DeceptiCon Immigration Fan Dance

Sundance of the Conservative TreeHouse lays out the timeline & underlying data that underpins the reality of Uniparty DeceptiCons exploiting illegal immigrant children for financial benefit.  He also addresses the DC hypocrisy regarding a National Emergency at the southern Border by revealing Obama’s machinations in this arena.  President Trump is trying to solve the border problems, not perpetuate them!

Sundance’s comment “PS. Am I the only one to remember Rand Paul shooting at targets made to look like Donald Trump?”

“Sad thing is, it’s you and me that are paying the South American human smugglers through U.S. taxpayer funds. Laundered through the immigration business bagmen at U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and/or, U.S. Catholic Charities, or Southwest Key Programs Inc; or Baptist Child and Family Services Emergency Management Division (BCFS-EMD), just to name a few.

These immigration groups, get *MASSIVE* HHS grants and then pay-off the DC politicians and human smugglers, including MS13.  Billions of dollars are spent, and the business has exploded in the past six years.

It’s a vicious cycle.  Trafficked children are more valuable than adults because the organizations involved get more funding for a child than an adult. Each illegal alien child is worth about $56,000 in grant money.   The system is full of fraud.

President Trump is not only threatening to secure the border, he’s threatening a Washington DC-based business model that makes money for a lot of interests.  The operation also has side benefits for the participants; child sexploitation, child labor, and yes, much worse (you can imagine).”

uac graph 2

See Sundance’s original post linked below for details:

via Rand Paul Announces He Will Vote With Democrats Against President on Border Emergency Declaration…

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