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via Rep. Jim Jordan Summarizes FBI Crew Shaping Clinton Investigation and Starting Trump Investigation…

& here is an hilarious comment from this same article:

Sentient says:

I saw this elsewhere on the internets. It could be called the libs’ defense of the Obama FBI:

Complete and systemic incompetence. We didn’t know it was a politically motivated dossier. We didn’t know that our agents and attorneys were politically motivated. We didn’t know that the source was a foreign national with an ax to grind against the opposition candidate. We didn’t know that we were supposed to mention any of these things on the warrant. We didn’t know that he had been instructed by the Democrat National Committee to disseminate this information to the MSM. We were completely unaware that the data from the dossier and the reports in the MSM were from the same source because we didn’t fact check any of it. We didn’t know that it was wrong to use the Foreign Surveillance laws to spy on domestic targets. We didn’t know that our own agent was supposedly a Russian conduit when he worked for us and only became concerned when he went to work for the opposition candidate. When we discovered these facts we didn’t know that we should have gone back to the judge and explain our failures to properly vet the dossier. We didn’t know that our agents texts and emails, especially during an important investigation should have been archived. We didn’t know that our agents and attorneys were %&^%*% each other. We didn’t know that they were making jokes and references about the incoming President- their new boss- that sounded like they were planning sedition. We didn’t know that they were spending so much time- however much times it takes to write and send 50,000 texts- on government equipment during office hours to keep up with their lovers instead of doing their jobs. We didn’t know that the wife of the guy in charge of this investigation was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hillary’s bag man. We didn’t know that the Justice Department Official who had dealings with this case was married to a woman who worked for the company that paid 10 million for the dossier.

Do I need to go on? If this wasn’t deliberate then they ought to all be canned right now for malfeasance and incompetence. What’s the point of an investigative agency that doesn’t investigate?

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Additionally here is another video linked to by the Conservative TreeHouse:

Here is the post that shared the above video:

Sharyl Attkisson Discusses DOJ/FBI Corruption and Congressional Roles and Responsibilities…


CTH Commenters Rock!

Here are some provocative comments from the below article at the Conservative TreeHouse that may warrant more excavation of the ever expanding rabbit warren…I haven’t looked into the articles cited in the last comment but it appears that the rabbit hole goes as deep as one ever cares to look–hmm…  Here’s the source article (& CTH commenters often provide a real-world example of the “wisdom of the crowd!”):

Exceptional Work by Sharyl Attkisson – Did FBI Violate Woods Procedures?…


freddy says:

The dam has broken….Even uncle Rush is reporting what hes read here and the WSJ guys are using it as well. We all know SD is the one journalist who is for real… I stay here for my facts and info…….Rush discussed Carter Page and is leaving stuff out I think I read…. It was a Title 1 Fisa which meant they deemed Carter a Russian spy allowing the huge net they threw out on trump…Also Carter worked with the FBI a few years back and they convicted a Russian guy. They makes a clear association… Carter voluteered for the Campaign. So he’s a spook to me……….Is that all correct what I so un eloquently described.

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  • Luke of the D says:

    A spook who somehow got onto the Trump transition team… how did that happen at all? I think he was spying FOR THE RUSSIANS (and maybe the DNC) to help get old easily manipulated Hillary “Re-set Button” Clinton elected! The entire premise of the Muh Russian conspiracy makes absolutely no sense. Why on earth would the Russians want POTUS Trump in the White House???

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  • d2i says:

    Attorney General, Manhattan U.S. Attorney, and FBI Announce Charges Against Russian Spy Ring in New York City – https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/newyork/news/press-releases/attorney-general-manhattan-u.s.-attorney-and-fbi-announce-charges-against-russian-spy-ring-in-new-york-city

    Carter letter to James Comey, 9/25/2016,https://www.justsecurity.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/2016.09.25_FBI_letter.pdf

    And you may not be aware but Hillary Clinton too was caught up in a Russian spy ring after becoming Secretary of State – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5004165/The-Americans-inspired-Russian-spy-ring.html

    And – http://dailycaller.com/2017/10/20/hillary-clintons-russian-ghost-stories/


    Here is something else with lots of excavation potential if one is inclined to continue digging deeper…from the same comments section of the above article:

    todayistheday99 says:

    Forgot to mention that, an ongoing theory that seems very plausible is that Page was an FBI plant (Page, plant LZ) and was manipulate into the advisory committee via unethical MSM tactics:

    Original posting of this info can be found here.


