Egyptian Realignments

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse, continues his brilliant insights in seemingly all things geo-political.  Here he presents an historic speech by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a worthy potential Trumpian presidential successor (imho), drawing clear lines of distinction between obvious, even malicious, “missteps”  by the former administration (usurpation) & the Trump Team’s inclusive regional outreach.  There follows a detailed list of major achievements with sources linked by Egypt’s Al Sisi.  Fascinating & historic reading…check it out at the link below!

via Historic – Secretary Pompeo Eviscerates Obama in Cairo, Egypt: “The age of self-inflicted American shame is over”…

For greater insights into the Obamanations evil machinations in the Middle East see this link:

My post above teases this very important post by Sundance:

President Trump and Turkish President Recep Erdogan – This Should Be Interesting…

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