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I am posting this “comment” as is from another blog.  It is packed with info that is worth checking out…Here is where I found this comment:

July 15th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #542

  1. JX says:

    1) Mifsud pushed info onto Papadopoulos then his associates attempted to extract the planted info as “evidence”.

    London Academy of Diplomacy –

    • Nabil Ayad is the Founder

    • Joseph Mifsud is Director

    • Nawaf Obaid is a Visiting Fellow

    • Stephan C. Roh is a Visiting Fellow

    • Dr Gianni Pittella is a Visiting Professor

    Obaid was the Project Director for a major study conducted for DoD Office of Net Assessment. – (Saudi-US Relations Information Service) –

    ★ Mifsud is linked to a person who led a project for DoD Office of Net Assessment, Obaid

    ★ Stefan Halper also has produced reports for DoD Office of Net Assessment –

    Both Halper and Mifsud are associated with the very high level Office of Net Assessment

    ★ Mifsud planted info on Papadopoulus. Halper & friends attempted to get Papadopoulos to admit to having this info.

    2) Pittella addressed a group of Clinton supporters after the close of the DNC Convention at Philadelphia: “I have taken the unprecedented step of endorsing and campaigning for Hillary Clinton because the risk of Donald Trump is too high” –

    ★ Mifsud is linked to a Clinton campaigner, Pittella

    3) Stephan C. Roh founded Roh Law –

    Mifsud consulted for Roh Law –

    Roh and Mifsud have co-authored books.

    Ayad and Mifsud co-presented at a conference held at Link University in Italy –

    Also presenters at the conference: Alexander N. Chumakov, and Olga Leonova, both with Lomonosov Moscow State University

    Mifsud is listed as a “key speaker” and the London Academy of Diplomacy a “partner” at the “Globalistics 2015” conference held at Lomonosov Moscow State University
    “” is the Russian Academy of Sciences – Institute for International Economic and Political Studies

    ★ In my opinion Mifsud is a double agent, at least.


Dog (Crap) & Pony Show

Sundance continues his brilliant insights!

via Rosenstein Delivers Indictments For 12 Russians – Then Buries in Lock-box of DOJ National Security Division…

“The current officials within the corrupt DOJ/FBI system are protecting the former officials who worked within the corrupt DOJ/FBI system.   The activity was so stunningly destructive to every tenet of our democracy and principle of our constitutional republic; the administrators of the system cannot allow the American electorate to know what they did.

Government officials within the DOJ and FBI conspired together with private political parties outside government to conduct intelligence gathering operations against their political opponents.  You cannot get higher on the usurpation scale.

That illegally extracted opposition research was then laundered by design and passed back into the intelligence apparatus (DOJ/FBI) where it was weaponized -by gaining a Title-1 search warrant (Oct 21, 2016,)- to conduct active surveillance on everyone within a political campaign.

That weaponized surveillance, gained by the FISA authority, was then used as an “insurance policy” against the Trump campaign, President-elect Trump, and President Trump.

Actual, all encompassing surveillance -physical and electronic- of a sitting U.S. President, and every member of the administration and executive branch, until expiration of the fraudulently obtained FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant in October 2017.

Let that sink in.

THAT is what this entire Russia Collusion/Conspiracy narrative is intended to conceal and hide.  That coup attempt is why the Mueller investigation exists.

Once Trump took office, someone had to take over the collection of the results from all of this ongoing surveillance; and simultaneously someone had to protect the underlying construct of how that surveillance was obtained.  THAT is why Robert Mueller’s investigation was started.

The DOJ-NSD division, and the FBI counterintelligence division, were actively engaged in a plot to destroy, then overthrow, a sitting U.S. President.   All of this Russia, Russia, Russia stuff is simply designed to hide and obfuscate this issue.”


FBI “Manufactured” Evidence

Sundance continues to shed sunlight on the ongoing corruption within the DC Swamp…please see the original article for more details…

“Within the underlying story of how a FISA Title-1 surveillance application was assembled against U.S. person Carter Page, we clearly see how intelligence was laundered through a process of leaking to the media and then cycling the media article back into official intelligence reports.  The Carter Page FISA application used media stories as underlying evidence for the search warrant.  The media stories came from officials within the FBI, and Fusion GPS; the FBI was essentially manufacturing the evidence they needed.

So, with all of that in mind, this meeting between Andrew Weissmann and AP reporters, as outlined by The Daily Caller, is essentially another round of same-method manufacturing of evidence; it is a collaborative effort.  The result therein is information to be exploited by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to gain search warrants against Paul Manafort.”

