Untangling the Web of Lies…

Sundance dives into the Swamp machinations to pull on various threads which help untangle the web of lies & innuendo that the Deep State Demons are weaving hoping to entangle President Trump & our great American nation.

Please see the original post for the details & “proof” of this perspective…link below…

“Don’t get so caught up debating the granular issues over ‘muh Russia’ that you fail to elevate and see the landscape from the 30,000 ft. level.   The Rosenstein/Mueller move today is all about protecting the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) from President Trump (declassification threats); and it was specifically scheduled, timed, to be launched today as Trump leaves for the G20 to achieve maximum political damage….

This power-move by Mueller and Rosenstein (the small-group teams within the construct and not just the individuals), is another move with a similar motivation to the plea agreement over SSCI security director, James Wolfe.  Whitaker is powerless to stop it. Rosenstein and Mueller are protecting their allies in the most corrupt committee in DC….

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is as corrupt and complicit within the entire spygate fiasco as the DOJ and FBI.  That’s why Mueller and Rosenstein (small group) are working to protect the Senators and staff just like they protect the corrupt officials in the DOJ and FBI.  Mueller’s entire operation is structured around this type of scheming cover-up.

The Cohen plea is part of creating that DC swamp leverage that benefits all of these creatures….. and it is timed to undermine the President at the beginning of the G20 because the geopolitical perspectives/policies of Donald Trump, that are counter to the indulgent life amid the benefactors inside DC, is what made Trump the original threat to the system.”

via Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to Lying to SSCI…

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