Unexpected Blessing

I was speaking with my son, Josiah, who recently signed up for Twitter.  He mentioned that he had a conversation with one of his high school friends who is now no longer on Twitter.  I remembered that she used to have a private Twitter account & I’d run across an image of one of her scripture-based tweets though an old image search…so I started looking on Bing.com hoping to find that old scriptural tweet.  Anyway, this lead to searching for images of various family members as shown on Bing.

I went through all of the kids’ names & started looking under my husband Michael’s name & there larger than life was a nice photo of Josiah.  This lead me to the site where it was posted to see what that was all about.  What a surprise & unexpected blessing to discover an historical post by my husband to Guideposts regarding Josiah.


Looking at the posted picture of Josiah it lead to a page called “What Miracles Look Like”…& though our family perceives Josiah this way it was pretty shocking to see that descriptor on the World Wide Web.  Here’s what showed up at Guideposts:


What Miracles Look Like

Guideposts readers share evidence of God’s miraculous touch.

by Posted in , Apr 6, 2015

About a week ago, I posed a question to readers: “What does a miracle look like?” I asked you to post photos of the wondrous and miraculous on Lunch-Break Miracles and on Facebook.

I received so many great responses that I just had to share a few. It’s interesting. Some readers found wonder in nature or the birth of a new day. But, for the most part, people found God’s miraculous touch in the faces of their loved ones. Take a look below:

At this point there were several pages of images, one of which was of Josiah, with explanations by the submitters.  Here’s what Michael shared then:

Michael Curren's son.

Josiah Curren, son of Michael & Valerie Curren, Spring 2015

From Michael Curren:

My son who received a liver transplant two years ago this July is graduating in May and is on the track team. God is awesome!

My husband is a master of understatement…& I am perhaps one of overstatement.

See the source image

Josiah is a major survivor & overcomer.  He has survived & triumphed over so many challenges, more in his individual life than the other 6 Curren’s combined.  Here’s a partial list of some of what he’s faced:

  • Prematurity
  • Very Low Birth Weight, 2# 6oz
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Open Heart Surgery at 2 months & 4#
  • 4 Surgical Repairs of birth defects in genitalia
  • RSV infection X2, both requiring hospitalizations in first year of life
  • Persistent Ear Infections & Fluid requiring numerous Myringotomy Tube surgeries
  • Brain Tumor on Pituitary Gland, surgically removed through the nose
  • Congenital Absence of the Portal Vein, Liver Tumors, & eventual Liver Transplant
  • ADHD, Autism, Communication, Sensory & Perceptual Disorders
  • Severe Learning Disability in Math, numerous Special Ed Battles & Interventions
  • Double Vision, surgically repaired after schooling ended
  • 2nd Open Heart Surgery for defective Aortic Valve (still an issue w/pending surgery)
  • Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc.
  • Most medically, therapeutically, &/or educationally complex child in some practices
  • 4 years High School Track Team “earning” his Varsity Letter his Junior Year

See the source image

We have been through Many Things with Josiah, & I’ve shared about much of this throughout this blog.  Here are some of the posts that heavily feature Josiah:


























See the source image

We’ve come such a long way…& so has Josiah.  He is truly a miracle child in so many ways & we are so blessed by the Lord through his life & the challenges we’ve faced & to a large degree overcome because of the many unique issues raising Josiah has entailed.  God is bigger than our weaknesses, fears, brokenness, & inadequacies.  He is Lord of All!!!

See the source image

See the source image




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