Autism Resource Page Example

Since it is still early days after beginning to write this blog, I am looking around the Web for inspiration in the construction of pages, and to some degree their content.  So, I’ve been looking into blogs written by parents of kids with special needs, among other interests and ran into this seemingly helpful page (without having looked beyond its surface).

The below link leads to a page within the blog written by a mom of 2 kids with Autism & ADHD…so you might imagine why her writing could interest me.

Having an eventual goal of sharing resources that have been helpful to me in the different arenas about which I (plan to) write…this example of links and their organizational structure is both inspiring and potentially relevant.

So, if your life is touched by Autism, may I suggest you jump over to this page below and see if any of the info shared there might be an encouragement to you.  Please let me know if this is helpful to you personally…and which links you most appreciated.  Blessings, Valerie

Special Needs Linkies

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