MAGAnomics = Economic Nationalism

From Sundance post at The Conservative Treehouse, link below:

“So what do we have?  Low inflation; expanding employment opportunity; record low unemployment; and rising wages – meaning more money in your pocket.

These measures all have a cumulative impact on paycheck-to-paycheck Americans. Prices for durable goods are stable, and wage growth is exceeding inflation. That means more disposable income in the middle-class…. which, when combined with the increased pay from lower middle-class tax rates, is exactly the intended outcome of MAGAnomics.

This creates a situation where the U.S. consumer can fuel the the U.S. economy while President Trump, Secretary Ross, Secretary Mnuchin and Ambassador Robert Lighthizer utilize the leverage within tariffs, to negotiate better America-First trade deals.

That is economic nationalism.

That my friends is MAGAnomics.”

MAGAnomics = Trump Economics = Winning!

via MAGAnomics – ISM Manufacturing Survey Results Easily Exceed Expectations…

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