Trump’s Geo-Political Brilliance

President Trump’s revolutionary geo-political doctrine is on display & the divergent outcomes represented in Mexico & the UK reveal key aspects of the process.  This article is a brilliant & concise piece by Sundance & is well worth the read.  Please check out the original post (link below)!

“The nature of the Trump foreign policy doctrine, as it has become visible, is to hold manipulative influence accountable for regional impact(s), and simultaneously work to stop any corrupted influence from oppressing free expression of national values held by the subservient, dis-empowered, people within the nation being influenced…

Fortunately we are living in a time of great history, and we have two representative examples playing-out in real time.  •One example is the U.K. and voices of the British people who have voted to Brexit the European Union.  •The second example is Mexico, and the July 1st, 2018, election of Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (aka AMLO), a nationalist.”

via Breaking: President Trump Announces James Mattis Retiring…

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