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The original article is amazing in its detail & scope. I have encapsulated multiple aspects of Mr. Apelbaum’s exhaustive work in a previous post here:

I’m also finding some pretty amazing material in the comments section of the original article so I will copy/paste pertinent comments here (as is & I don’t vouch for the content, just share it for those who can/will choose to dive deeper):

In an intelligence report, partial accuracy is a bug. In disinformation, its a feature. Finding one or two bits of true information will lead the biased to claim the entire report is true. For the less dogmatic, it offers a tantalizing prospect that further research will prove the remainder. Either way, those tidbits of truth keep the report alive and help achieve the purpose of disinformation, confusion.

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How much time would it take the system to run four degrees of separation linkage? Also, how difficult would it be to integrate feeds from sources like travel data and realtime credit card transactions?


  • Time would be a function of storage, memory, processor, and number of feeds. The processing curve tends to be logarithmic if you are doing VA and pattern matching. I haven’t tried a 4-degree, but it would probably take several days. Yes, you can integrate any type of feed as long as you can parse and tag the data in it.


Thanks for the post.

FR and pattern matching seems to make a big difference in linkage. Any direct connections between Stefan Halper and the core Fusion GPS team?



  • Absolutely, without good VA, you would still be sifting through TBs of data… As far as some Fusion GPS Halper Linkage, here are a few:

    1. He knows Mary Jacoby and Glenn Simpson from his WSJ-NYT-WaPo days in 1986-2000
    2. He met and communicated with Steele via email in May 2016. In October 2017 he sent Steele an email about the need to discuss “Joseph M.” (could be a reference to Joseph Mifsud)
    3. Jonathan Clarke from Hakuylt met Glenn Simpson in W-DC in 2016-2017, both before the dossier story broke out and after the elections

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Great work, but you missed a huge chunk of information: For instance, names like Melanne Verveer, Marcy Kaptur, etc….

I believe that Alexandra Chalupa is the original author of the Steele dossier. I believe that she was taken out of the picture because the DNC couldn’t burn their biggest asset: Melanne Verveer.

And I believe this whole Paul Manafort witch hunt is about nothing but a love affair gone bad.

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  • Hi Dorotea,

    Your spreadsheet is an incredible piece of work! Thanks for sharing it. Chalupa/Vereer/Kaptur linkage is part of a large US Ukraine political network and I did touch on it briefly in the posting (see below. ). In regards to Manafort, you are probably right, there is a lot animosity towards him from a number of dossier related individuals, but I deliberately opted to stay away from conjecture regarding motives and actions because they tend to move you into the realm of speculation.

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    • Nice! Here’s what my research revealed and my timeline substantiates:

      “On 10/1/2015 Alexandra Chalupa claims she started an investigation on Team Trump but that she had been doing research on Paul Manafort for some period of time before this date”

      That’s the very first mention of that term, collusion with Russia. The date she started her research is pretty odd because nothing happened in the news that would have triggered that suspicion. The only notable thing that happened is that Trump announced he was running for office.

      Alexandra Chalupa started writing a dossier on Paul Manafort before Manafort was ever even mentioned. She made a prediction that if Trump hires Manafort that it’s proof that Trump is colluding with Russia.

      Soon after Trump did start mentioning Manafort’s hiring, Chalupa then became a very hot commodity in the DNC, achieving an almost prophet-like status. Everybody wanted to talk to her then.

      Yeah, I’m not buying that she’s got a crystal ball. Did they have a mole on the inside of the Trump campaign?

      One of the meetings she had was with Marcy Kaptur (D). Isn’t that a really strange name to be popping up in Operation Russian Collusion? Like, sort of completely out of the blue, right? Or is it?

      Who is Melanne Verveer? I did that research on that connection here:

      But look what Hillary had to say about Verveer: As Hillary Clinton said of Melanne Verveer, “I used to joke there wasn’t a single person in Washington she didn’t know. Not only was she a legend in the nation’s capital; so was her Rolodex…There is no way to catalog the many projects that Melanne masterminded… She also became a key player on the president’s team.”

      And there’s your link of the dossier to EVERYBODY else in the DNC.

      And what was one of the things that Chalupa discussed with Marcy Kaptur? Oh, yeah, that she can guarantee a congressional investigation of Manafort by September of 2016.