    Is Carter Page an FBI informant who wormed into Trump’s campaign? As far as I can walk the cat back, the beginnings of “Russiagate” may have been FBI surveillance of Carter Page during a 2013 meeting with Victor Podobnyy, a Russian “Junior Attache” to the UN in NY. U.S. intelligence had Podobnyy under human and electronic surveillance as a suspected Russian SVR intelligence operative, and the FBI had recorded a conversation in March of between Podoobnyy and a second Russian agent discussing his attempt to recruit Page as an asset.

    According to court documents, in January 2013, Carter Page first met

    Podobnyy at an international energy conference, and later that year Page provided information about the U.S. energy industry to Podobbny. But, this is where it only starts to get really interesting.

    In a letter published today by CNN, Page informed a US Senate committee that shortly after he met with Podobnny in 2013 he was interviewed by federal agents in June, 2013 and that he became a cooperating witness in the federal investigation and resulting 2015 prosecution. See below, and .pdf linked at http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/08/politics/carter-page-russian-official/

    Indeed, a court document in the 2015 trial of an SVR officer confirms that Page was indeed interviewed by two FBI Agents about dealings with Podobnyy. Carter Page is referred to in the Affidavit as Male-1:

    1. On or about June 13, 2013, [FBI] Agent-2 and I interviewed Male-1. Male-1 stated that he first met VICTOR PODOBNYY, the defendant, in January 2013 at an energy symposium in New York City. During this initial meeting, PODOBNYY gave Male-1 PODOBNYY’s business card and two email addresses. Over the following months, Male-1 and PODOBNYY exchanged emails about the energy business and met in person on occasion, with Male-1 providing PODOBNYY with Male-l’s outlook on the current and future of the energy industry. Male-1 also provided documents to PODOBNYY about the energy business.

    Having cooperated with the FBI in a counter-intelligence operation and later as a witness in the 2015 trial of a Russian intelligence officer, it seems implausible that Page could have been a willing secret agent of the Russians at any point thereafter. More likely, he was playing out a role assigned to him, perhaps under duress, by the FBI. Page was apparently sufficiently trusted by the FBI that he was allowed to travel to Russia several times before and after the Bureau busted the Podobnny cell in September 2014. [See FBI Affidavit for the Prosecution, http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/2015_0126_spyring2.pdf.%5D It should be pointed out that Page was never charged as an accomplice.

    In addition, bear in mind that Page was never a paid Trump staffer and claims he never met Flynn and never had a single meeting with Trump. In fact, Page appears to have insinuated himself into the Trump campaign suddenly in early 2016 when it was short-handed without persons with direct foreign experience. He seemingly emerged out of nowhere. A biography in Newsweek portrayed him as something of a mystery whose role in the campaign is unclear, as is how he managed to gain nearly instant access as a junior foreign policy advisor to Trump: http://www.newsweek.com/carter-page-fbi-surveillance-us-presidential-election-russia-donald-trump-583066

    Reporters who went foraging for information on him during the race for the White House found little. Within Trump’s team, no one seemed to know who hired him, or what he did for the campaign. Among U.S. businessmen who had worked in Russia, and the Russians they had worked with, few knew Page’s name. In a scathing Politico article about Page, an unnamed Western investor in Russian energy told the author: “I can poll any number of people involved in energy in Russia about Carter Page and they’ll say, ‘Carter who? You mean Jimmy Carter?’”

    What’s notable here that seems to have evaded previous notice is that instead of being a Russian agent of influence, Page at the time he spang briefly into a prominent role within the Trump campaign in early 2016, was already an FBI informant, something the Russians would obviously know. This becomes even more crucial later that summer after Page returned from a business trip to Moscow when he was repeatedly named in the James Steele “dirty dossier” as a close confident of Russian energy officials and bankers. Page actually appears to have all the hallmarks of an FBI informant, or an agent provocateur, who was planted into the Trump campaign as part of an intelligence operation. Only, it seems apparent, the intelligence service he was actually serving was American rather than Russian.

