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Sundance Explains Economics Understandably!

This is Huge!  I have Zero background in economics but Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse has explained the exceedingly complex in a readily understandable manner.  The original article is a MUST READ!!!

“The entire landscape of modern geopolitics is an assembly of various nations specifically focused on their economic interests.  Fundamentally, the economics of a nation is the cornerstone for their ability to hold, advance, influence and present their ideology.

Without the underlying economic capability to provide sustainability and stability, the nation, any nation, cannot maintain itself regardless of the underlying political outlook.  In short, as the old verse presents: “money makes the world go ’round“.  Everything boiled down to it’s essential core – is about economics.

It doesn’t matter which continent you point to. If you pull back to the larger view and overlay the economic maneuvering you will find the reason behind the strategic relationship always revolves around economics.  War or peace, it’s all about the economics within the equation.

If you scale market economies on a linear continuum according to freedom (size of government in their economic market), and line up the individual nations as flags according to their political outlook on the same linear scale, you will quickly see how the groups cluster in both political ideology and similar economics. [Big government communist nations cluster together; big government socialist nations cluster together; and smaller government fair markets cluster together.] It has always been thus.

The scale of market freedom, in direct proportion to the wealth of the individual within each nation, is the one constant in an ever changing universe.

All of the currently visible political alliances, like those witnessed within the G20, are based on their positioning for these upcoming trade deals.  Every supportive or antagonistic expression by each of these nation states is directly tied to their positioning for trade leverage and negotiation with the U.S.

The MSM will sell visible and spoken differences of opinion, differences of political ideologies, and newly formed alliances around a narrative of nations being anti-Trump.  The media like to focus on the cult of personality to create their discussion segments; but that’s nowhere near the full measure of what’s behind international alliances. The actual motives are the underlying economic determinations within each nation.

It has been so long since U.S. economic power was used to the benefit of the U.S., there’s an entire generation that has no concept of this underlying reasoning for national friendliness, or lack thereof, toward each other.  We have given away so much national economic wealth many people have forgotten how to accumulate or compete for it.

Economic competition, territorial economics, is what drives each nation to excel and innovate.  The unexpected aspect, buried by almost all media, is how President Trump is empowering all nations to reevaluate their trade status by confronting a global trade system that was diminishing sovereignty.

And the WINNING is the best part of M.A.G.A !”

Sundance has actually outdone himself here, which an incredibly high hurdle to leap!  He is an incredibly gifted patriot whose extensive writings & analyses are worth much more than a cursory viewing!

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Trump May Realign International Economic Chess Board…

Sundance, as per usual, is prognosticating with tremendous insight!

“We could drop half our favorable trade deals with Canada and Mexico and easily make them up with new trade deals with the U.K. and India.  This reality is part of the dynamic POTUS Trump has been positioning as a counter-weight to an economic and geopolitical  confrontation with China.  All of those trade seeds have the potential to deliver a replacement harvest.”

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