Trumping the Dragon

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse, shares his unique & valuable insight about the epic showdown between President Trump & the Chinese Dragon.  This is a MUST READ post (link below)…

“What is President Trump’s primary objective?   Save the U.S.A. through economics.

Economic security is national security.

I think much of our angst is because we look too short-term; and the media does a great job of convincing us President Trump is selfish.  Perhaps they are correct. Perhaps I’m wrong; but I see this leverage issue as something Trump views as important – obviously; or he wouldn’t approach it that way.

Would President Trump trade a $500 billion per year positive benefit to the U.S. economy in exchange for never outlining the fraud against him?

Would President Trump accept new jobs for a million Americans in exchange for never outlining the 2016 fraud against him?

This massively consequential economic reset on a global scale is the primary reason Donald Trump finally decided to run for office.  Everything else is less than…”

“President Trump is the first U.S. President to understand how the red dragon hides behind the panda mask. The entire planet is focused on the dynamic of Chairman Xi and President Trump.  Billions waged on tweets, coded messages, hints of smiles.  Epic stuff.

In the multinational finance world this financial face-off is bigger than the all military world wars combined.  This is legendary stuff here.  Bigger than any legacy initiative ever fathomed by all Presidents in decades.  Every nuance and inference is carefully reviewed by Wall Street’s ‘Big Club’ looking for any leverage to influence the outcome.

The funniest thing is Donald Trump doesn’t care about all that.  He has the desired ‘America First’ outcome gamed out for decades:  We finally win, China acquiesces.”

via Twitchy Panda – Chairman Xi Jinping Year in Review Speech Stays Away From Mentioning U.S. Trade War…

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