Throwback Song For Our Times

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I recently ran across this video of Classic Christian Rock Pioneer, Randy Stonehill, performing his social commentary song, Great Big Stupid World, in a slightly modified version than that which appears on his Wonderama CD…Enjoy!

Sometimes we just need to take a step back from all the lunacy around us & enjoy the little things.  Most of my family got out of town into Michigan’s North Woods this past weekend, & they were all mightily refreshed & uplifted.  We are all looking forward to our foray into Northern Michigan for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.  Can’t Wait!

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God is Still Good!  Things are not at all as grim as we have been told (lied to) by many of the powers that be.  Soon I will have some posts here that will share further enlightening & uplifting details to help us gain perspective, strength, & hope to overcome the deceptive darkness swirling about with Light & Life…Stay Tuned…

Blessings to all & remember, This Too Shall Pass!

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