    That is significant for another very important reason – according to the Washington Post, the FBI obtained a FISA warrant last summer to spy on the Trump campaign under the pretext that Page was alleged to be a Russian agent.https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/fbi-obtained-fisa-warrant-to-monitor-former-trump-adviser-carter-page/2017/04/11/620192ea-1e0e-11e7-ad74-3a742a6e93a7_story.html?utm_term=.ee32735cc79b

    The Russian UN employee was charged with two others in 2015. There is an interesting section in the Justice Department press release that accompanied the March 11, 2016 conviction of one of the three Russians. Seemingly overlooked by everyone are what appear to be at least some intriguing suggestions that Page is not the unwitting Russian pawn he has been made out to be by most of the media, and was instead quite aware of his role in FBI operations: https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/evgeny-buryakov-pleads-guilty-manhattan-federal-court-connection-conspiracy-work

    BURYAKOV worked in New York with at least two other SVR agents, Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy. From November 22, 2010, to November 21, 2014, Sporyshev officially served as a trade representative of the Russian Federation in New York. From December 13, 2012, to September 12, 2013, Podobnyy officially served as an attaché to the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations. The investigation, however, showed that Sporyshev and Podobnyy also worked as officers of the SVR. For their roles in the charged conspiracy, Sporyshev and Podobnyy were charged along with BURYAKOV in January 2015. However, Sporyshev and Podbonyy no longer lived in the United States and thus were not arrested.

    BURYAKOV’s Co-Conspirators Are Recorded Inside the SVR’s New York “Residentura”

    During the course of the investigation, the FBI recorded Sporyshev and Podobnyy speaking inside the SVR’s offices in New York, known as the “Residentura.”

    The FBI obtained the recordings after Sporyshev attempted to recruit an FBI undercover employee (“UCE-1”), who was posing as an analyst from a New York-based energy company. In response to requests from Sporyshev, UCE-1 provided Sporyshev with binders containing purported industry analysis written by UCE-1 and supporting documentation relating to UCE-1’s reports, as well as covertly placed recording devices. Sporyshev then took the binders to, among other places, the Residentura.

    During subsequent recorded conversations, Sporyshev and Podobnyy discussed, among other things, Sporyshev’s SVR employment contract and his official cover position, their work as SVR officers, and the FBI’s July 2010 arrests of 10 SVR agents in the United States, known as the “Illegals.”

    While there seem to be some remarkable coincidences, it is not known if Page is actually UCE-1 or, it seems more likely, the FBI used Page to introduce one of its own employees pretending to be a coworker in Page’s NYC-based energy trading company, who subsequently passed bugged binders to the Russians. Page was previously reported in court papers to have been identified as “MALE-1.” It’s all the more curious that Page should have two years later attached himself to the Trump campaign, and is now the central figure in “Russiagate.” Stranger still, that none of this has previously been remarked upon in any major media.

    Here’s how ABC portrayed these events when it broke part of story about Page in April: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-campaign-advisor-carter-page-targeted-russian-spies/story?id=46557506

    Undercover FBI agents lured Buryakov and his SVR associates, Igor Sporyshev and Podobnyy, into a trap by masquerading as well-placed business sources ripe for recruitment while using physical and electronic surveillance to gather enough information to build their case.

    No reference by Newsweek or ABC to an FBI undercover employee posing as an energy analyst or the bugged binders, which suggests that Page (or an agent pretending to work with him) had more than a passive role in the electronic surveillance placed by the Bureau.

    It is also significant that Page is the only person within the Trump circle for whom there appears to be strong evidence a FISA warrant was ever actually issued, permitting legal FBI surveillance (see ftn 16, below). The rest of the intercepts that have been alluded to as part of the Rice “unmaskings” were carried out after a FISA Court reportedly refused in June 2016 to issue a warrant application seeking broad surveillance of figures in the Trump campaign. Several media have reported that after the initial warrant request was denied a much narrower FISA request for surveillance of messages from two Moscow banks was granted in October.

    Any surveillance conducted outside of the confines of the Page warrant and the possible second warrant was conducted without FISA authorization, and was in plain defiance of the court’s June warrant denial. Conviction for violation of the FISA statute carries a potential 5 year federal felony imprisonment term.

