Why FAITH is Necessary for America to Cleanse the Corrupted DOJ and FBI

Here is another profound & even beautiful post by WolfMoon. What a blessing to have patriots that truly love the Lord, truth, & America!




What a blessing to discover a blogger who honors the Lord!!!

The Q Tree

I’m going to start by saying that I am 100% in agreement with Sundance at CTH about his assessment of the SERIOUSNESS of the problem at DOJ and FBI. Which I “urgently urge” you to read here:

Sundance speculates on a variety of possible solutions to the very real problem of a highly corrupted DOJ and FBI. These are all very sobering solutions.

Those solutions (which include various forms of complete replacement of leadership) may sound radical to some, but if any of you remember my half-joking offer to lead the FBI, wearing an AR-15 on my BACK, and to start with FIRING everybody and rehiring based on PURE security principles, then you know that I’m not kidding – there are some serious problems there.

Now – given that FBI Director Wray has already replaced an extraordinary number of field office heads – possibly missing one or two –…

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