Sundance’s Declassification List for POTUS

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse blog, reminds us of the documents requested by Congress for declassification by President Trump.  He adds this important item:

“CTH would like to add the declassification of the April 2017 FISC opinion rendered by FISA Court Presiding Justice Rosemary Collyer.  This 99-page opinion outlines the 2016 FBI and NSA FISA-702 certification submissions. It’s extremely doubtful that anyone in DC would support declassifying this document; however, there is also no document that would be as revealing to declassify.  This document is direct evidence of historic FISA abuse; it would show just how far the fourth amendment has been eroded by the administrative state.”

See the original post for details:

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Dance with the Dragon

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse blog, continues his brilliantly insightful analysis of the epic Art of War battle between Team Trump & the Chi-Coms (Communist Chinese).  There is a lot of important info in this post which is well worth reading!

“President Trump and USTR Lighthizer know the nuance and subtlety needed in the dance with the dragon.  The larger issue of DPRK denuclearization, the bottom-line reason for the North Korea sanctions, will be solved within the U.S.-China trade discussion.

Of course the media, who have no concept of the dance with the dragon/panda; and no concept of Chairman Xi’s control over Chairman Kim; will jump in to say President Trump is only exhibiting short sighted egoism toward a relationship with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping.  President Trump is doing exactly the opposite of being short-sighted; in fact he’s looking at the much larger picture.

The White House puts out a statement: “President Trump likes Chairman Kim and he doesn’t think these sanctions will be necessary.”  Again, President Trump is playing to the current Panda mask position of Chairman Xi, and positioning U.S.T.R Lighthizer’s upcoming trip to China without the controversy of recent sanctions looming over the negotiations.

In the dance with the dragon, all action must take place toward the face that is currently visible.  Beijing is currently showing the Panda face.  The U.S. Team know the Panda mask is just that, a mask.  This is one of the nuances in dealing with China.

It would be poor form, and ultimately result in little progress, to approach the Panda mask using dragon hostility.  This is not how successful outcomes against the Chinese are reached.”

via President Trump Steps In To Stop Treasury Sanctions Against China During Trade Negotiations…

Halper–Hit Job Handler

Admittedly getting to the roots of the FISA abuse, Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the “insurance policy” & the coup attempt against Donald Trump is a complex interwoven plot-line.  Trying to keep track of some of these masterfully unraveled threads by Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse blog is what initially lead me to post links to some of his key posts in this and other arenas.

I’m late, as usual, to the party, & have been doing some catch-up Treehouse reading so just today stumbled on this fascinating piece, the link to which is below.  If Sundance’s speculations are born out the implications are explosive.  Please read his entire piece for details!

If Nellie Ohr sought out Glenn Simpson for the job in 2015, not vice-versa, then it would appear a sting operation from within the CIA (John Brennan) was underway and long planned.

This set-up and design would align with what we already know about the CIA using foreign intelligence assets (Five Eyes etc.) overseas to run against loosely connected Trump campaign people to dirty them up and give the impression needed to initiate the FBI counterintelligence operation known as “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” in July 2016.

If it is factually accurate that Nellie Ohr approached Glenn Simpson, and was part of a process of using that cover to plant corrupt CIA dossier seeds for use by Christopher Steele, then it makes sense Nellie Ohr’s communications with government officials, and the usurping intelligence community, would be a risk; a very serious risk.”

“There was a previous line of inquiry surrounding the originating “EC” or “electronic communication” that was generated by CIA Director John Brennan and passed on to FBI Director James Comey. The EC initiated the FBI Counterintelligence Operation.

Specifically, House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has asked about a redacted name within the “EC”, which has led to the DOJ and FBI claiming to release the name would compromise the individual.  This is one of those declassification docs we need.

All of these inquires, and refusals, center around the origination authority for the FBI Counterintelligence operation. The origination led to the FISA warrant. Remember that.

