Disinfecting the Deep State

Sundance continues his brilliant analysis & shines more disinfecting sunlight on the dark deeds of the deep state.  Check out his original post below for details…

“A common sense review of all facts outlines a strong likelihood these database searches were ongoing by groups and individuals affiliated with Fusion GPS and other political networks.  It’s a simple process of selling information.

This information pipeline from Fusion to Bruce Ohr to Andrew Weissmann, in combination with the meeting between Weissmann and AP reporters, is essentially another round of same-method manufacturing of evidence; it is a collaborative effort.

In the first example where the Fusion-GPS information circle was exploited, the FBI gained a FISA Title-1 search warrant against Carter Page.   In the second example of an almost identical information flow the result was Special Counsel Robert Mueller gaining search warrants against Paul Manafort.”

via Dots Connecting Quickly: Bruce Ohr Worked With Andrew Weissmann, While Nellie Ohr Worked For Fusion GPS in 2015…

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