Classic Christian

Another blogger recently shared a Classic Christian music resource with me & it’s been an ongoing blessing whenever I’ve been there.  In fact, it’s provided a godly soundtrack as a soul-refreshing resource when I’ve been doing some heavy reading on topics that might have more easily weighed me down were not that God-honoring sound washing over me while diving more deeply into things that need to be seen & addressed but which can be overwhelming & disheartening.  Check it out here:

It’s been fun to encounter so many artists!  Some we still own & enjoy, like:

  • DC Talk
  • Margaret Becker
  • PFR
  • Geoff Moore (& the Distance)
  • Susan Ashton
  • Out of the Grey
  • The Kry
  • Phil Keaggy
  • Ken Tamplin
  • Anointed
  • Toby Mac
  • BeBe & CeCe Winans
  • Jon Gibson
  • Out of Eden
  • Eric Champion
  • Point of Grace
  • John Elefante
  • Bryan Duncan
  • Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Amy Grant
  • The Winans
  • Russ Taff

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Some I used to hear/see back in the 80’s either on KXOJ or live in concert, like:

  • Allies
  • Sweet Comfort Band
  • Benny Hester
  • Keith Green
  • Resurrection Band
  • Larry Norman
  • Michelle Pillar
  • Farrell & Farrell
  • Bob Carlisle
  • DeGarmo & Key
  • Matthew Ward
  • Sheila Walsh
  • Mylon LeFevre
  • Kim Hill
  • David & the Giants
  • Kathy Troccoli
  • Charlie Peacock
  • Leslie Phillips
  • The Imperials
  • Kim Boyce
  • Michael English
  • Crystal Lewis
  • Steve Taylor
  • Trace Balin
  • Petra
  • Larry Norman
  • Carman  (We went to the same church in Tulsa!)

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Some that are “new” to me but have an intriguing sound I hope to hear more of:

  • FireFlight
  • Idle Cure
  • Silverwind
  • The Brave
  • East to West
  • V*Enna
  • Nouveaux
  • Quickflight
  • Edin Adahl
  • Tim Miner
  • After the Fire
  • Legend
  • Holy Soldier
  • Iona
  • Two Hearts
  • The Choir
  • Avion
  • Guardian
  • Servant
  • Bride
  • Ideola
  • X Sinner

See the source image

Some I hope to encounter there during further listening, like (note I revisited this post & added “–check!” for artists I’ve heard there since originally posting):

  • Mastedon–check!
  • Resurrection Band–check!
  • The Seventy Sevens–check!
  • Dogs of Peace
  • Crumbacher  (Steve C. was one of my roommate’s best friends!)
  • Third Day–check!
  • Switchfoot–check!
  • Brentwood Jazz
  • Newsboys–check!
  • Kutless
  • Audio Adrenaline–check!
  • Honeytree
  • The Archers–check!
  • Second Chapter of Acts–check!
  • Undercover
  • Michael W. Smith–check!
  • Stryper–check!
  • WhiteCross–check!  (My husband’s previous band was going to open for them!)
  • Randy Stonehill–check!
  • John Michael Talbot

See the source image

It’s definitely a blast from the past there & sometimes the sound might be a bit dated &/or cheesy.  However all the songs I’ve heard thus far either glorify God directly or artistically articulate some of the real world aspects of living a Christian life in a fallen world.  A special treat “today” was encountering a top 30 countdown from July of 1997 (Streets of Gold)–the summer when we bought our current (& second) house & when I was pregnant with our youngest child.

Much of the music is more “edgy” than what one seems to encounter in current Christian music offerings (which are often sorely lacking in my opinion)…Check it out for a trip down memory lane, or a chance to experience some Classic Christian Music with depth, heart, & unfettered musicality!

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