Keeping his finger on the pulse of the pending Zombie Apocalypse…Sundance reveals all…see link below for the details…

“The front-story is that Mitch McConnell organized his Decepticon coalition to warn President Trump not to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria.  However, the more true back-story is McConnell warning President Trump that he has assembled his impeachment coalition.

…demanding that President Trump keep troops actively engaged in perpetual war.

…today’s Senate vote essentially highlights the Decepticon caucus.”

“With this vote McConnell is warning President Trump he has enough votes to support the Pelosi/Schumer impeachment agenda; if needed.”

Wholly owned Parasites in need of Cranial search & recovery by intrepid Proctologists!

via Decepticon Mitch Fires Trump Impeachment Warning with U.S. Senate Demand to Keep Troops in Afghanistan/Syria…

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