Chairman Nunes sent Main Justice a classified letter asking questions. DOJ responded saying they would not comply with providing information (letter)  The Washington Post claimed Nunes was looking for information on an FBI/DOJ ‘source’: “a U.S. citizen who has provided intelligence to the CIA and FBI.” Additionally, this “source” was later also described by WaPo as a witness for Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

Remember the Peter Strzok trip to London?  The source of John Brennan’s “EC” was later confirmed as FBI and CIA operative Stefan Halper a foreign policy expert and Cambridge professor with connections to the CIA and its British counterpart, MI6.

So, what did Stefan Halper do?

Simple, his job was to locate then dirty-up anyone he could convince: 1) to meet with him; 2) engage in his requests; and 3) engage contacts he set up.  Halper was setting up a classic operation to use unknown “useful idiots” to give the appearance of Russian allies/actors.

Halper provided the underlying imaging, the optics needed for the “EC” referral; which Brennan then used to trigger James Comey; who originated the FBI Counterintelligence Operation.

The fraudulent origin, in combination with the October FISA warrant needed for surveillance gathering, would drive the insurance policy that Peter Strzok described to Lisa Page.

One web, many spiders!

via Intriguing Implication Within Nellie Ohr Testimony: Nellie Ohr Approached Glenn Simpson for a Job in Sept 2015?…

Steak-adelic Soup

So my husband is a true grill master & a few days back he blessed us with a fine meal including some delicious steaks seasoned & grilled to perfection like only he can do.  There were a couple of T-Bones & several New York Strip steaks that he’d found for a good deal at Sams.  So I saved all the bones & fat &/or gristle scraps, before the dog got the remnants of our feast, & generously trimmed off the fat from the remaining steaks that would provide leftover meals for a couple of us later.  These would be the foundation for another rendition of Steak Soup.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image


I also saved the drippings from the platter & plates and rinsed these dishes a few times into the soup pot before the dog got the joy of plate licking.  This particular soup pot was the one that my husband had used to make mashed potatoes in, so I didn’t clear all the mashies residue from the pot before adding water & the remains of the beef gravy (from a jar) that he had heated in another saucepan to go over those mashies.  That gravy pan was thoroughly rinsed into the soup pot as well.  Adding the meat & bone scraps & filling the soup pot about 3/4 full of water this was simmered on the stove for a few hours before removing the solids & cooling everything off to complete the soup on another day.

See the source image

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Soup day I cut up some baby carrots into slivers & added them to the pot.  There was 1/2 of a large onion in the fridge so that was chopped & put in the pot too.  There were some cloves of garlic, about a half dozen or so, that I smashed then chopped & added to the pot.  We had a large potato that I cleaned & chopped into about 1″ cubes & put in the pot.  There was a head of broccoli that I chopped into about 1″ pieces & set aside to add near the end of cooking.  The woody end of the bunch of broccoli I trimmed off the tough outer layer & then chopped the lighter, tender part of the stalk into roughly 1″ pieces and added to the pot.  We had some stalks of fresh thyme from a previous recipe so I dropped them in the pot too.  There were some leftover Knorr noodles from another meal that I loosely cut up & added to the pot near the end of cooking, along with the crown portion of the broccoli pieces.  We also had a small can of mushrooms which, along with its liquid, was added to the stock pot as well.  This creation was seasoned with garlic salt, pepper, Chicago Steak Seasoning, & some minced dried onion.

See the source image

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See the source image

While everything but the noodles & broccoli crown pieces were simmering I proceeded to pick through the meat remnants from the initial cooking process.  This is a pain-staking & back-wrenching process for me as I attempt to separate virtually every meat fiber from either the bone, fat, or gristle scraps which go to the dog.  I find it easier to do this when the meat is cold & I do the bulk of the separation by feel.  The container that had held the meat scraps was also rinsed, & even heated in the microwave, to get the majority of the meat residue into the pot before the dog gets to lick it.  The dogs &/or cats we’ve owned have always enjoyed soup making (meat-picking) day more than I have!