    This is how Page describes events of which he was part in a 9-page letter to the Senate Committee published today attached to a CNN article. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/08/politics/carter-page-russian-official/; see, related, https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/03/trump-kislyak-timeline/519027/

    Page characterizes the 2015 unmasking of himself and later leaking of his identity to the press as “Felony #1.”:

    Felony #1: Illegal leaking of my identity as “Male-1” in U.S.A. v. Evgeny Buryakov, Igor Sporyshev, and Victor Podobnyy – On April 3, 2017, reporters at ABC News(ftn. 3) and BuzzFeed News (4) requested to meet in order to inform me that U.S. government operatives had unlawfully disclosed my identity as Male-1 in this 2015 case. This particular incident follows an increasing series of similar revelations about other politically-motivated unmaskings in 2016.(5) It relates to my brief interactions in 2013 with Victor Podobnyy, a junior attaché assigned to the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations. During my meeting with U.S. [FBI] agents at New York’s Plaza Hotel in June 2013 in support of their ongoing investigation, I spoke with them at length about my research on international political economy which I had been completing as a Fellow at the Center for National Policy in Washington. I brought this up because it seemed to me that the resources of the U.S. Government might be better allocated towards addressing real national security threats, particularly given the recent Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013.

    . . .

    With regards to the 2015 [FBI] case where I agreed to provide support,

    . . .

    Felony #2: Illegal leaking of classified information surrounding the completely unjustified FISA warrant against me, which further enabled part of the Clinton/Obama regime’s domestic political intelligence operations and influence campaign in the 2016 election – On April 12, 2017, the Washington Post published an article explaining that unnamed sources had revealed the completely unjustified FISA warrant to intercept my communications throughout the final months of the reign of the Clinton/Obama regime.(10) Given a growing list of unanswered questions and apparent abuses regarding this nonsensical invasion of privacy, it seems readily apparent that more revelations about these misdeeds will continue to be learned in the period to come.(11)

    . . . Not only did precisely that same continued pattern of abuse reflect her disparagement of Director Comey, it also underscores why I have remained a principal target of the Clinton/Obama regime’s surrogates including those in Congress. As a perceived weaker party, I have also been effectively and falsely characterized as a narcissistic loony tune amidst other far worse false accusations by the Clinton/Obama regime. In a revealing New York Times article based on illegal leaks, “The [Obama] Justice Department considered direct surveillance of anyone tied to a political campaign as a line it did not want to cross, the official added.”(16) In other words and consistent with the narcissistic loony tune school approach, they apparently decided it was fine to trample on human rights if someone is a low-level, junior, unpaid supporter rather than a fellow fat-cat career politician from the Washington swamp.

    . . .

    (2) “Face the Nation transcript: Mulvaney, Manchin, Rice,” CBS News, May 7, 2017. [http://www.cbsnews.com/news/face-the-nation-transcript-may-7-2017-mulvaney-manchin-rice/] (3) Brian Ross and Matthew Mosk, “Trump campaign adviser Carter Page targeted for recruitment by Russian spies,” ABC News, Apr 4, 2017. [http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trumpcampaign- advisor-carter-page-targeted-russian-spies/story?id=46557506] (4) Ali Watkins, “A Former Trump Adviser Met With A Russian Spy,” BuzzFeed News, April 3, 2017. [https://www.buzzfeed.com/alimwatkins/a-former-trump-adviser-met-with-a-russian-spy]. (5) Kristina Wong, “Lindsey Graham: ‘We Will Continue’ to Look into Susan Rice’s Unmasking,” Breitbart News, May 4, 2017. [http://www.breitbart.com/biggovernment/ 2017/05/04/lindsey-graham-we-will-continue-to-look-into-susan-rices-unmasking/]

    . . .

    (10) Ellen Nakashima, Devlin Barrett and Adam Entous, “FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page” Washington Post, April 12, 2017. [https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/fbi-obtained-fisa-warrant-to-monitorformer- trump-adviser-carter-page/2017/04/11/620192ea-1e0e-11e7-ad74- 3a742a6e93a7_story.html] (11) Senator Charles E. Grassley, “Grassley Seeks Explanation for FBI’s Inconsistent Info in Dossier Inquiry: Bureau’s Scant Responses to Judiciary Probe Raise More Questions on Steele ties,” April 28, 2017. [https://www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-seeksexplanation- fbi’s-inconsistent-info-dossier-inquiry]

    . . .

    (16) Matthew Rosenberg and Matt Apuzzo, “Court Approved Wiretap on Trump Campaign Aide Over Russia Ties,” New York Times, April 12, 2017. [https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/12/us/politics/carter-page-fisa-warrant-russia-trump.html]

    (Note the above italicized portion of the comment was actually in a box that didn’t copy here but was apparently a copy/paste job from Reddit here:
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