      So they ask Chalupa to continue her investigation. Chalupa gets put onto this committee and is described as having a “very important role.” She’s an ambassador to the Ukraine for the DNC….why is that so important?

      One of the things Chalupa did was, Alexandra Chalupa is invited to discuss her research about Paul Manafort with 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine at Library of Congress for Open World Leadership Center, a U.S. congressional agency. Chalupa invites investigative reporter Michael Isikoff to “connect(s) him to the Ukrainians. Guess who funded that little symposium? Why, John Kerry’s State Dept. Guess who hosted it? (Which there’s more to that story that I won’t even go into here)

      Then Alexandra Chalupa emails DNC that she’ll share sensitive info about Paul Manafort “offline” including “a big Trump component…that will hit in next few weeks (which never happened, at least by Alexandra Chalupa)

      In the leaked exchange of emails of that committee, Chalupa starts getting freaked out about having her private Yahoo email account hacked. That really, really freaks out the heads of that committee, so much so that they “fire” Chalupa. Really? You fire people for getting hacked? Why not just move her onto your DNC system of emails? Is it maybe because they need to keep her activities off-site, you know, where a FOIA can’t touch them? Anyway, they fire Chalupa. After four years of working for the DNC, she gets fired, and Chalupa isn’t upset about that not one bit, over something that wasn’t even her fault…….

      But what happens on the very day Chalupa is fired? Oh, Christopher Steele is hired. What a coincidence.

      And what happens FIVE DAYS after Christopher Steele was hired? Oh, he publishes his first report on his dossier, a report that discusses FIVE YEARS of investigation.

      Five days isn’t even enough time for the check to clear, much less conduct five years worth of research.

      And what happens to Chalupa after that point? Nothing, not a word. They completely remove her from the picture entirely. My belief is that they couldn’t put her face on Operation Russian Collusion because she connects EVERYBODY together.

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    • These are great points and interesting connections. Let’s take if off-line… Ping me via Apelbaum [@]

      BTW, if you are referring to the following as a proof that someone hacked her account then you can disregard it. This is most likely a self-inflicted gunshot…

      Chalupa’s Email Hack


Chapeau! A tour de force.

Regarding authors of the dossier(s): Another employee of Orbis, not mentioned here is Pablo Miller, former MI6 officer. He was (happily still is) the handler for Sergei Skripal of “Novichok” (*) fame.

Skripal, it is alleged, was a contractor for Orbis. Note that the last NAMES in the reports are capitalised. This is the Russian way of doing things, so that the names stand out. Also you said British spelling but Russian style? Skripal has lived in Britain for a decade. He travels regularly to Estonia, and to the Czech
Republic, both of which are long used to dirty tricks to discredit Russia. The SBU’s involvement is highly likely too.

Reporting of Pablo Miller’s name was restricted in the UK by two “D-Notices”:

And reporting of the Skripal “poisoning” was covered, sticking rigidly to the official story, by Mark Urban of the BBC. He just happens to be a brother officer of Pablo Miller:

Elena Evdokimova@elenaevdokimov7

To’collude’Force Research Unit would have had to have their orders on a very high level. It was renamed to Joint Support Group(JSG) 
Mark Urban’s[who met Skripal last year]book is listed as a source for the JSC Wiki article

View image on Twitter

David Jonathon Blake@HisBlakeness

Mark Urban is friends with Pablo Miller.

View image on Twitter

What is Chalupa’s relationship with the SBU we wonder? She was instrumental in the DigitalMaiden which was the precursor to the real, blood on the streets thing. As a Pravy Sector supporter (don’t be fooled into thinking she’s liberal!) her reason for breathing is to attack Russia.


Oh. Are you on Twitter?

Congratulations on some fascinating research.


