Corruption Junction

Shedding sunlight on Deep State Darkness…or being played by Machiavellian puppet-masters?  Hopefully time (& Sundance) will eventually tell…

Well some keen insights are trickling out about the massive effort to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy, transition, & ultimately his presidency.  Sundance continues to shed sunlight on these & many other matters.  See the link for details…& excuse the language in the quote…

“There’s a hell of a lot more to be learned from the Lisa Page testimony, specifically about the role of the CIA in the overall operation…  However, for me personally, her outline of Bowditch in the main FBI DC office -as connected to the larger investigation- completes an annoyingly missing puzzle piece.

DAG Rod Rosenstein was hired by President Trump at the direction of, and request of, AG Jeff Sessions.   Rosenstein then recommended that President Trump hire FBI Director Chris Wray (a transparently useful idiot)….. Director Wray then hired David Bowditch as his deputy AND re-hired Dana Boente as FBI chief-legal-counsel.

The picture we get here is how the 2015/2016 officials within the corrupt DOJ and FBI enterprise, were put into higher office in the Trump administration 2017/2018; and those same officials are currently occupying positions that allow them to keep their prior corrupt activity hidden.

This whole thing is FUBAR.”

via Leaked Transcripts from Lisa Page Provide Some Stunning Revelations…

Sundance also recommends this link for deeper reading into the topic:

Here are suggested links from some of the commenters to the original CTH post, fyi:

Lisa Page’s new boss, major anti-Trumper:

The Mistresses of Mirrored Halls – Looking At The Corrupt DOJ Side of “Operation Trump”…

Sundance & several commenters express significant skepticism about the leaking that underpins these revelations.  Motives & players are obscured.  I haven’t read at all of the links shared above, just pass them along for anyone wanting to dive more deeply into the weeds.  The rationale for including these links can be found within the 2 pages of discussion following the original CTH post…

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