Tea & Crumpets for the Strumpets?

Regular readers of The Conservative Treehouse won’t be surprised that the British were complicit, along with Obama & Hillary, to prevent the election of Donald Trump & then interfered with his transition & presidency.  Will a Democratically controlled house sweep this treasonous scandal under the filthy swamp stench carpet?  The Trump Train Trudges On…

“In 2016 candidate Trump supported Brexit; the professional political class in the U.K. were vehemently against it.  Additionally, candidate Trump was openly challenging the structure of NATO and demanding changes to the alliance.  This was antithetical to the interests of the U.K. government and likely sent shockwaves through their collectivist system when candidate Trump won the GOP nomination.  The Brits had a strong motive to see Trump destroyed and aligned with weaponized U.S. intelligence toward that end.

As President, Mr. Trump, has held true to his campaign promises and forced the British -and the EU writ large- to be more responsible for their own military security.  President Trump has challenged the post-WW2 NATO structures and forced the EU to pay more for their defense.  Many member nations are vocally unhappy with this shifted landscape because it means less money for liberal/socialist causes. [Note: Including Canada]

Lastly, the U.K. and E.U. (mostly German anxiety) are facing a much tougher trade objective as outlined by President Trump.  The trade conflict is costing them billions in addition to their increased need to spend on their own defense via NATO to keep Trump off their back.  He might be just one man, but President Trump has them surrounded.”

See Sundance’s post below for details & his other excellent writings for greater clarity on these and many other important issues!

via U.K. Media: British Intelligence Heads Worried President Trump Will Discover Their Involvement in “Spygate”….

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