  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the feedback. Two comments:

    1. Yes, Pablo Miller showed up in multiple linkages, both, UK government and Orbis/Hakluyt related, but just like other former/current MI6 sources in the linkage, his role was more of a controller/facilitator. From the writing style analysis, it doesn’t look like he contributed any significant written content to the dossier.
    2. No, I’m not active on Twitter. Feel free to ping me at Apelbaum [@] msn. com


  1. YOUR TIME LINE IS WRONG … September 2015 Steele and Fusion started putting Russian connections together. U have a lot of INFO , but ur conclusions are skewed because your time line is fked. Contact me ,, dont take this as an attack , i have more info then even you do


    • Hi Knowitall,

      Thanks for your comment. Just to be clear. Simpson/Jacoby/Steele worked on a number of Trump-Russia/Ukraine related activities as early as early as 2009. I’ve referenced this in the post in the paragraph that refers to the FISA warrant (see below):

      “It is also interesting to note that the DOJ statement about Glenn Simpson “Never advising source #1 as to the motivation behind the research” is untrue. In his testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 22, 2017, Simpson was very clear about having previous discussions and actively working with Steele to discredit Trump as early as 2009.”

      The June 2016 date refers to the ‘official Orbis contract date’ when Steele started billing Fusion GPS. This date is important because all of the dossier reports are supposed to be sequential and the information in each was supposed to have been harvested in a close proximity to the published date on each brief.


  2. If you’re not Q you should be. I can’t comprehend the level of intellect it must take to carry off this research.
    Amazing work.


  1. Reblogged this on – The Conservative Voice in Global News and commented:
    Excellent work – I was wondering if you looked at Dr Evelyn Farkas, Soros Atlantic Council links to Ukraine 2013 Coup and Your Dossier Team, Particularly around a late Feb to early April 2016 genesis for your suggested Proto Dossier as this would Simil-date my suggested origin of Trump Russia Narrative pre-dating any Wikileaks June 12 announcement and any mention of emails.


  2. Excellent work, it is great to see someone put in this sort of effort to establish the Truth, I only wish I could work with someone so thorough – just wondering if you had looked at Dr Evelyn Farkas, Soros Atlantic Council links to Ukraine 2013 Coup and Your Dossier Team, Particularly around a late Feb to early April 2016 genesis for your suggested Proto Dossier as this would mirror my suggested origins of Trump Russia Narrative pre-dating any Wikileaks June 12 announcement and any mention of emails. I was about to address the Fusion GPS Dossier as Part 4 of GET TRUMP my 5 Part series may I refer to parts of your presentation? Can I have contact details, For your reference


  1. From ancestry–this is the naturalization information on Bruce Ohr:Petition for Naturalization No. 1163
    District of the Court of U.S. at Knoxville, Tennessee
    Sekyu Michael OHR
    Residence 109 Andover Circle Oak Ridge, Anderson co., TN
    Occupation Physicist
    Born Nov. 12, 1932 in Haeju, Hwanghae Povince, Korea
    Personal description –
    Male; complexion medium; eyes brown; hair black; height 5’10”; weight 160 pounds
    Country of which I am a citizen, subject or national: Korea
    I am married; name of wife is Sangho Yoo Ohr
    married on Aug. 4, 1955 at Corvallis, OR, USA
    She was born at Anju, Pyonganbook Providence, Korea on May 14, 1932 and entered the US at Newark, NJ on Nov. 3, 1958 for permanent residence in the US and now resides with me.
    My lawful admission for permanent reidence in the US was at Newark, NJ under the name Sekyu Ohh (!!!!! As written,name change or error? See Item 19 below) on Nov. 3, 1958 on the Sec. 245, change of status frum (sic) student visa.
    I have not heretofore made petition for naturalization
    (19) Wherefore I, your petitioner for naturalization, pray that I may be aditted a citizen of the US of American, and that my name be changed to none. (See, however, social security application and claims index)

    Alien Registration No. A 8 909 580
    Not on this page but Ancestry has a petition date of 11 Aug 1964

    Name: Sekyu Ohh
    [Sekyu Michael Ohr]
    [S Ohr]
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: 12 Nov 1932
    Birth Place: Haiju, South Korea
    Death Date: 15 May 1988
    Father: Yonghwan Ohh
    Mother: Undo Kim
    SSN: 542409300
    Death Certificate Number: 039237
    Notes: Jan 1955: Name listed as SEKYU OHH; Feb 1963: Name listed as SEKYU MICHAEL OHR; 22 May 1998: Name listed as S OHR


    • Thank you, Miguel, for the feedback.

      Thomas Jefferson observed that “Whereas it appeareth that however certain forms of government are better calculated than others to protect individuals in the free exercise of their natural rights, and are at the same time themselves better guarded against degeneracy, yet experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny; and it is believed that the most effectual means of preventing this would be, to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large…”

      I decided to use OpenSource tools, ML, and computer vision because I wanted the create a reference architecture and demonstrate how this mostly free technology can be used to solve one of the most complex political and government transparency problems.