See the source image

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Anyway, the noodles & broccoli crowns were added to the pot for a few minutes of cooking or heating through & the seasonings were adjusted.  I’d hoped  to dash in some Worcestershire Sauce but couldn’t find it.  Ultimately we served the soup with some grated cheddar cheese & some of us also had crackers.  My husband dipped some crusty bread (baguette?) into the broth as he was eating it.  We each seasoned our individual bowls to our taste at the table, though only a small amount of seasoning was needed.

See the source image

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See the source image

Overall this soup actually was pretty well received.  My husband, in particular, said it was one of my better soup creations (though I did point out that I just really used what we had on hand).  Each of the kids made a point of raving about how good the soup was & most people had seconds.  There was enough for a filling meal for the five of us & perhaps 2 luncheon portions of leftovers.  This was a pretty hearty soup & good.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

In the future it would be even better flavor-wise to fry up the meat scraps (the fat & gristle portion, removing them from the pan before frying up the veggies) to extract what grease is available (or perhaps by skimming the fat off the top of the cooled broth) & then to fry up the veggies before adding them to the pot, though this would necessitate picking the meat apart sooner in the process.   Also, I usually use either pasta water or potato water as a soup base if possible, or add some broth if we have some left from other recipes, instead of just plain tap water (I also try to collect any veggie cooking water to add to the stock saved in the fridge in in soup-making preparation).  I’d been thinking of adding some milk or half-and-half, whatever we had in the fridge, to make it a bit of a cream soup but by the time all the veggies & meat were in the pot it was just too full (I actually had to heat some of the noodles in our individual bowls for the first few servings for there wasn’t initially room for the Knorr noodles in the pot without taking out a few servings first)–I guess getting a large enough pot to contain all one’s culinary creativity & spontaneity might be paramount!

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Steak-adelic Soup

  • Leavings of a well seasoned & grilled steak dinner (bones, fat, & trimmings)
  • Potato
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli
  • Seasonings (garlic salt, pepper, Chicago Steak, thyme, beef gravy, bouillon, etc)
  • Pre-cooked noodles on hand
  • Sufficient water or stock to fill the pot

Simmer steak leavings in water or broth for a few hours, adding liquid to pot as needed.  Remove solids from pot & cool overnight, or for a few days, as needed.

Pick all usable meat from the solids & break/cut into desired bite size pieces.

Skim congealed fat from pot & place in a skillet, fry up chosen veggies, especially garlic, onion, potato, & carrots, etc. in fat, seasoning to taste while cooking.

Heat broth to a simmer & return steak & veggies to pot.  Add noodles & simmer until (cooked if using raw noodles) heated through.  Add more delicate vegetables, like broccoli crowns, near very end of cooking, minutes before serving.  Taste test.

Serve with shredded cheddar cheese, crackers, &/or crusty bread to dip in broth.

Variations could include adding celery, various bell peppers with Swiss cheese (think like Philly Steak & Cheese), canned corn, tomatoes, beans, peas, milk or half-&-half to make a creamy version, rice, ramen or egg noodles,  or whatever suits your fancy.  Always season to taste but don’t over-season to allow flavor fine-tuning at the table.  I tend to include whatever we have on hand that sounds good at the time!

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See the source image

DeceptiCon Immigration Fan Dance

Sundance of the Conservative TreeHouse lays out the timeline & underlying data that underpins the reality of Uniparty DeceptiCons exploiting illegal immigrant children for financial benefit.  He also addresses the DC hypocrisy regarding a National Emergency at the southern Border by revealing Obama’s machinations in this arena.  President Trump is trying to solve the border problems, not perpetuate them!

Sundance’s comment “PS. Am I the only one to remember Rand Paul shooting at targets made to look like Donald Trump?”

