate on farmland but not in the dicier Northwoods, at least not outside of the places where they feed the deer for those fancy private hunting camps.

Our guys have never done bear hunting though they occasionally run across bear sign & cat sign (hopefully lynx or bobcat & Not mountain lion). There is some talk of bounty predator hunting for coyotes, my husband heard all about it from the shack across the street, but that hasn’t happened yet for our group. My daughter wants to go for coyotes but my middle son doesn’t think he can stomach shooting anything that looks like a dog…

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my son-in-law never travels after dark around the farm without a gun…he hears the coyotes all the time…
we’ve seen a twelve pointer up here during the rut so they’re around…and we do see bears some times.

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Valerie Curren

That all sounds amazing!

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Cuppa Covfefe

Reminds me of the woman who saw off her hubby and his buddies going hunting, and was amazed when they were back only a half hour later.

“Honey, what happened? Are y’all OK???”…

“Well, we’z a goin’ along quite fine, but then there was a sign in the road”…


“Sign said, BEAR LEFT”, so we turned around and came home…

(Must’ve been Democrats. Then again, those dogs don’t hunt.)…..

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thanks for the laugh!!!!

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Valerie Curren


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Valerie Curren

OK, just a bit more…A couple years back I hit the resale store in the town near my parents’ Cottage for the first time ever & discovered this gem on CD, which I gave to my girls!

my husband sent the link to his hunting buddy who commented on the “hillbilly rocker” who appears around 2 minutes in. He’s like a seeming cousin of Ted Nugent (not literally) who used to hunt those beautiful Michigan Northwoods, where I believe that video was filmed…

If you do watch the video All the way through there’s a little treat at the end! So this song gets busted out every deer season, at least by me, for fun. Neither of our shacks look Anything as nice as that deer camp–those chicks have the posh pad!

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so cool!

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Valerie, thanks for that little anecdote.
and a very welcome outcome.

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Valerie Curren

Amen! I’m so thankful that they didn’t get burned out. I hope that farmer & his property are OK too…

My grandpa was born & lived in Detroit his whole life until retirement following the race riots & moving permanently Up North to the then finally winterized Cottage. His own dad was raised on that farm but went to work in Michigan’s North Woods in the lumber industry as a young adolescent, like age 12 or 13. He found favor w/ the boss when he stood up for & defended the bosses “city boy” son who was in camp w/ the lumber jacks to learn the business. Eventually my Ggrandfather became the foreman & when the woods work was done the boss asked him to manage his lumberyard in Detroit, which is how my grandpa was born there. Grandpa’s oldest sibling was born in some community (that I’m not sure still exists) called Sawyerville.

It must have been a pretty intense “adventure” for a city kid to experience that fire nearly burning out his grandparents on their farm.

As a side note my grandpa ran his own gas station at Junction & Toledo in Detroit but never owned the building. He tried to convince his landlord to sell him the building numerous times but he wouldn’t budge. When the race riots destroyed segments of Detroit & my grandpa decided to retire (they were driving w/ my aunt & her family on a cross country adventure to Alaska) he had an offer to buy his gas station business but since the building was a rental the deal fell through. I think Grandpa just liquidated his assets & A Lot of his tools are still in the garage at The Cottage along with his sign “Stoddard’s Superior Service”.

Tragically I believe that gas station has remained empty ever since the late 60’s as testament to the demise of much of what was good in Detroit back in the day.

My dad once said of a “vulcanizing” machine that grandpa had at his gas station that it should have been put in a museum for it practically kept Detroit on wheels during WWII when regular people couldn’t get tires so grandpa’s ability to patch worn tires kept a lot of people in functioning transportation!

Alpha Wolf Exposes Beta Biden

There is an excellent Presidential Debate Discussion at Wolfmoon’s Q-Treehouse continuing into the night. Within is this gem by the leader of the pack, as he dissects so much of what was happening in the presidential debate tonight. Please visit the original post for further insights & analysis–it’s eye-opening & encouraging if you love America!!!

There is so much more to check out, learn, & enjoy at the original post here:



Big picture for me is that Trump proved he’s fast on his feet and can actually react to things, AND how Biden is cheating.

Trump was obviously WAY faster on his feet. Biden could only look good with CANNED SPEECH. On his feet, Biden is confused. A few insults was all he had. He kept going back to “he has no plan” – clearly BS – but only for a while. Note that Biden could not hold that theme for even a full hour – more like half an hour.

Trump’s method of attacking Joe Biden by numerous interruptions was a brilliant way to demo how the cheats work.

Trump’s method of sparring with Chris Wallace was how he demonstrated that the questions were unfair and designed to hurt Trump and help Biden.

