1. Hi Stella, I just made another version of chicken soup that went over quite well with most of my family. My husband recently made mashed potatoes, with Rosemary leaves in the water, & I’d asked him to save the potato water. I boiled that water with some chicken scraps (trimmings from boneless, skinless chicken breasts) & one chicken breast. I removed meat & cooled the liquid to trim off the fat.

    I skimmed the fat into a wok-ish frying pan & added some bacon fat & fried some chopped onion, garlic, thin sliced peppers, potatoes & the chicken (that I’d picked the fat & gristle from). These I fried & added garlic salt, fresh ground pepper, Cavender’s Greek Seasoning (we love this stuff), more rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram, & basil. These were fried up until the chicken, which I’d added last had some color/flavor. I added this to the soup pot along with some mushrooms & black beans, both with their attendant liquid, from the fridge. Additionally I’d chopped up some carrots to cook in the stock & seasoned the stock with some of the spices mentioned above.

    Using the same frypan I sauteed in more bacon grease some chopped tomato & a rice/wild rice seasoned mixture we have from Sam’s club, about 1/2 cup. These were fried enough to show some color on the white rice grains then added to the soup pot & cooked until the rice was done.

    In serving this soup some people added garlic salt, some shredded cheddar cheese, & some sriracha sauce. Only one family member was disappointed because he didn’t prefer what he thought was too “hearty” of rice in the concoction. After 5 people ate from the very full medium/large pot there were only a couple of cups of soup left so this dinner “sold” pretty well!

    Although this was nearly another version of “garbage” soup (as in containing scraps &/or little bits of what’s around) I contemplated “naming” it Rosemary Chicken, Rice, & Black Bean Soup…

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    More chicken …

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    1. I’ve done a modified version of “beef burgundy” in a crock pot with chicken. We usually have boneless skinless breasts so I’ve used about 6-8 breasts, a can of cream of mushroom soup, a can full of wine, & a packet of French onion soup mix. I cook this in the crock pot most of the day & test for doneness (the meat falls apart). Often I add a small can of mushrooms & their juice, cut onions & garlic, & sometimes celery to the pot, usually under the meat. We especially like it served over mashed potatoes, though it could go over noodles or even rice. It’s easy & delicious!


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