“Sad thing is, it’s you and me that are paying the South American human smugglers through U.S. taxpayer funds. Laundered through the immigration business bagmen at U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and/or, U.S. Catholic Charities, or Southwest Key Programs Inc; or Baptist Child and Family Services Emergency Management Division (BCFS-EMD), just to name a few.

These immigration groups, get *MASSIVE* HHS grants and then pay-off the DC politicians and human smugglers, including MS13.  Billions of dollars are spent, and the business has exploded in the past six years.

It’s a vicious cycle.  Trafficked children are more valuable than adults because the organizations involved get more funding for a child than an adult. Each illegal alien child is worth about $56,000 in grant money.   The system is full of fraud.

President Trump is not only threatening to secure the border, he’s threatening a Washington DC-based business model that makes money for a lot of interests.  The operation also has side benefits for the participants; child sexploitation, child labor, and yes, much worse (you can imagine).”

uac graph 2

See Sundance’s original post linked below for details:

via Rand Paul Announces He Will Vote With Democrats Against President on Border Emergency Declaration…

“Hazards” of Introversion

I recently finished reading an intriguing novel called “Hazards of Time Travel” by Joyce Carol Oates.  I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style & ended up reading several passages aloud to my son Brandon.  This happened a few weekends back while we were waiting for my husband’s band, Interstate Revival, to take the stage at White’s in Saginaw, MI.  So many passages from this book were meaningful to me that I wanted to share them here in my virtual “quote library”…so please enjoy.


My title for this post is a play on the the title of the book & how so many of the passages that really spoke to me seemed to articulate aspects of introversion–a place where I’ve largely come to live of late…

P 17  “Especially suspicious were students who were good at science–these were believed to be too ‘questioning’ and ‘skeptic’ about the guidelines for curriculum at the school, so experiments were no longer part of our science courses, only just ‘science facts’ to be memorized…”

P 33  “The question of Why? was never asked–and so I’d asked it in class, and in my valedictory address.  It had not occurred to me that this was Treason-Speech, or that I was Questioning Authority.

P 58  “I did not cross the green.  The open, vulnerable expanse of the green.  Making my way like a wounded wild creature close beside buildings and through narrow passageways in order not to attract attention.”

P 59  “…for surely there were others like myself.  Like one trapped in a small cage who has no awareness of others similarly trapped, and in her desperation no sympathy to spare, I could only think of my own situation.”

P 63  “There was no one in this world who loved me, no one who even knew me.  No one who would claim me.  I was utterly alone.”

P 75  “So lonely!  It was as if my body had been gutted from within…I wondered if I would discover someone like myself?  Or–someone like myself would discover me?”

P 76-77  “It was possible to be invisible in large lecture halls and to imagine that no one was observing me…Wherever it was possible, I was invisible…All my determination was to survive.”

P 88  “A soul in Exile.  I was convinced, I’d come into contact with a kindred soul.”

P 101  “…how ironic, and Exiled Individual enlisted to cure antisocial behavior!

P 103  “…learned in my psychology lecture class, it had become a technique to discredit ‘rebellious’ individuals by suggesting that they were mentally ill–emotionally unstable.

P 109  “My invisibility was like a magic coat that kept me warm but also compounded my loneliness.”

P 114  “…it seemed that once again without thinking I had insufficiently held myself back.”

P 159  “Can you still love someone whose face you are forgetting?  Whose voice you can no longer hear?”

P 165  “The punishment of Exile is loneliness.  There is no state more terrifying than loneliness though you would not think so, when you are not lonely; when you are secure in ‘your’ life.”

P 166  “Theirs was a profound sorrow, all the more piteous for being mute.”

P 177  “…my personality is naturally ‘subversive’–that’s to say, skeptical–and ‘questioning of authority.'”

P 180  “I felt particularly sorry for this elderly gentleman who seemed, like a species of underground mole, to have spent his entire professional life in a burrow, to no purpose.”

