When the People Loved and Respected the FBI…..

A beautiful, yet heart-rending, tale of a less-politicized era & a local community coming together to solve an unimaginable crime–as told by an active & engaged community leader…Oh to turn back the clock & erase the cynicism, favoritism, & tribalism that pervades such events today.

The Q Tree

It seems reprehensible to most Americans that we would question or fear our own FBI and DOJ. It’s a new idea to us and the world seems upside down. Yet, with the politicization of our justice system, Americans clearly see the duplicity and double standard. Now, we’re apprehensive to help, offer information or assistance, which harms the country and may allow criminals to evade justice. The following is a sad story of the murder of a young woman in our town. Yet, the story is an example of how the public, local police, the FBI, and the justice system worked perfectly together…….., like it should be in America. May God bless the men and women of the FBI.

It was bitter cold in January, 1996, right after winter break. Travelers had all returned to town from the Christmas holidays and the kids were refreshed and back in school. We’re a…

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