Anatomy of an Assassination Attempt, Politically Speaking

This post has turned into a mishmash of info from multiple sources that give us details about the coup attempt against Donald Trump.  My original hope was to lay out a more reasoned path to encapsulate the key data-points along the way.  Somehow this just morphed into a repository of info from many sources.  Please dive in…

Mark Levin and Byron York Discuss Weissmann/Mueller Report and Two Years of Nonsense…

Mueller Outlines Rosenstein August 2nd, Scope Memo – Investigate Claims in Steele Dossier…

From the above post: “With the communication from Alexander Downer (foundation for the EC), in conjunction with the Steele Dossier (foundation for the Page FISA), the CIA and FBI now held a plausible -albeit fraudulently obtained- basis to explain/justify all of their 2015 and 2016 political spying and surveillance activity.   This is their insurance policy.

Andrew Weissmann was/is one of the DOJ participants who is well aware of the status of the operations as they proceed.  In 2016 and 2017 Weissmann is being briefed by DOJ official Bruce Ohr who is carrying messages from Fusion-GPS and Chris Steele into the FBI.

If Hillary wins the election, everything just evaporates into the ether.  However, if Hillary loses the election – the fraudulent investigative evidence now protects all of the players for their role in weaponized intelligence spying and surveillance operations.

Fraudulent justifications.

Just like the Susan Rice justification Memo, fraudulent justifications are what’s behind those paragraphs in the Rosenstein scope memos as delivered to Weissmann and Mueller.

Fusion GPS was not hired to research Trump, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations.  The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.

From the comments to the immediately above the quote post:

  1. k4jjj says:

    There can be no half measures. If every bit of this massive criminal and treasonous behavior is not revealed and prosecuted, how can this nation survive? There is no putting all of this back into Aladdin’s Lamp. The Big Ugly, the reveal of all the government corruption, does not end the United States. The Big Ugly SAVES the nation. The Big Ugly ends the reign of terror and bribery and the criminal lives of wealth and power of politicians but….

    POLITICIANS ARE NOT THE COUNTRY. They only THINK their widespread removal and imprisonment would be the end of the world.

    if William Barr came out of retirement to save America, he is a hero. If he only came out of retirement to preserve a corrupt and filthy system controlled by self-serving scoundrels, the nation is lost.

    An uncleaned sewer of a nation is nothing worth fighting for. No young patriots should offer to fight to preserve such a sewer. Nobody’s sons, brothers or fathers should have to come home in a flag-draped box to save this lawless government that has become a disgusting pile of human excrement.

I don’t know the source of this image, it was posted in the comments at the Conservative Treehouse:

WSB says:

I cannot help but repost this graph.

This shows Halper’s government income. We should go back to Goldwater.

Spygate and The Steele Dossier Were The Cover Story – The Real Issue is Years of Obama-era Surveillance and Political Spy Operations…

From the immediately above link:  “Why was/is Crossfire Hurricane (July ’16) and the Steele Dossier (Oct. ’16) so important to the principle intelligence apparatus, and the Mueller team (’17, ’18, ’19)?

I believe former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers has told us the answer.  In early 2016 Rogers caught on to a massive and pre-existing weaponization of government surveillance and the use of collected NSA metadata for political spy operations.  Everything, that comes AFTER March 2016 is one big blanket cover-up operation….. ALL OF IT.

The Russian election interference narrative; the use of Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper, the London and Australian embassy personnel; Erika Thompson, Alexander Downer, U.S. DIA officials; everything around Crossfire Hurricane; and everything after to include the construct of the Steele Dossier; all of it was needed for the creation of an ‘after-the-fact‘  plausible justification to cover-up what Mike Rogers discovered in early 2016, AND the downstream unmasked records that existed in the Obama White House SCIF.

Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 to research Donald Trump.  The intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. They already knew everything about the Trump campaign. The Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for pre-existing surveillance and spy operations.

That’s why the FBI, and later the Mueller team, are so strongly committed to, and defending, the formation of the Steele Dossier and its dubious content.”

From the comments to the above post:

  1. concerned3 says:

    Stefan Halper’s son, is a co-director of the strategic software company called MITRE. MITRE is a known CIA Front Company. And, Nellie Orh has worked at Mitre. So if Stefan Halper met with Carter Page and Papadopoulos. Are we really saying the CIA met with Carter Page and Papadopoulos?


  2. Sam says:

    Starting in 2010, John Brennan played a key role in the evolution of targeted killing for the Obama administration, called Disposition Matrix, that included US citizens.

    In light of what we now know about Brennan and the Obama administration’s framing of political targets and mis-use of NSA, new light needs to be shined here. Implicates Joe Biden as well.

    The various quotes below are copied directly from this link:

    “The process determining criteria for killing is not public, but has been heavily shaped by presidential counterterrorism adviser John Brennan.[2]”

    “….suspects are designated by multiple agencies and ultimately presented to Brennan and the Vice President.[1]The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, responsible for carrying out orders to kill suspects on the list, no longer contributes to the decision of whether or not to kill them.[1]”

    “The criteria and decisions determining who may be targeted for killing are developed in large part by John Brennan, who “wields enormous power in shaping decisions on ‘kill’ lists and the allocation of armed drones”.[2]”

    “As reported previously, American citizens may be listed as targets for killing in the database.[7]Suspects are not formally charged of any crime or offered a trial in their own defense.[8

The Obama Use of FISA-702 as a Domestic Political Surveillance Program….

From the above post:  “When we reconcile what was taking place and who was involved, then the actions of the exact same principle participants take on a jaw-dropping amount of clarity.

All of the action taken by CIA Director Brennan, FBI Director Comey, ODNI Clapper and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter make sense.  Including their effort to get NSA Director Mike Rogers fired.

Everything after March 9th, 2016, was done to cover up the weaponization of the FISA database. [Explained Here]  Spygate, Russia-Gate, the Steele Dossier, and even the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (drawn from the dossier and signed by the above) were needed to create a cover-story and protect themselves from discovery of this four year weaponization, political surveillance and unlawful spying.  Even the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel makes sense; he was FBI Director when this began.

The beginning decision to use FISA(702) as a domestic surveillance and political spy mechanism appears to have started in/around 2012. Perhaps sometime shortly before the 2012 presidential election and before John Brennan left the White House and moved to CIA.  However, there was an earlier version of data assembly that preceded this effort.

Political spying 1.0 was actually the weaponization of the IRS.  This is where the term “Secret Research Project” originated as a description from the Obama team.  It involved the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder and the FBI under Robert Mueller.  It never made sense why Eric Holder requested over 1 million tax records via CD ROM, until overlaying the timeline of the FISA abuse…”

Second Scope Memo – Rosenstein Authorizes Mueller to Target Michael Flynn Jr…

Australian Government Confirms Official Role in “Spygate”…

Robert Mueller Interviewed President Trump Six Days After Criminal “Obstruction” Investigation Began…

via Eureka! – Devin Nunes: “The Spying Began in 2015″….

Here We Go – FBI Admits Using Spies Against Trump Campaign…

There are a number of compelling gems here:


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