      ML-based text analysis and AI-based computer vision have a tremendous potential for benefit and abuse. We always think about the negative connotations of an Orwellian surveillance state, but as you can see from this example, it can also be a major force multiplier for good, allowing us to quickly/effectively conduct an analysis on massive amounts of unstructured data that would otherwise require a large intelligence team and months to complete.

      As far as how I first started, I do have an intelligence background and have been developing OSINT/cyber/intelligence platforms for many years.


  1. Amazing work. Superb ! I’m almost lost for words, and that’s very unusual for me. This information more or less blows the lid off the Trump Dossier nonsense. It was dreamt up by a bunch of idiots. And anyone with half a brain would say straight away. Where ? When ? Who ? and of course there are no answers to those vitally important questions

    This “dossier” was nothing more than fiction. YOU, or I could have written it. Maybe written it better. And for half the price. (I’m available and very reasonably priced) No, they knew perfectly well it was fiction and that didn’t matter to those who wanted Trump out of the way.

    Rosenstein signed off on it. If he never read it, he’s a fool. If he did read it, he’s a rogue. Either way he should be fired and prosecuted.

    Sessions didn’t want to be involved but all the others were like ravenous jackals and hyenas circling their prey.

    And of course now we know what they’ve all been upto over the last decade or two it’s no wonder at all that they want Trump out of the way. Trump’s an existential threat to all of them. If Sessions ever get his arse into motion and somehow I doubt he ever will. Maybe he’ll have a heart attack or a nasty fall in the shower and has to retire.

    But, if not Sessions someone else will have no trouble make mincemeat of the whole rotten pack of them. I bet Joe DiGenova would love the job

    And looking back, what a lousy unprofessional job they did. If you really needed to ensure that Trump never got elected they could have caused an accident. Car accident, plane accident, breaking a hip in the shower, falling off a balcony, that’s very popular here in Thailand. You can’t walk the streets safely without dodging them coming down from the 20th floor,

    And of course that now begs the question will we see the end of the Mueller Investigation before we see Halley’s Comet again.

    Not a chance, Mueller’s got himself a nice little earner and he’s protecting his own arse at the same time. He knows only too well he’s got a tiger by the tail. Soon as he leaves go, he’s dead. Leavenworth beckons, where he’ll meet some of his old “customers” No doubt they’ll want to have a “word” with him

    Kind regards to all and again, I say excellent work. Bravo !


  2. I don’t have the vocabulary to tell you how much your research impressed me. I send msgs. to the Whitehouse, usually just telling the president I’m praying for him and his family for continued strength and courage. The day I first read this last week, my Whitehouse email also suggested that ‘The Mechanics of Deception’ be read (realizing his team should have researched this information, too, but I also thought your work should be noticed.) I also said that I knew it was silly for someone like me to think what I said could get ‘through’ to anything more than a robot screener. But, it makes me feel less helpless in the face of the devious schemes of these unscrupulous people behind the dossier.


  3. O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! – Walter Scott.
    I see that the GREAT Clarice Feldman is tuned-in to your work and, hopefully, will lead to SUNLIGHT exposing spiders.

    What are “the chances” of any Obama/Clinton higher-ups being prosecuted? For which crimes?

    Congratulations! A stunning piece of work…


Re: “In 2017, Steele and Burrows formed the holding company Chawton Holdings Limited and renamed “Walsingham Training” to “Walsingham Training Limited”, then renamed it again to “Walsingham Partners Limited”. The majority control of the company was then switched to Chawton Holdings.” —– I was curious about the names and per Wikipedia: “Chawton is a village and civil parish in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England. The village lies within the South Downs National Park and is famous as the home of Jane Austen for the last eight years of her life.” and “Sir Francis Walsingham was principal secretary to Queen Elizabeth I of England from 20 December 1573 until his death and is popularly remembered as her “spymaster”.”


  1. What an outstanding piece of work ! Congratulations !

    One question I keep coming back to is: since Simpson ad Steele are supposedly so “anti-Putin”, why do they keep working for Kremlin or Kremlin linked entities like KGB Natalia and Deripaska ?

