Um…., Where Did All Our Problems Go?

This is amazing & a MUST READ post that puts so much Great News front & center!!! Please read the entire post linked below!

The Q Tree

grrandpaFlep’s post on President Trump’s Border Wall strategy was outstanding! Thank you, Flep. After reading Flep’s post, I was eating dinner, looking around the world, and I started to make a list of things which have changed since we elected President Trump. “Things” which were big problems for most of my adult life. “Things” I thought would remain problems for my grandchildren. Suddenly, our big problems have evaporated. They’re gone, or they’re almost gone. Big things, like ISIS and the Caliphate, have practically disappeared.

Look around, and take note of what you see. Oh, and pretty please (!), chime in and add to the list in the comment section below!

Think about the great problems of the world or in America, since we were kids. “Things” that dominated headlines. “Things”, about which, our parents complained. All those big problems we’ve faced in our lifetimes….
…..they’re all being fixed.
It’s simply…

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