God’s Hand?

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I’m playing catch up reading at The Conservative Treehouse & found this story of the amazing Hand of Providence…

I should get royalties for that pic!

Not really, but I did experience a miracle under vaguely similar circumstances. A few years back, I was setting up scaffolding by my rather tall house (about 35′ ground to soffit/gutters)–by myself. Dumb, I know, but wanted to get going and no family or friends were available at the time to spot. I got up three stages, so @ 18′, then pulled up the next stage with a rope. Got one side stabbed, then went to stab the other side and it’s weight pulled me just far enough out of balance that I couldn’t recover. I was headed for the sidewalk face first.

But suddenly, there was a calm, I pushed against the loose scaffolding I was holding, throwing it away; kicked my legs forward; then I felt a hand on my left wrist, pulling my hand back up over my head, where I caught the top rail of the third stage, stopping my fall at the last possible moment. A passing car stopped and the people yelled out, “Are you an acrobat? Are you OK? That was amazing!” All I could say at the time was, “Thanks, yeah, I think I’m OK.” I was and am definitely no acrobat.

Though terribly unworthy, I had an angel on the scaffold who grabbed my hand and brought it to the one bar I could possibly grab. No other possible explanation. I said some prayers. I don’t know why God was so merciful to me, but I hope and try to make it worthwhile!

Check out the original post & more here:


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