Trump Speed…for Dummies

Sundance brilliantly & simply lays out how Trump Speed work in getting things done.  See his original post below for details!

“Traditional politicians have always directed their policy efforts at the political side of the economy. [ie. make, enforce or eliminate a regulation to change the decision-making of those who are in control of the market.]  However, within that approach the cause and effect takes time.

President Trump, works with a sense of urgency in all things.  He doesn’t like to wait for policies to take effect; instead he goes deeper into the dynamic and focuses on the root of the issue – in this economic example, trade is the economic fulcrum.

MAGAnomics is all about moving the fulcrum to achieve the desired result.  In the goal of gaining manufacturing investment, Trump’s sense of urgency, creates policies that in turn create a similar immediacy.  [ie. capital expenditures can only be written off if the capital expense is invested within a short window].  As a consequence there is a larger benefit to the investor if the action is taken quickly.  [See FoxConn Wisconsin etc.]”

via BREAKING Report: GM Closing All Operations in Oshawa Canada….

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