Trump UPENDED a rigged debate, so that it looked nothing like it was SUPPOSED TO LOOK.

Here is how the cheats work. This is how they ALL have worked from the beginning.

Biden relies on VERBAL COACHING to keep on track. Biden has somebody one one or both ears who can remind him of the missing word – who can begin a short pitch to “kick-start” him into a long-term memorized spiel. It ALMOST looks natural, but not quite. They “talk him along. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Biden has been caught THREE TIMES with earpieces – first the clear thin one over the ear, then the “bugs” that fell off his back standing outside next to the field, then the “flat” flesh-tone jobs. He was probably using the latter this time. Somebody on Q Tree saw something briefly, but you don’t need to see the device itself to tell Biden is relying on verbal cues.

If Trump leaves Biden alone, then the combination of (1) getting the questions ahead of time, plus (2) his practiced spiels, and most of all (3) the coaching when he hits a rough spot, allows Biden to FAKE a much higher degree of competence than he really has.

When Trump interrupts, it creates FOUR PEOPLE TALKING – Biden, Wallace, Trump, AND whoever is on the earpiece. This confuses the heck out of Biden, so he just STOPS and waits.

Trump’s interruptions frequently change things enough that the coaches have to listen as well and re-advise, so Biden has to just sit there and delay his response until he gets fresh coaching. You can see Biden trying to listen – he closes his eyes. and concentrates on the coaching and remembering the correct advised spiel.

When Trump did NOT interrupt Biden, you can STILL see him react to the coaching, but it’s different. He appears to correct himself without “sentiently” understanding what he’s doing. Biden gets very mildly confused by correcting according to instructions and then trying to resume. You can see the look on his face – he’s “looking in” to the corrections in his earpiece – he’s visualizing the voice of the coaching words.

When Biden is NOT corrected by the earpiece coach, he loses track – he loses his train of thought. Those are the times he goes into wandering thoughts and sentences that jump track. When he’s getting the coaching, Biden can almost – ALMOST – make it through a canned mini-spiel without derailing.

Trump really threw off Biden’s canned emotion-grabber mini-speeches. Trump showed us a couple of times that he can do canned spiels, too, but more importantly he only once or twice allowed Biden to gain any phony momentum using these illegitimately pre-rehearsed, illegitimately coached answers to illegitimately leaked questions.

Basically, Trump SABOTAGED THE CHEATS – not using an electronic jammer on the earpieces – but by forcing Biden out of his phony lane of fake competence with interruptions.

Q’s Clues From the Q-Tree

So, at the outset, let me state that I am a Q Agnostic.  I believe that there is “something” called Q but what/who Exactly it is remains a mystery.  Because aspects of the “Q-drops” are admittedly “dis-information” I Personally Do Not Choose to Follow Q nor to believe the drops have the authority of the Bible!  However, as best as I can piece together Q appears to be a force for good in the world.

Q is likely good because it references Biblical Truth & regularly encourages people to Pray & to Put on the Armour of God.  It occasionally provides scripture references, I believe.  Q also encourages people to Do Their Own Research, to become informed about topics that Q shares.  While Q displays contempt or hostility (righteous anger?) toward the Deep State & Black Hat players on the national & international stage it also maintains a protective stance toward the masses of the people.  Q appears to have a godly warrior vibe, like the battle hardened hero who might be rough around the edges in language & actions, deadly to the enemy, & willing to lay down his life for the vulnerable & those he’s tasked with protecting.

There are Many people around the world who are on the Q bandwagon.  Many are associated with enthusiasm for US President Donald Trump & his MAGA/KMAG/KAG (Make America Great Again/Keep Making America Great/Keep America Great) philosophy.  Many of these people are Christians but I don’t even know if it would be accurate to say that the majority of them are Believers.  Most Q enthusiasts, as best I can tell, appear to desire Truth, Justice, & the American Way–including fairness & justice across societies & nations beyond the US.  Many of these people have slowly gotten on board the Trump Train &/or the Q-niverse, often coming from a diametrically opposed perspective.  Once becoming a Trumpist &/or Q-enthusiast there appears to be no turning back.