    More to the point. Why do Putin-linked entities keep hiring Simpson and Steele when they are such great “enemies” of Putin ?


    • Thank you for your comment Mr. Johnston. In the post, I’m referencing the following:

      David Johnston was an employee of Main Justice and worked for Mary Jacoby. This reference is not to you. I’ve ensured that the image labeling eliminates any possible confusion between the two of you. Also, your book publication schedule and the number of books you published is not the issue.

      The linkage to you and your activity in the post are to the anti-Trump and Russian collusion allegations that you make in your books, multiple video interviews, and your online publications on Twitter, the DCReporter site, the Democracy Now website, and numerous other media outlets. One typical example of a dossier style allegation is your March 2017 publication titled “As Jeff Sessions Scandal Brews, We Need a Public Probe of Trump’s Ties to Russia”. As far as you not being aware/knowing who the Fusion GPS team is, I’ll just reference your multiple phone conversations, meetings, your cross-pollination activities with Glenn Simpson about Trump and corruption research, and your TV comments about the dossier.

      Glen Simpson testified that he was working on almost identical materials to the ones you published as early as 2009 with his trusted friend Christopher Steele and his wife Mary Jacoby. I’m not sure how is it that you don’t know who she is or why you missed Jacoby’s work. Jacoby and her husband published it in the Wall Street Journal financial reporting section (I know that you read Simpson’s articles in the WSJ very carefully). She wrote for Salon as you did and was covered in your Alma Mater NYT and many other MSM outlets. Main Justice and GIR were/are the de facto sources for paid financial corruption investigation and reporting in DC. You should check her out, she may be able to help you with your next book, medal, trophy, or whatever it is that you have been getting for being such and super-duper investigative reporter. Please let me know if you need her contact information.

      I also find your Twitter 2016 DNC hack and Russian collusion posts interesting. I’m curious, as a journalist who claims to have dedicated over 50 years to investigative reporting, who leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth, and verifies the most minute details, how did you know in 2016 that the DNC was hacked by Russian state actors? Who/what are your sources?

      Have you evaluated any of the images of the hard drives? Did you see any original forensic content such memory dumps? Have you examined any of the firewall/router logs? Have you seen any of the evidence from Crowdstrike? What is your factual evidence for promoting this claim? Is this how real journalist do it?

      If all of these annoying technical questions are too difficult for you because you are a distinguished and highly decorated gentleman reporter who doesn’t know how to get his hands dirty with the nitty-gritty of cyber security, I can talk directly to your trusted ‘deep sources’ about the details. I would also be happy to independently perform the forensics on the drives and demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt how/when the DNC email archive was actually downloaded, and by whom. I’ll also gladly cover the S&H and your flight and hotel accommodations for the examination.

      To make sure that there will be no accusations of impartiality, we can broadcast this live on the Internet and you can observe in person. I can arrange for a number of the world’s leading computer forensic experts to be present during the evaluation including several veterans of the US Intelligence Community.
      Just have your ‘deep sources’ ship me a forensic copy of the DCN hard drives, no need to worry, they can keep the originals. BTW, are these the same sources that committed a felony when they stole Trump’s digital tax returns and gave you a copy so that you can benefit from this illegal disclosure?

      Or maybe none of these questions matter and your ‘deep sources’ will decline because “they are not authorized to discuss the DNC hack publicly”. Or perhaps the truth is that in a postmodern world it’s all about putting out the for-profit political narrative first and then disguising it as investigative reporting. You know, like the intelligence in the Trump dossier.

      The same sourcing question applies to your other fantastic postings such as:

      1. How did you know on September 16, 2015, that HRC was not the subject of an FBI investigation?
      2. That “Trump is having kids injected with drugs as part of his racist border policy.” June 20
      3. That “Trump sends dogs captured at border to luxury pet resorts with “maid service…” June 22
      4. That “Trump’s been subject of many FBI investigations.” November 3, 2016

      I won’t comment about your demi-god like status of a jsutice/corruption-fighting superhero. But I will defer to the last paragraph in Cicero’s Against Catiline 1:1 “quid superiore nocte egeris, ubi fueris, quos convocaveris, quid consili ceperisquem nostrum ignorare arbitraris?”

