Top 10 Reasons I Believe the Clinton 1994 Crime Bill Was a Masterpiece of Communist Revolutionary Subversion

Clinton Commies Cringeworthy Crimes!

The Q Tree

I have wanted to get this article out, but I was stuck on “number 10”. Sure, I could come up with TEN. EASY. But I needed a good one for NUMBER 10. I mean, I needed a REALLY GOOD ONE.

And our blessed President, Donald J. Trump, VSG, just gave it to me today.

Stick around for it.

Once you see this stuff, you cannot unsee it. This is Q on steroids. You follow this, and it shows that everything Q has been telling us is the straight dope.

That “16-year plan to destroy America”? OMG – it was part of a much larger and longer plan. The exact length is not important. What is important is the 8 years of Bill and Hillary Clinton, leading up to 9/11. THAT is significant. They fit into Q’s 16-year plan like a prequel.


OK – let’s begin.

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