A Psalm of Josiah

God continues to use my special needs son, Josiah, who has autism & other challenges, quite mightily & miraculously for His Kingdom Purposes!


What a blessing to see my son blossom so–Thank you Jesus!!!


God can use Anyone, even you & me!!! Blessings…


*Note: these images are visible in my comment below—don’t know why they won’t show in the post…

Josiah: Warrior for Jesus.

How awesome is your Grace and Mercy O Lord.

I Give thanks to You O God of my Righteousness.

For Your Hand was upon me even in my motherโ€™s womb when the Enemy was trying to destroy me.

Your Sovereign Hand has been upon me ever since. You have delivered my soul up from the pit countless times.

Your Grace and Mercy have not failed O Lord my God.

I Give thanks to the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

May Your Sovereign Hand continue to be upon me O Lord.

Thank you Jesus.

Blessed is The Lord Whoโ€™s Love endures Forever.

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One thought on “A Psalm of Josiah

  1. For some reason the images I shared, 3 links near the top, aren’t showing (they show in my edit box)…so you’ll have to click on them to see them I guess…

    This is an attempt to see if they’ll post in the comments section, in the order they were shared within my post…


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