P 187  “Originality, subtlety, and skepticism were not valued.  The more you knew of the material, the more complexity you saw in it, and so the more difficult it often was to provide a simple, crude answer…Only in essays could you hope to be original–but in essays you could also sabotage your own chances.”

P 196  “…(he) regarded me with a  quizzical sort of admiration.  You could see he was a man who like being surprised.  In a lowered voice, though no one was likely to overhear us, he said, ‘You’ll get used to intellectual ‘insult,’ my dear.'”

P 222  “…it’s pretty suffocating here–our ‘hotbed of mediocrity.'”

P 223  “…I’d been moody, sad, angry, even despondent–so trapped by the perimeters of my life…unable to comprehend the complexities…”

P 228  “It was a surprise to him…to discover music that was labyrinthine like thinking and feeling commingled.  Music that didn’t need to be deafening to penetrate the soul.”

P 232  “No one so vindictive as those who’ve been co-opted by the enemy.  For much of their energy is fueled by shame.”

P 245  “…the somber wisdom I’d acquired…You can live a life even if it is not the life you would have chosen.  You can live breath by breath.  You can live.

P 248  “I felt trapped, as in a child’s cartoon-world…had a name for it–intellectual insult…There is terror in such revelations.  You can’t be deceived.  You can’t ‘suspend disbelief.’  You are trapped inside your own head.”

P 263  “I felt like a soft, winged thing, a moth that has been batted out of the air.  Not hard enough to break its wings, but hard enough to knock it stunned to earth, and the wings slow-moving, wounded and mute in wonderment.”

P 282  “I understood that it was wiser to give no answer than to give an incorrect answer, that might be held against me.”

P 301  “Amnesia is all that saves us from the abyss…All we can do is persevere in our own time.  No one has to deal with more than one day at a time.  That’s the blessing of our temporal universe–time is spread out horizontally, you might say; it doesn’t all happen at once, as at the instant of the ‘big bang’…But it can’t be the case that any of us…can be wholly well.”

P 302  “We must live here…The ‘future’ exists only in the way that the other side of the earth exists, whether we can see it or not…those clouds in the eastern sky that look so sculpted–they exist in our immediate future because they are being blown in this direction, from Lake Michigan.  In some time–it might be an hour, or several hours–the clouds will be overhead, the sunshine will be obscured.  But now, we can see the clouds approaching, we can see into the distance and so, in a sense, we can see into the future.  Most things are too distant for us to see, however, and we have to surrender the effort. ‘One breath at a time”…”

P 314  “And it was quite likely that we would never meet.  Indeed, how was it possible that we’d ever met?  Ever glimpsed each other?  It was not possible.  Yet it had happened.  Tears ran down my cheeks.  I was overcome with joy indistinguishable from grief.”

Well, this is probably an incomplete archive of the quotes that hit me when reading this thought-provoking book, since I did not make a note of the given quotes during the reading process.  So much of what I read there initially really resonated since much of what happened was within the heart & mind of the main character, an introvert’s delight!  I had a lot of fun sharing various quotes with Brandon, & occasionally with my husband, Michael on our mid-Winter Saginaw musical adventure.  This post is primarily to prompt that special personal memory since my recall of previous events seems to be increasingly fuzzy as time goes by.






Epic Trumpian Tradecraft

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse blog, has kept his finger on the pulse of all things Trumpian.  Many of his posts have dealt with the dynamics of the relationship between North Korea, China, & the U.S.  In this latest post he sheds light on the Trumpian brilliance of distancing Panda-faced China from its Dragon posturing using North Korea as a proxy.

There’s a lot of stuff happening & Sundance continues to shed sanitizing sunlight on the process & the pieces moving on the 3-D Chessboard of our Very Stable Genius President Trump.  Check out the details at the link below!

via Kim Travels, Lighthizer Growls, Liu Flinches, Xi Sighs, Trump Smiles, Media Oblivious…