      However, I would like to comment on your low moral standards. You have colluded with criminals when you received and published stolen personal financial data and have benefited from this transaction. You work/worked for Al-Jazeera (your name is still listed on their site as a contributor). Al-Jazeera is by far one of the worst anti-American and rabid anti-Semitic propaganda outlets in the world. Did you not perform your trademark investigative journalism or due-diligence on your future employer before collecting a paycheck from them for three years?

      I totally get your spin that Al-Jazeera USA is really the ‘good guys’ and we should never confuse it with the other “bad” Al-Jazeera. And that you really didn’t “work”, you just “contracted” for them. But the bottom line is that both are controlled by the same hostile foreign government with the same burning anti-American anti-Israel agenda. In your three years with them, weren’t you at all concerned that Al-Jazeera actively supports Salafi Jihadi organizations like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood? Or that the primary purpose of their worldwide propaganda network was to undermine Western culture and democracy? How is it that you, the greatest financial detective since Sherlock Holmes was not aware that the same government that owned Al-Jazeera was also funding Hezbollah and their worldwide drug trafficking and money laundering networks? Everyone else in the New York Times seems to have known this. Or perhaps none of this matters, after all, “Pecunia non olet”- Money has no smell.

      Just to make sure that I was fully informed about your writings, I checked out one of your literary jewels, “The Making of Donald Trump”. After reading a few passages, I felt inspired to write the following short paragraph using your writing style.

      Trump with the Mask Off
      Written in the Style of David Cay Johnston

      The fact that, in order to carry out his aims, Trump uses propagandist methods which are perceptible only to the MSM which has experience in such things. But they are entirely accepted in good faith by the average citizen, which makes his rain of terror extraordinarily dangerous for other states and peoples. This propaganda starts out from the principle that the end sanctifies the means, that lies, and slander, the terrorizing of the individual and of the mass, robbery and burnings and strikes and insurrection, espionage and sabotage of armies can and ought to be made use of, and therewith that the aim of dominating the whole world must be specially and solely kept in view. This extraordinarily pernicious method that Trump uses to influence the masses of the people does not stop before anything or anybody.

      Do you love it?

      OK, just kidding, I didn’t write this, I just used a simple algorithm (you may already know it) to create it. I took Joseph Goebbels’s speech to the Congress of the Nazi Party on September 13, 1935 titled “Communism with the Mask Off” and substituted the word “communism”, and few other words with “Trump”. I also did a little bit of reformatting. It’s as simple as that! Is this your algorithm as well?


  2. Excellent research!

    I can’t help but think that there is more to “ham” Nellie Ohr. Taking your work a bit further:

    There are three digital repeaters within ranges of 5 to 15 miles of Nellie’s house. All three are listed in the Repeater Book under N3QEM. These repeaters are linked to the internet and to distant repeaters effectively eliminating many, if not all, range restrictions and making file transfers possible.

    N3QEM happens to be Stephen E Schmidt who was John McCain’s 2008 campaign manager.

    Steve and John share a common dislike of our POTUS! May be nothing, but then again…..



  1. Brilliant analysis, Mr. Apelbaum!
    Like I always say, you can’t watch the game without a play book.
    Your analysis of the dossier and the people behind it is the definitive playbook.

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  2. What a tour de force is this compilation and analysis! I salute its author. And thanks to Clarice Feldman for the link; I never let a Sunday pass without reading her treasure for the week.

    The matter of Nellie Ohr’s ham radio license and the speculation over her intended or actual use of it: this may seem like a bit of minutiae but were she, in fact, making radio transmissions on the amateur radio bands under her licensed use, any attempt by her to obscure content or meaning by the use of codes or ciphers would be a direct violation of federal regulations. The FCC regulations (Part 97, Section 113) plainly spell this out. That section also prohibits communications in which the operator “has a pecuniary interest, including communications on behalf of an employer.”

    Further, her license application would be accepted and license granted only after she successfully passed an exam on amateur radio theory, practice and regulations, and with her signature signifying her acceptance of those regulations.

    There may be nothing to this; Ohr may have just decided innocently to pursue an interest in amateur radio and was, possibly, getting “chatty” on a purely social basis with friends and/or colleagues.

    On a practical matter, detection of violations can be difficult. But were they, in fact, actually detected it could entail legal jeopardy for the violator. But HC, not DJT, was supposed to be elected, you see, and under the Clinton 2.0 Administration, such misdeeds, along with the systematic misuse of FISA courts, would be conveniently dropped into the Memory Hole.