The origin of almost all of the corruption seems to consistently circle back to the abuse of the FBI and NSA database which is very much documented and never subject to being refuted…

It all starts with abuses of the FISA system for political opposition research; yet we never hear a single voice calling attention to the DOJ-NSD and FBI abuse of this system.”

via Important: Robert Mueller Lead Attorney Coordinated Investigative Strategy With Four AP “Reporters”…

Our Historical Roots of The 4th Of July

Menagerie, a contributor at The Conservative Treehouse, has put together a great post sharing much of the history of the founding of our great nation.  Please check out her original post!

via Why We Celebrate The 4th Of July

“The words have stood throughout several centuries as a clarion call for freedom, for breaking free of tyranny, for men to put aside their individual causes and join together to battle for the right of every man, woman and child together to become a people united in goal and resolve.

Today as we celebrate, today as we pledge allegiance to a flag that has gone from 13 stars to 50, may we remember not only the sacrifice, but the resolve. May we honor not only the words, but the unity and deeds of our forefathers. May each of us dig deep into our hearts and work out our differences for the betterment of our nation and our children and grandchildren.

Say a prayer for America today. Rekindle hope today. Honor the past by determining the future.”

FISA Abuse…of Power

Sundance has penned a scathing analysis of the inherent abuse within the FISA system–a system that exists to perpetuate & protect itself…

“Unlawful surveillance is the originating principal behind Operation Crossfire Hurricane; it is also the originating issue within the Peter Strzok “insurance policy”; additionally, it is the originating aspect to the Clinton/Steele dossier; etc. etc. the list is long.  Chase any of the corrupt threads back to their source of origin and you eventually come back to the surveillance authority within the FISA processes.”

Sundance builds his case & analysis well at his original post…I’m just sharing a couple of snippets for a hint of what he reveals–please read his post!

“The 2015/2016 FISA abuse, search-engine surveillance and the underlying sketchy FISA application against Carter Page, is the lynchpin to the entire unlawful enterprise.  In the bigger picture, what happened is also dangerous as heck.  That’s the reason why Chairman Devin Nunes and Chairman Goodlatte keep chasing the story behind it.

However, even when chasing the story behind the FISA issues – what you discover is the FISA process itself is based on opaque fraud that is almost impossible to hold accountable.

The FISA surveillance system inside the intelligence apparatus is unaccountable by construct and design.  The users, and in these examples the ‘abusers’, of the surveillance system are essentially protected by the scale, scope and structure of the process.

via Unfortunately Every Investigative Trail Comes Back to the Dead End of FISA Abuse…

Inquiring Minds

Here are a series of important questions shared by a few commenters to this post at the Conservative Treehouse.  I’m posting the comments “as is”, but may use some of my own spacing to aide in the ease of reading only, & I did not create these questions…

liberty3 says:

Continued Comments and Questions on Crossfire Hurricane
1. The FBI used its powers to derail an election and spy on U.S. citizens. The FISA Court Ruling shows widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the report, Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years. One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during the time of the audit (a few months in 2015) were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.
2. The FBI gave outside contractors (including Comey’s friend at Columbia) complete access to NSA data. Is that a crime?
3. The “Justice Department” has openly defied congressional oversight and has participated in a public vendetta against a sitting president. It’s called obstruction of justice.
4. DOJ leadership declined to confirm to the White House that Lt. Gen. Flynn was under any type of investigation. Consequences?
5. FBI Agent Peter Strzok says they were able to cull the number of emails through the use of “some amazing things to rapidly de-duplicate” the emails. The New York FBI case agent assigned to the Weiner investigation, a certified Digital Extraction Technician, as well as the FBI forensics team in Quantico say it was impossible to use the conflicted metadata to “de-duplicate” the emails. Is Strzok applying for a job with Microsoft? Someone is lying. . 1,355,980 electronic files (pg 389), containing 350,000 emails and 344,000 Blackberry communications were reviewed between October 30th and the morning of November 6th, 2016!!!
6. We now know that the FBI had an investigation into the Clintons and moneys they received from Russia in return for giving Russia 20% of all US uranium. Prior to the Obama administration approving the very controversial Uranium One deal in 2010 handing Russia 20% of America’s Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin. The FBI approved the deal anyway. We also know that Rosenstein and Mueller were the ones who allowed the Uranium One deal to go forward. This was the real Russia collusion story involving the US government. Will these investigations get re-started?
Robert Mueller is in a “precarious position” over the Uranium One deal, given his lack of action on the issue. “Robert Mueller, I think, in light of what we’ve also recently learned, relative to the Uranium One Deal, surely seems a bit compromised to me. Why did Mueller stopped investigating bribes involving clinton/russia/uranium one. looking for collusion?
7. Mueller probe has been tainted from the start. He is personal friends of a subject of the investigation. Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed on Tuesday in a joint hearing with the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees he is investigating whether Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump bias impacted the launch of the Russia Probe. Why was Mueller asked to investigate a crime that did not exist, while ignoring plenty of crimes that most certainly did. And is the Mueller team proceeding in a criminal manner?
8.Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is compromised by approving the renewal of an illegal FISA warrant, stonewalling Congress, and buckling to Comey in appointing Mueller right after Comey was fired (on Rosenstein’s recommendation).
9. Clinton lied to federal officers. She misused classified documents and used a private server for official government work. Given the nature of Clinton’s alleged conduct and the potential criminal charges, it was absolutely essential to have her and all material witnesses appear before a grand jury to testify on the record and under oath. But this was not done. Why?
10.The coordinated law-breaking and perjury of senior officials, almost certainly including the former directors of the FBI, CIA (John Brennan), and the Office of National Intelligence (James Clapper), has to be addressed, starting with their frequent lies to Congress, and apparent participation in a plan with Comey to mislead the president-elect about the Steele dossier.
11. Comey used a private server for official government work.
12. FBI agents never searched the Blackberries or other email devices belonging to Hillary’s inner circle at the State Department. Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his team received a crazy response when they asked FBI agents on the Hillary Clinton email investigation why not. The agents’ primary excuse was to point to “the culture of mishandling classified information at the State Department which made the quantity of potential sources of evidence particularly vast.
13. The FBI and DOJ are intent on preventing Congress from reading the EC that opened the Full Investigation on July 31, 2016. The EC would have had to state the “articulable factual basis” for the investigation. In other words, the EC would have had to assert that there were specific, verified facts indicating a threat to national security, and it would have had to explicitly state what those facts were.
14. The FISA application that the leadership of the FBI and DoJ signed off on remains of paramount importance for investigators. Where is it?
15. Peter Strzok.— escorted from the FBI building but still employed by the FBI? cooperating?
16. Bill Priestap still employed by FBI.—cooperating?
17. Consider Page 274, footnote #165: No electronic record exists of the case agent’s initial review of the Weiner laptop. The case agent told us that at some point in mid-October 2016 the NYO ASAC instructed the case agent to wipe his work station. The case agent explained that the ASAC was concerned about the presence of potentially classified information on the case agent’s work station, which was not authorized to process classified information.
18. The DEEP STATE and its boss, Obama, politicized and weaponized the intelligence agencies in an attempted manipulation of the 2016 election.
19. Why didn’t the FBI examine the contents of Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s private email accounts and seek to obtain Abedin’s personal devices to determine whether classified information was exchanged. No explanation for FBI’s delay in addressing the fact that disgraced former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) had a number of Clinton’s private emails on his unsecured laptop, some classified.
20. Why is the FBI still preventing Congress from seeing relevant documents? A private law firm would have done better- -and been required to!
21. What was the Justice Department and FBI’s rationale for declining to prosecute Hillary Clinton? The IG claimed that “we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information…” “Intent” is not required to charge someone with that crime. The Justice Department added proof elements that are not in the statute. DOJ’s legal interpretation that virtually assured Clinton would not be prosecuted. And that, as the IG reports states, the FBI and DOJ knew that “by September 2015″… Page #164, footnote #124 of the IG report.
22. FBI agents like Strzok were extremely anti-Trump. What we want to know, however, is how did it happen that these were the very individuals who ran the Bureau’s investigation of Trump? Yet, Strzok was seconded to Special Counsel Robert Mueller to advise him on his investigation of Trump.
23. The COUP is ongoing. The FBI has asked the Justice Department’s office of the inspector general to withhold from Congress the names of three bureau employees found to have exchanged anti-Trump text messages, including from one attorney who worked on the special counsel’s investigation.
24. Obama’s name is nowhere to be found and he was corresponding with Hillary on her illegal server, yet he was the mastermind behind Crossfire Hurricane. Any charges forthcoming?
25. (26-28) from Victor Davis Hanson) How did government officials, by hiding information about the so-called Steele dossier, mislead the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to get warrants to spy on U.S. citizens associated with the Trump campaign?
26. How was it decided that the Clinton campaign would pay Christopher Steele for gathering dirt on the Trump campaign, and how did the information from the dossier get to intelligence agencies?
27. How was an FBI informant inserted into the Trump campaign?
28. How does the FBI justify illegal spying on a U.S. candidate for president?
28.How were the names of U.S. citizens unmasked by Obama administration officials and leaked to the press?
29. Alan Dershowitz reacted to FBI agent Peter Strzok reportedly texting his intentions to stop President Donald Trump from being elected, calling it “collusion at the highest level” Any expansion on this? Charges?
30, Concord slammed Mueller again in a court filing challenging the legitimacy of Robert Mueller’s appointment. Will challenge to Mueller’s appointment go to the Supreme Court? Mueller’s appointment was legally flawed because he was never nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate — nor was he appointed pursuant to a specific law passed by Congress. Nor was there a specific crime committed.
31. Comey had SACs retaliate against field agents who spoke out about his mishandling of the Clinton email investigation. Some critical agents had OPR investigations opened on them. Abuse of power?
32. Is there anything to the story that the Steele dossier was connected to Sergei Skripal, the former Soviet/Russian military intelligence agent who spied for Britain, who, was nearly killed this spring by a dose of tFwehe nerve agent Novichok ? In a March 21 interview on the John Batchelor Show, Gregory R. Copley, editor and publisher of Defense and Foreign Affairs, posited that Sergei Skripal is the unnamed Russian intelligence source in the Steele dossier.
33. Is there anything to the story that The Department of Justice (DOJ) is refusing to release intercepted material alleging that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch conspired with the Clinton campaign in a deal to rig the Clinton email investigation? The information remains so secret that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz had to censor it from his recently released 500-plus-page report on the FBI’s investigation of Clinton, and even withhold it from Congress. What’s in it?


