Dirty Dealings of the Deep State

“Once you see the vast network of Democratic operatives, officials, former officials, media, foreign intelligence operatives, and former operatives involved in this Big Lie and how they used it to spy on the opposition and tar and beset the President you can only wish that the reports that he’s about to declassify what so far has remained obscured, especially the FISA warrant applications, comes to pass sooner, rather than later.”

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Here is a handbook for part of the efforts to stop Trump & Conservatives:

Click to access Full-David-Brock-Confidential-Memo-On-Fighting-Trump.pdf

This document above is called Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action & contains info on Media Matters, American Bridge, CREW, & Shareblue.

P. 2 on Media Matters sounds like it might have been the blueprint for some of what we currently being played out from their perspective “Here’s what success will look like:

  • Serial misinformers & right-wing propagandist inhabiting everything from social media to the highest levels of government will be exposed, discredited.
  • Internet & social media platforms, like Google & Facebook, will no longer uncritically & without consequence host & enrich fake news sites & propagandists.
  • Toxic alt-right social media-fueled harassment campaigns that silence dissent & poison our nation discourse will be punished & halted.”

p. 2  American Bridge appears to be focused on opposition research to help Democrats regain power.  Their idea of “what success will look like:

  • Trump will be defeated wither through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020.
  • The balance of power will shift back to Democrats.  We will measurably impact US Senate, gubernatorial, & state legislative races.
  • We will free ourselves from solely relying on the press.  Our robust digital program will reach voters directly online.”

P. 3 outlines CREW being a “nonpartisan ethics watchdog group in a period of crisis” with their idea of “what success will look like:

  • Trump will be afflicted by a steady flow of damaging information, new revelations, & an inability ot avoid conflicts issues.
  • The Trump administration will be forced to defend illegal conduct in court.
  • Powerful industries and interest groups will see their influence wane.
  • Dark money will be a political liability in key states.”

P. 3 also outlines Shareblue‘s objective to “take back social media for Democrats.”  It aims to become “the dynamic nucleus of a multi-platform media company that informs, engages, & arms Americans to fight.  Here’s what success will look like:

  • Shareblue will become the de facto news outlet for opposition leaders & the grassroots.
  • Trump allies will be forced to step down or change course due to news pushed by Shareblue.
  • Under pressure from Shareblue, Democrats will take more aggressive positions against Trump.
  • Shareblue will achieve financial sustainability while diversifying content offerings & platforms.
  • Top editorial & writing talent will leave competitors to join Shareblue.”

Pages 4-14  describe Media Matters intended role & actions, including “leading the fight against the next generation of conservative disinformation”.  Just even skimming through some of this material reveals some scarily Orwellian intentions & actions.  Here are the listed Senior Staff on pages 13-14:

  • Angelo Carusone, President
  • Julie Milliacan, Vice President
  • Sam Zegas, Senior Advisor

Pages 15-24 outline American Bridge as “the political research engine of the opposition, defeating Trump, regaining power.”  It plans to drive “the narrative on Republican officeholders & candidates”.  I wonder if Fusion GPS &/or Perkins Coie will have any connectivity to any of this?  On page 15 they say they are moving “into our fourth election cycle” so this organization (possibly under another name?) has been around for at least a little while.  “Our purpose is to keep Trump unpopular & make it more difficult for candidates who support him to get elected in 2018.”  Page 19 they state they plan to be involved in every competitive senate race.  Page 21 lists some allies, including abortion proponents Emily’s List & Planned Parenthood.  Page 24 lists senior staff:

  • Bradley Beychok, Executive Chief of Staff to the Chairman
  • Jessica Mackler, President
  • Eddie Vale, Vice President

Pages 25-32 outline CREW‘s goals to achieve their purpose of being “America’s nonpartisan watchdog against government corruption, combating abuse, ensuring accountability.”  From this lofty descriptor we can obviously anticipate their full cooperative involvement in exposing the Deep State coup attempt against Donald Trump with the phony/fraudulent FISA wiretapping, the “insurance policy”, & the so-called Russian collusion narrative.  Of course they will also work diligently to expose the corruption at the FBI & CIA to frame Trump or his affiliated personnel & to thwart any attempt at seeking justice for Clinton crimes (emailing confidential info, Bengazi, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation pay for play, etc)…& they will also assist in exposing the false identity of “Barak Obama” & the Democrat collusion in putting forth someone apparently constitutionally ineligible to the highest office in the land…or Not!  Because we should take their stated Nonpartisanship at face value…

Page 27 declares CREW’s intention to “highlight & limit the corrupting influence of money in politics.”    On Page 28 they reveal themselves to be aligned against the National Rifle Association & the Center for Medical Progress & for Planned Parenthood.  Senior Staff are bioed on pages 31-32.

  • Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director
  • Adam Rappaport, Chief Counsel & Assistant Director
  • Jennifer Ahearn, Policy Counsel
  • Matt Corley, Research Director
  • Jordan Libowitz, Communications Director
  • Stuart McPhail, Litigation Counsel

Pages 33-44 outline Shareblue‘s goals as “the antidote to Breitbart, emboldening the opposition, empowering the grassroots.”  They intend Shareblue to be “the dynamic nucleus of a multi-platform media company that informs, engages, & arms Americans to fight.”  Apparently “Shareblue is a Facebook community first & foremost.”  It claims that it will create “fact-based content that connects with our audience on a visceral, emotional level.”  Pages 37-38 outline the Shareblue editorial priorities, some of which are pretty laughable to an informed voter &/or Conservative.  They intend to expand their media empire & develop algorithms that are “specifically designed to amplify negative content for Trump & deliver positive content to bolster the resistance.”  Page 39 outlines some examples of “victories exposing the conservative nexus of power in Washington.”  (What are these people smoking???)…Pages 43-44 list selected bios:

  • Will Lippincott, Chief Operating Officer
  • Katie Paris, Senior Executive Adviser
  • Melissa McEwan, Editor-in-Chief
  • Anthony Reed, Polling and Data Strategist
  • Tommy Christopher, Senior Political Writer

Well if someone is interested in wading into the minutiae of this Leftist agenda driven & coordinated effort to smear President Trump, marginalize Conservatives & Republicans, & propagandize the grassroots by controlling media platforms & eliminating inconvenient voices & generating emotionally based appeals to rev up the Left, then please check out the source document for more details.

Click to access Full-David-Brock-Confidential-Memo-On-Fighting-Trump.pdf

Well, when beginning this post I intended to go one way but got sidetracked into the above David Brock memo on fighting Trump…so I’ll leave this as is for now.

Please check out some of these sites for news & information from a more conservative perspective & an alternative view than that typically found in “mainstream” media:











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