    • I’m not sure what kind of an enforcement/prosecution algorithms the FCC uses. But just like other agencies like the IRS or OSHA, they have to balance resources with performance KPIs. I suspect that at the end of the day the decision to go/no go after the license holder will be political.

      As far as the law, Federal laws, in general, are only applicable to the rank and file citizenry. The people that make up the dossier saga are not your average joes. So, any discussion about intent to obscure their communications in order to subvert the law is probably immaterial…


How difficult would it be to find out who else had a ham license in the transmission radius? Who in that radius obtained a license in the previous and following month? JGH

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    • Yes, one does get the erie feeling of one has Red Pilled and awoken in the “Byzantium Phase” having skipped past the “Fall of the Republic” altogether.

      Perhaps Caesar’s Legions never smelled the coffee and missed their wake-up call? 🙂

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      • Caesar was a complex man, he refused to be a King (see Plutarch, chapter 61 of “The life of Caesar”), but he did cross the Rubicon and plunged Rome into a civil war. Paradoxically, it was his assassination, that was supposed to save the republic that ended up killing it. So, what is the moral of the story? Not sure there is one. It’s very hard to learn from history because it doesn’t exactly repeat itself.


  1. Have you read any of Diana West’s work on this topic? She’s done a lot of research as well on her blog, especially her “Red Threads” series of blog posts, tying many players to the Kremlin.


  1. Regarding:
    “So for all of the conspiracy theorists out there that believe that Ohr was engaged in OSS style night transmissions from a secret compartment in the barn to her controller in Moscow: she wasn’t. The radio class limits would only give her a line of sight range of 5-10 miles. In a repeater mode, she could push the range to 20-200 miles. If you don’t think that a 10-mile range is sufficient, think again. It is likely that Ohr’s rationale for using a Ham radio was a substitution for a cell and landline phones in order to communicate with person(s) nearby. As you can see from the map below, even with a 7.5 radius she was well within the range of the entire downtown Washington D.C. area.”

    I disagree that Technician privileges would limit a radio operator to such a short distance.

    Your estimate is probably accurate for VHF communication, however, the HF bands allow propagation for hundreds or even thousands of miles under the right conditions (depending on mode). Morse/CW transmissions can go a long way.

    There are a few unstated assumptions that I see here, too. One is that Ohr would be using the radio from home. It’s possible she could be mobile. Two, as another commenter pointed out, she could just operate illegally with encrypted transmissions. Ohr third (pun!), she could operate outside the band or power limitations of the license.

    And in that last case – why even have a ham license at all? It only draws attention. Me, if I was going to use a radio for questionable activities, it certainly wouldn’t be by suddenly getting a ham license, buying an off the shelf radio, and using it otherwise legally but in the clear. Another thought: there’s a chance it could be a distraction or a red herring.

    All that said, what you’re suggesting is the simplest and most likely explanation – that she was using a typical VHF ham radio (HT or small base station) to talk to a contact within the immediate DC area. They probably used a simple code to conceal instructions within an innocuous-sounding conversation.

    But, I wonder if she realized that the NSA records the entire radio spectrum? I’d bet money that her comms were recorded, archived, and triangulated. And the evidence is sitting in a datacenter somewhere right now.


    • When you setup up a communication network you always assume the worst case scenario. i.e. occlusion, poor atmospheric conditions, EM interference, etc. So, with this type of a license, it is almost guaranteed that we are not looking at long-range transmissions.

      Also, this setup most likely wasn’t used for voice conversations. The radio was probably connected to a laptop and was used as a primitive semaphore device. There was no need to talk to anyone. All you would have to do is agree with your partner(s) on a signaling scheme (I’ll use 5 and 10 clicks for illustration purpose). So, for example, you would create a macro on the radio where pressing the talk button 5 times without saying anything would execute a pupup message on the receiver’s laptop screen displaying a customized text message such as “Drop-off ready at X”, 10 clicks could mean “Let’s get coffee in 30 at Y”, etc. There is nothing to capture here or intercept. The computer wouldn’t have any records of the messages because you could output the messages directly to notepad and never save the document.

