Autism Resources

General Links

This has a US map where you can click on your state for state specific info.

This has blog radio programs and resources for families dealing with special needs issues.

Has special needs equipment & products.

The FREE Resource page of a special needs products company.

Autism links from an organization that helps military families affected by autism.

Getting help in Canada with autism issues.

Many resources & info for people with autism & their families.


Michigan Specific Info

This shows some organizations that help with autism needs in Michigan.

Click to access michigan.pdf

Transition Timelines for people with Autism in Michigan.


Special Needs Parenting

Many Christian writers share the joys & challenges of special needs parenting.

For parents of special needs kids, a way to connect & find support.

Click to access parents_guide_2nd_edition.pdf

Parents share opinions on a number of topics of interest, including Transition!

Encouragement & insight for parents of special needs kids.

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