The Black Petticoat

Here is an interesting example of another blogger’s family history research, featuring a feisty female fore-mother! Enjoy & be sure to visit the original post for lively & encouraging conversation!

Marica is a Honey Badger

My late husband’s great-grandmother was old Mrs. Gidley. According to my husband, Gidley was her second husband; previously, she had been married to a man named Dyer. They lived in one of the Mid-Western states. Mrs. Gidley’s daughter was my husband’s grandmother.

Apparently, Mrs. Gidley was a kind of “free-thinker” and hated President Lincoln. When Lincoln was assassinated, the telegraph brought the awful news to the nearest large town, and couriers on horses were sent out to spread the news to the smaller towns in the area. The mayor of the town where the Gidleys were living made a proclamation that all residences and businesses had to be draped in black in anticipation of Lincoln’s funeral.

President Lincoln’s Funeral

It seems that Mrs. Gidley’s dislike of Lincoln was known in town. So, when it was noticed that her house was the only place in town that wasn’t draped in black…

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