Sundance Explains MAGAnomics Brilliantly!

Sundance, of the Conservative Treehouse, has penned another brilliant article that lays out what’s at stake on the global stage, with President Trump’s MAGAnomic policies juxtaposed against the globalists’ & multinationals’ manipulation– who want to keep Americans in the position of global serfs.  This is truly a MUST READ piece (link below)!

“President Trump represents a second party in Washington DC.  The people who write the laws (lobbyists), and the people who sell the laws (politicians), cannot allow that.  They need to get back to UniParty political business.  They need to get rid of Trump…

President Trump is deconstructing decades of economic manipulation and control over our lives by multinational banks and multinational corporations (same lobbyists).   There are trillions at stake. That is an even bigger and more consequential fight…

The system is currently rigged with a favorable lean toward the multinationals.

This is structurally Wall Street -vs- Main Street and President Trump constantly telling the Fed to stop messing with the economy.  MAGAnomics is the reestablishment of an economic system that naturally balances itself over time; it does not need intervention.” 

via President Trump is Not The Issue – It’s Those Who Oppose Him…

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