The Powerful and Protecting “Prayer Narrative”

Prayer is Always part of the answer. God guide our footsteps & those of our leaders to keep us each on the path of peace & purpose that You Lord have ordained!

The Q Tree

After my somewhat “dark” and overly finger-pointy call-out of the Democrat mainstream media’s “chaos narrative”…..

……in which I exposed and reviled the left’s advancement of a false meme of “turmoil” and “chaos” in the White House….

…..which I believe is an utter LIE….

….and which I believe is part of a larger and darker SCHEME….

…..I still felt troubled.

Yes, I has spoken TRUTH to power. I had stood up against what I felt was evil. I had WARNED the other side that I knew what they were doing.

And yet, it was not enough. Something was MISSING.

But I did not know what was missing.

Then, as the COMMENTS began flowing into my post, I realized EXACTLY what was missing!

Almost everybody who responded, mentioned that they had been, were, or would be PRAYING for President Trump.


That was the answer!

Do you remember when President Trump…

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