Quite a few people reference taking the “red pill”, like from the movie The Matrix, where the character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) chooses to swallow the red pill to learn what The Matrix is since Morpheus (played by Samuel L. Jackson) says no one can be told what it is, they must see it for themselves.  The alternative blue pill is also offered where Neo can go back to sleep & wake up & believe whatever he wants about his adventures.  So being “red-pilled” is akin to waking up & discovering the Real World, & it is vastly different from the Dream World of the Matrix.  Being Awoken means becoming aware of the War that is going on, the battle for the freedom & deliverance of mankind from the evil forces that keep most people enslaved & asleep…

Anyway, the Q-Tree, or more accurately Wolfmoon’s Q-Treehouse, which can be found here: is a derivative site from the Conservative Treehouse.  Many people at the Q-Tree used to be part of the CTH community, often for many years.  Sundance, who runs the CTH blog, began to become less & less comfortable &/or tolerant of discussions of the Q phenomenon at CTH.  Eventually discussion of Q was virtually banned altogether at CTH.  Wolfmoon chose to develop the Q-Tree as a place where CTH refugees, who also enjoyed following &/or discussion of Q & the issues of the day, could hang out in a CTH style atmosphere without the draconian speech restrictions.

I learned of the Q-Tree through a series of interactions related to the death & dying process of a long-time Treeper who was known as Patrick Henry Censored.  PHC ended up being banned from CTH at a time when he was in the fading process from this life.  He had been a mighty force among many at CTH & so he started a blog to allow his CTH (& other online) “friends” to encourage him & each other as he was nearing the end of life.  One of those encouragers told me of the Q-Tree & Wolfmoon let me into the pack!

Anyway, people that hang out at the Q-Tree are a pretty amazing bunch.  They come from all walks of life & from across the US, primarily, but from other nations too.  There is pretty much ubiquitous patriotism, love & support of President Trump, highly insightful & logical reasoning skills, conservative values, foundations of faith, & playful & even irreverent senses of humor.  I am very honored to be included in this Wolf Pack as my background & skill sets make me one of the least likely members of this collection of culture warriors…

So there is good, often great, material to be found in practically Every Post at the Q-Tree & in the vast majority of comments.  There is Never Enough Time to do justice to the wealth of material presented!  Lately, since Q has been in “mainstream” news more recently, there have been some overt discussions of Q at the Q-Tree.  I wanted to capture some of the great material in the Q-Tree corner of the Q-niverse in case it can be of benefit to others & so that I might refer back to some of these materials for further self-education.  I hope you might be blessed in some of this material too!

Today I ran across some great stuff here & watched the excellent video below:

After watching the above video at the Q-Tree I went to the YouTube site to get more info.  The comments below were at YouTube & offer further helpful stuff that might assist me (& you) in our further journeys in & around the Q-niverse!  Here is the YouTube link:
Shaalaa SevenSevenSeven
Was q formed before the assassination of Kennedy, do you think?! Because he knew he was going to get assassinated! When I was really small I had loads of dreams about his muder.. my mum actually took me to the doctors and thought I was mad!


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You are correct. Q The Q operation was started by JFK because the deep state/CIA was actually running the country. He was assassinated for trying to expose them but the operation continued.
Trump is the second coming of JFK to finish the job and drain the swamp.
Q is a group of US military generals.
The Q operation is a whitehouse information dissemination operation to bypass the CIA controlled liberal fake news media, and red pill the masses to create a grassroots movement.
You might have heard of “Q Anon”. Trump and the US military generals run this Q Truth psyop starting in October 2017. Q drops are posts are on
There are many youtuber channels that decode Q drops like X22 Report and Praying Medic.
Please watch these links for hope, positivity, and reassurance that Trump and the Patriots are in control – not just of America – but the entire world with a white hat alliance to drain the worldwide satanic cult of child traffickers, child sacrificers, and blood (Adrenochrome) drinkers.
1) US Military General Vallely confirms the Q operation
2) Q – The Plan to Save the World
4) List of preliminary indictments for Obamagate (including Treason)
7) This Will Bring You Tears / The Calm Before the Storm
9) Fall Cabal (Part 1 of 10, Part 5 on
10) Trump Does The Unthinkable By Liz Crokin
12) Donald Trump Jeffrey Epstein Victims Lawyer
13) Judge Joe Brown Interview about Trump
If you complete this list of videos for homework – you will be completely red pilled. Trump 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA! Trump will finish what JFK started! And is the modern day Christ Figure (figuratively speaking) for taking all the hits for humanity (hatred, negativity, lies, slings and arrows, character assassination, real assassination attempts, Russian collusion investigation hoax, Ukraine impeachment hoax, taking all the blame for everything) to save all the children from human trafficking and rid the Earth of the parasitic illuminati satanists.
GudThoughts above was referencing a previous discussion about good sources of material about Q to share for “red pilling” purposes.  I’ll see if I can find that & share it below too…
Well, finding that conversation is going to take more digging so I’ll post this stuff “as is” & come back to it & add the other stuff later…assuming I can find what I’m looking for!