  • Mongo Mere Pawnsays:

    34. Did either the October 2016 FISA application or any of the subsequent renewals ever identify Carter Page as an undercover employee of the FBI in the Buryakov prosecution?

    35. Did such applications disclose that Page was expected to testify as to his participation as an undercover FBI employee in the electronic surveillance that ultimately led to the prosecution and conviction of Buryakov for the crime of acting as an undisclosed foreign agent of the Russian Federation, as well as the concommitant expulsion of two others who avoided such prosecution by means of diplomatic immunity?

    36. Did such applications disclose that Page was expected to so testify at the trial of Buryakov in May 2016 at the behest of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division of the Department of Justice, i.e., the one who resigned mere days before the filing of the October 2016 FISA application describing Page as a foreign agent of the Russian Federation?

    37. What members of the Counterintelligence Unit of the FBI and the National Security Division of the DOJ participated in the investigation, prosecution and conviction of Buryakov? What was their personal and professional interaction with Page as an undercover employee of the FBI? Did any of them thereafter participate in the investigation that led to the filing of the October 2016 FISA application?

    38. Was there a hearing on the October FISA application or any of the renewals? If so, who participated in the hearing or hearings? Is there a transcript of the hearing or hearings? Were there any verbal disclosures or representations made to the FISA judge about Page that are not reflected in the application and renewals themselves?

    39. Was the alleged June 2016 FISA denied by a FISA judge because he or she recognized Page as an undercover employee of the FBI from one or more FISA applications filed in the Buryakov investigation and prosecution? If so, was the October 2016 FISA application filed with Judge Contreras because he did not become a FISA judge until after the Buryakov prosecution and conviction, and, therefore, could not have had any institutional knowledge of Page’s employment therein, whereas all other DC and NY FISA judges were presiding during that investigation and prosecution? Is this the reason Judge Contreras had to recuse himself from the Flynn prosecution?

    40. Did the DOJ or the FBI have any problem with Page joining the Trump campaign as an advisor just 10 days after the announcement of Buryakov’s plea agreement on March 11, 2016? Why did the press release announcing the plea agreement, although not naming him, describe the participation of Page with sufficient detail that the two agents expelled via his participation could readily identify him as the source of their expulsion? Why was Page invited to speak at the New Economic School in Moscow in July 2016 when Russian intelligence clearly knew he participated in a counterintelligence operation against the Federation? Why did Page accept the invitation when he knew there was a possible chance of retribution?


zimbalistjunior says:

love it..keep it coming, Liberty and Mongo:

heres a couple:
– Mr Strzok, did SC Mueller interview /interrogate you after he was informed of some of your texts with Ms. Page? Did he interview/interrogate Ms. Page? Did he separate the two of you so you would not have a chance to corroborate your testimonies?
-As a seasoned investigator yourself Mr. Strzok, if you joined an already begun investigation and then discovered that there were two lower-level agents involved with said investigation from its inception whose activities may lead one to believe that the entire investigation was possibly fraudulent, would you not interview/interrogate them?
-Petey, what did you mean by the text thread with Page explaining how the DOJ, in planning for the interview of HRC, wanted to choose agents who would provide the best outcome, and not choose the best agents?
-Petey, please list all the times you leaked to the press. Also, was it you and Lisa who leaked to the WSJ that the ‘insurance policy’ text did not refer to plan to stop candidate Trump, but only to continue investigating the candidate so that if he is elected president, we can then do something?
-What efforts did you make to destroy your communication devices and or records of your communications?


  • I won’t back downsays:

    41. Who got the sealed Weiner indictment from Strzok after he sent it to his personal email address?

    42. who has their own personal “insurance policy” copy of all of the emails from the weiner laptop? Comey? Strzok? Page? McCabe? is that why they feel confident and are strutting around free?


If you have read this far please check out for the latest in this situation, & many other aspects of exposing the corruption of the DC Deep State…