Brandon’s Blogolicious Beginning

Check out my son Brandon’s new blog!!!  He’s Josiah’s twin brother so has lead a very interesting life because of J’s numerous special needs & their magnified impact on him personally within our family.  The twins were born a minute apart & may perhaps be “identical” but their lives diverged from literally the moment of birth.

Brandon is a deep thinker, a philosopher, a champion of truth, a compassionate & giving soul, a playful clown, a wounded warrior, a follower of Jesus who well knows the broken road.  His insights can be breathtaking, heart-breaking, & beautiful.

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via Missed Opportunities (My Very First Post!)

Brandon & I can often relate to each other in our brokenness, maybe more than any others in our family.  God’s love & grace is poured out through us as cracked but willing (sometimes reluctantly) vessels.  In the Master’s Hands broken can be very beautiful…

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May you too find Him, the Lover of our souls, to be your sufficiency, your peace that passes understanding, your refuge in the storm, your joy, your hope, your salvation, your Lord, your love, your light, & your eternal life!

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God Bless YOU!

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