6th Anniversary of My Son’s Liver Transplant

I woke up today & realized that today marks the 6th anniversary of my son Josiah’s Liver Transplant.  We are so thankful that he continues to do well & that he has overcome so many obstacles & challenges in his young life.  Through it all he continues to glorify the Lord in his own unique way.  We are truly blessed!  Thank you Jesus!!!

Michael Curren's son.

Josiah, 2015

The last couple years when this anniversary rolled around I was compelled to write a pretty comprehensive post about our journey,  so I’ll share those links with you below.  This year I’m trying to take it easy & just be thankful & even restful in how far we have come from those difficult, painful, & challenging days.  By the way Josiah is doing very well post-transplant & has had virtually no issues with his new liver & life!

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Here are some posts where I deal pretty directly with his transplant:







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Here are some blogs dealing with transplant…& beyond…

I archived our transplant journey here:  https://jazzmanjournal.wordpress.com/

We archived Josiah’s transplant journey here & he continues to post periodically:  https://josiahthesecretweapon.wordpress.com/

I archived a friend’s transplant journey here:  https://christlikekara.wordpress.com/

Josiah shares his perspective here too:  https://josiahsfreakshow.wordpress.com/

I share updates about Josiah (& the family to a lesser extent) here:  https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/josiahcurren

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You can find Josiah on Facebook, occasionally at TheConservativeTreehouse.com prayer request pages, & also on Twitter:

Thanks for dropping by.  God Bless YOU!

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