Outside the Cool Mom’s Clique

“I never had time to think about all of the playdates, library story hours, and trips to the park that were happening in the town my children would go to school in.”

This quote is from the humorous posting, “When You Aren’t in the ‘Cool Mom’ Clique”(please check it out here):


This original posting, though fun, it just a tad bit of a melancholy reminder of the difficult way things were when our kids were younger.  Though the author experienced many of her challenges primarily due to being a working mother, I experienced many similar issues in connection to special needs scenarios.  In the early years taking my “special” son out was virtually risking his life–he was hospitalized twice in the first year of life with a life-threatening RSV infection…He spent roughly 3 of his first 12 months being hospitalized for surgeries and/or infections.  Later on it was the seemingly endless parade of therapies & doctor’s visits…Perhaps All Mom’s feel on the outside for one reason or another!

Image result for gently leads those with young

image from this site:


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