We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

I spent a long time today in a semi sleep-deprived state sharing links to many of my posts related to special needs topics to a blog that regularly requests such links.

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Anyway in the course of sharing my posts via this process I ran across this historical item that shared part of our family’s journey, from an outsider’s perspective, very near the beginning of the special needs pathway we have all trod ever since.  Check it out!

Click to access 1996-11-07%20Thu%20Building%20Familes.pdf

Our family’s picture is at the upper left of page 1.  Our story appears on page 4 at the top & page 5 at the upper left.  From that article:

“Valerie…says of Josiah: ‘I felt from the beginning that “the little one” [Josiah was the smaller baby in her twin pregnancy] had the call of God.’  and just maybe he does.  Only time will tell.”  Julie Kettlewell in “Family Learns to Overcome” & “Family Learns to Cope with the Help of God”…

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Well that article was written one month before the twins turned One.  We are now three months before the twins turn Twenty-Three.  We’ve had a Very Wild Ride (which isn’t done but appears to have slowed down a bit of late) & Come a Very Long Way…and looking into Josiah’s writings at his blogs & on Facebook reveal that in many ways time & his interactions can tell us about “the call of God” on his life…

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If you might be interested in digging deeper into our story check out my About page:


You can find Josiah’s perspective here:



Josiah Curren on Facebook

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I spent quite a few years sharing many aspects of our journey on the CarePages platform.  Josiah also began sharing at CarePages.  We archived his CarePages posts at his Secret Weapon blog.  We archived my CarePages here:


My “substitute” for CarePages is now here:


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Within this Special Connections blog there are many posts that deal with special needs issues, but usually the more personally detailed posts are found at Jazzman Journal and Caring Bridge.  I did a very thorough post on the 4th anniversary of Josiah’s Liver Transplant that included a “shorthand” version of the journey as recounted on CarePages.  You can find that lengthy post here:


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The bulk of Josiah’s writing displays his incredible heart for the Lord!  Even in the midst of many ongoing issues & challenges he usually chooses to Magnify the Lord in those things that he shares!  In a sense I think this bears out my “prophecy” back in 1996 that Josiah has the call of God on his life.  He certainly has had God’s hand upholding him throughout many major challenges, ones most of us will never personally face, & the totality of which I doubt there is even one other person on the planet who has had those exact same constellation of diagnoses & issues.

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Here are a few of the biggies faced by Josiah & our family: Autism; Open Heart Surgery–twice so far; Brain Tumor–Adenoma removed through the nose; Liver Transplant; ADHD; Severe Learning Disability in Math; Chronic Kidney Disease; Multiple Sleep Disorders requiring CPAP; Sensory Integration Dysfunction; Femoral Anteversion; Auditory & Visual Processing Disorders; Speech & Language Delays; IUGR–Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation; Executive Functioning Disorders; complex Hypospadias; Hernias–bi-lateral in the groin & umbilical; Prematurity; Eustachian Tube Dysfunction; Persistent Otitis Media; Cranial-Facial Anomalies; presumed but unverified Genetic Defect; Depression; Anxiety; OCD–Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Learning Disability in Reading Comprehension; Apraxia; Dysgraphia; Double Vision; Hypersensitive Gag Reflex; Asthma; Hypoglycemia; Gross & Fine Motor Weaknesses; Balance & Equilibrium issues; Congenital Absence of the Portal Vein; Circulatory Abnormalities; VSD–Ventricular Septal Defect; ASD–Atrial Septal Defect; Hypertrophic Left Ventricle of the Heart with Heavy Trabeculation; Positional Head Deformity; Microcephaly; Hypoplastic Digits in both fingers & toes; Severe Pronation of feet…I’m sure I missed something here but this gives you a pretty good idea of the myriad challenges faced by Josiah & by extension his family…

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Anyway, in spite of all of that & more Josiah usually chooses to Praise the Lord!  In fact, when he was younger he got the nickname “J-Man the Praise Man”.  His voice is unique & his battles are real & many of them persist.  He is fearfully & wonderfully made & quite often God’s strength is made perfect in his weakness.  He is a blessing, a challenge, a joy, a trial, & a child of God.  He’s come a very long way…& so have the rest of us that have been blessed to come along side him for this complicated journey of life!

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