Hidden Truths Of An Autism Mama

This is a beautiful, though in many ways heartbreaking, post from the midst of the storm by one who knows! I relate in spirit to Everything she shared here & so appreciate her willingness to speak through the pain!


I joke a lot about being in survival mode; about living life from one coffee to the next. I join in conversations with friends about the annoyance of toddler tantrums and picky eaters; laugh it all off like I’m just a typical mom with typical kids…but I’m not. I’m not laughing along with everyone else. Not on the inside. On the inside, I’m straining to hold myself together. I’m giving myself chest pains trying to fight back the tears…because, though sometimes we’re blessed enough to experience just tantrums, we’re usually wading through the deep waters of autistic meltdowns. Usually, I’m holding my breath and praying for mercy. I’m secretly wondering if this will be the one that drowns us. There’s no amount of coffee that will get me through daily facing that terrified look on my two middle children’s faces as they listen to their siblings scream and cry; as…

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