Flights of Fancy

So on this page I plan to post various eclectic enjoyments…and this John Elefante song has such an amazing classic sound and Godly message that I want it easily accessible…so please join me in being ministered to and rocking!

I found this gem while looking up Mastedon the band that brothers John & Dino Elefante had back in the ’80s.  I used to hear them on the Christian Rock radio station in the city where I attended college and so enjoyed their sound that all these decades later memory compelled me to see if any of their material was available online via YouTube…


Here is a youtube video I found at, where so many interesting people come to share & post fascinating & insightful items.  Enjoy!



Here is another beautiful video found at with haunting piano & gorgeous natural images.  If I could play the piano well this style of play is what I imagine being one I would return to again & again.  Blessings!


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