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There is no such thing as an Autistic Adult

So much of what the author (Pensive Aspie in the below article) discusses is exactly representative of where we are currently in trying to get the needs of our 20 year old high functioning Atypically Autistic son the vital and necessary supports to help him attain an eventual measure of independence. There was a virtual absolute fail by Special Education in nearly every aspect of autism intervention (be it early childhood & intensive therapies & programs to high school “peer buddies” and other “inclusive” autism focused efforts) and I’m still regrouping from the virtual blackmail assault on our family for even attempting to address/redress grievances via the “protections” of special education “due process”.

We live in Michigan where the special education services are generous…as in they can go through age 26…that is unless you “graduate” as my son recently did (without the capacity to complete 3rd grade math and with Zero Legally MANDATED Transition Services–to prepare special ed students for life beyond High School in arenas of education, employment, and independent living). Given this author’s experiences in Florida and my cousin’s experiences in Arkansas with her autistic son who also “graduated” this year when she later discovered that his reading and math skills were basically at an elementary level…it appears that we have a National Crisis and Epidemic of Not Addressing the Myriad and Complex needs of so many people on the Autism Spectrum.

Given the Legal MANDATES of the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Law it appears that the first and primary line of defense and responsibility here is with Special Education Systems Nationwide…May God (literally) protect and provide for our children and this complex population of unique, challenged, yet capable people.  At this point I share the perspective of the author in not holding out much/any hope of getting REAL HELP that is meaningful and tailored to my son’s individual and unique needs…

This is a current passion that has been driving my personal efforts for years now…V

Pensive Aspie

Autism only occurs in children.  Because it is a childhood disorder, as an autistic child leaves adolescence behind, the symptoms of their autism will gradually decrease and disappear. By the time the person is an adult, they will be completely Autism-free. They will have no need for speech or physical therapy. No need for mental health services. They will be fully functioning adults – ready to get a job, go to college and begin their new life without autism.


Of course this is ABSOLUTELY, 100% NOT TRUE, but this is something I am told every day by the media and organizations that claim to “support Autism.”

When I first suspected I had Asperger’s, I immediately began looking for more information about a diagnosis and support. A google search of Autism and Jacksonville, FL was hopeful. So many resources! CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities). The HEAL (Healing Every Autistic…

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