Alpha Wolf Exposes Beta Biden

There is an excellent Presidential Debate Discussion at Wolfmoon’s Q-Treehouse continuing into the night. Within is this gem by the leader of the pack, as he dissects so much of what was happening in the presidential debate tonight. Please visit the original post for further insights & analysis–it’s eye-opening & encouraging if you love America!!!

There is so much more to check out, learn, & enjoy at the original post here:



Big picture for me is that Trump proved he’s fast on his feet and can actually react to things, AND how Biden is cheating.

Trump was obviously WAY faster on his feet. Biden could only look good with CANNED SPEECH. On his feet, Biden is confused. A few insults was all he had. He kept going back to “he has no plan” – clearly BS – but only for a while. Note that Biden could not hold that theme for even a full hour – more like half an hour.

Trump’s method of attacking Joe Biden by numerous interruptions was a brilliant way to demo how the cheats work.

Trump’s method of sparring with Chris Wallace was how he demonstrated that the questions were unfair and designed to hurt Trump and help Biden.

Trump UPENDED a rigged debate, so that it looked nothing like it was SUPPOSED TO LOOK.

Here is how the cheats work. This is how they ALL have worked from the beginning.

Biden relies on VERBAL COACHING to keep on track. Biden has somebody one one or both ears who can remind him of the missing word – who can begin a short pitch to “kick-start” him into a long-term memorized spiel. It ALMOST looks natural, but not quite. They “talk him along. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Biden has been caught THREE TIMES with earpieces – first the clear thin one over the ear, then the “bugs” that fell off his back standing outside next to the field, then the “flat” flesh-tone jobs. He was probably using the latter this time. Somebody on Q Tree saw something briefly, but you don’t need to see the device itself to tell Biden is relying on verbal cues.

If Trump leaves Biden alone, then the combination of (1) getting the questions ahead of time, plus (2) his practiced spiels, and most of all (3) the coaching when he hits a rough spot, allows Biden to FAKE a much higher degree of competence than he really has.

When Trump interrupts, it creates FOUR PEOPLE TALKING – Biden, Wallace, Trump, AND whoever is on the earpiece. This confuses the heck out of Biden, so he just STOPS and waits.

Trump’s interruptions frequently change things enough that the coaches have to listen as well and re-advise, so Biden has to just sit there and delay his response until he gets fresh coaching. You can see Biden trying to listen – he closes his eyes. and concentrates on the coaching and remembering the correct advised spiel.

When Trump did NOT interrupt Biden, you can STILL see him react to the coaching, but it’s different. He appears to correct himself without “sentiently” understanding what he’s doing. Biden gets very mildly confused by correcting according to instructions and then trying to resume. You can see the look on his face – he’s “looking in” to the corrections in his earpiece – he’s visualizing the voice of the coaching words.

When Biden is NOT corrected by the earpiece coach, he loses track – he loses his train of thought. Those are the times he goes into wandering thoughts and sentences that jump track. When he’s getting the coaching, Biden can almost – ALMOST – make it through a canned mini-spiel without derailing.

Trump really threw off Biden’s canned emotion-grabber mini-speeches. Trump showed us a couple of times that he can do canned spiels, too, but more importantly he only once or twice allowed Biden to gain any phony momentum using these illegitimately pre-rehearsed, illegitimately coached answers to illegitimately leaked questions.

Basically, Trump SABOTAGED THE CHEATS – not using an electronic jammer on the earpieces – but by forcing Biden out of his phony lane of fake competence with interruptions.

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