List for Laughter

I visited a blog recently, & discovered a comment containing a list of sources the kind soul decided to share with his fellow travelers there.  Check this out for some pick-me-ups during this crazy season we are experiencing during the Plannedemic.

See the source image

As they say, Laughter is the Best Medicine!


Here’s where you can find that comment (you need to remove the”*” before the URL to get to any of those links below though, FYI):

The U Tree Canteen


  1. Same place they’ve always been — all over the internet. To take a recent example that I got three days of jokes from, I did a duck-duck-go search on “jokes kitchen”. That lead me to:

    * <== yes, appears twice in search results
    * <== mostly too short
    * <== security violation, didn’t read
    * <== looked too “kiddy”
    * <== I hate these guys
    * <== errr…..
    * <== security
    * <== didn’t pass security
    * <== nothing to do with kitchens

    ***N.B. — search engines tend to think I’m British.

    I then had several open tabs of jokes. As a career auditor, I have a knack for scanning through large amounts of data rapidly looking for “nuggets” — in this case, long-ish jokes that were funny and unsuitable for a more genteel audience. I only needed nine and I think I had a couple of extras. While scanning them, I also found some funny shorter jokes that I’d sometimes throw in. And there were a zillion one-liners that I ignored.

    You can see the ones I used, the ones I threw in as a bonus, and the short ones I published. Now that I’ve disclosed the sources, you can see the ones I rejected.

    And I did it to avoid “dead air”, to make utree a “place” that someone might visit daily to see what’s new. Well, there’s something there now, so I don’t need to do it anymore. And, frankly, doing this as a commenter was a pain in the tuchis, because I really couldn’t start until I had a place to put stuff — not like authors who can create things in draft and schedule a publish — and that was keeping me up later than was healthy. The other thing about the delayed start was that it allowed me to riff off of current affairs or memes of the day.

    I should also note that there’s a certain amount of discipline involved. I tried for three music vids and three jokes per day, because that keeps the home fires burning. I could have done a monster mash-up of 100 music videos some weekend……but, then, what would I do for Monday? Three should be enough to get some comment, and maybe riff off the comment, or even inspire OTHER PEOPLE to post more…..but I was always confident that I could do three more of each the next day.

    But, y’know — turn the page.


See the source image

2 thoughts on “List for Laughter

  1. Valerie and I became a parents of a special needs child in 1995. We knew the road ahead would not be easy, but we didn’t know how hard it would be.  Over the years I saw her have to become an expert in medical terminology, most words I still can’t pronounce.  And recite that terminology, on the spot,  to the new doctors that are just getting on board.  Also, making endless trips to see these medical doctors,  psychologists,  and  therapeutic experts.  Also, studying and trying to understand all the prescriptions and how they interact with each other. ie Pharmacist… She should by all accounts have been given an honorary Juris Doctor, given how many laws she had to keep track of, and lawyers she had to face, in the ..less cooperative school system she had  to battle- sometimes weekly trying to get the best services and education for our Josiah.  Then, a financial genius trying to figure out how to get all the bills paid after all the dust settles. To all the mothers out there who have had to fight the uphill battles that nobody really truly understands, I salute you, you are rare combination of loving mother and Fierce Warrior. But know this, if you see the parent of a special-needs child (and really this goes out to all moms) and they look tired, well they’re not tired, they’re exhausted!  You loose a lot of sleep (she still has sleep problems to this day). But every parent that I run into that has gone through the endless battles, have said emphatically, that yes it was all worth it!  Oh and I failed to mention she managed to raise three other amazing kids in spite of everything else that was going on.  She is awesome!  Happy Mothers day babe.  You are amazing. I love you

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    • Thank you so much for sharing this with me here & on FB to your “friends”…What high praise & honor you have offered. Blown away by your loving insights & declarations!!! I love you Always Michael


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