      Now, why do you need a license at all, why not just wing it? Well, the FCC constantly monitors the airways for pirate transmissions and they do catch people that operate HAM radios without a license. If you got caught, you would get a regulatory citation (which are public) and you would have to go to a hearing. It’s like being pulled over for a DUI and getting a ticket. Yes, you may be able to have your rich uncle help you get the ticket dismissed, but sometimes that doesn’t work, not even for the rich and famous. So you don’t want to take any chances.


  2. Yaacov,
    Did you get the copy of my timeline I put together? I am not professional but I started doing it over a year ago. I cant believe what we are witnessing and I am even more pissed that I have been duped by these cockroaches in DC my entire life. Mainstream Media , Hollywood, Academia and the progressive party politicians must be flushed out of existence.
    May God help us all.


  • I’d like to give my thoughts on ‘the cause’. Obviously there is more than one. But right away I’d point out a few things. 1. if government stayed within the confines of the constitution, there wouldn’t be much if any subject matter for big business to lobby for. 2. if there were term limits on politicians, there would be less opportunity for them to meddle outside the constitutional confines, less clout to dabble in corruption & less influence on other non elected positions in other federal departments (we’d hope). 3. Without 1 & 2 the government can’t subject companies big or small overbearing “law” or “regulation” who’s sole purpose is to punish them in order to bring them to the bargaining table of corruption.

    I guess in short, I don’t much blame big business. I blame both houses who’s members have been there for decades.

    I enjoyed this article, got me researching open source technology now. Fascinating.


  • I agree, this is one of thouse complex problems that doesn’t have a silver bullet solution. But identifying the causes is a good first step towards remediation.


    • The points in the article sound plausible, they certainly make more sense than to assign the blame to a ‘Romanian hacker’ who had to jump over multiple networks/FW/routers/proxies to get to the DNC servers over a VERY slow network connection.

      I didn’t personally see any of the physical evidence, so I can’t speak intelligently about the DNC hack. Keep in mind that most of the information on-line such as opinions and verdict are based on theoretical analysis. Crowdstrik allegedly performed the forensics, but there are a lot of issues with Crowdstrike’s work on this project and the conclusion of if/when/how/why Fancy Bear was involved. There is a simple way to solve all of this. The FBI should perform a public evaluation of the drives (they should do the same with HRC’s/Huma’s/and Winner’s drives) and include some industry experts like SANS as observers in order to keep the process honest.

      Now, I’m not a betting man, but if I was, it would wager that just like in the final scene in the Raiders of the Lost Ark showing large crates being stored in warehouse that stretches into the horizon, these drives too ended up in some large and inaccessible storage facility and are probably destined to never see the bright fluorescent lights of a forensic lab ever again…


  1. I’m surprised to see no mention of Crowdstrike’s associations with these Ukrainian and DNC players (and the Atlantic Council). The whole “Russia, Russia, Russia” thing is based on their word – and if their work on the Ukrainian artillery thing is any indication, they are not competent even if they weren’t intentionally lying. But, they did create a great diversion from the the Seth Rich/Wikileaks speculations.


    • Thanks for your comment TomABC. Yes, Crowdstrik did show up on multiple linkages, some of which included Ukrainian sources. But due to the already inflated post size, I opted to focus on the core dossier team and its media and political networks. The chalange of running this type of an analyis is that the increase in the degrees of linkage (i.e. from 1-2-3-n.) is in most cases logaritimc. So follwong that ‘white rabit’ would not have scaled well on the HW that I used at the time.


  2. Hi Yaacov Apelbaum, your work is very impressive and I’d like to add some of your findings to the, a sister site to Paul Thompson’s Clinton Email Investigation Timeline ( We were disappointed to learn Hillary paid for the dossier because that added a ton of work to our already full plate and have added an Investigations timeline that covers all things Russiagate. I’m afraid it’s overshadowed our original intent to cover the Foundation, at least for now.

    Anyway, hope you don’t mind if we include your findings and we will probably break it down into individual entries so the information will fit into the timeline in chronological order. And of course we’ll link to your original source for each entry.

    Thank you for doing this awesome research. It’s far more professional than the actual dossiers that earned $ millions. 😀


    • Hi Katie, sure, feel free to copy and reuse. I’ve posted this as a public service and have no commercial interest in the material.

      I’ve briefly checked out the site (your site seems to be off-line) and it seems to be very well made and professional. I’m not much of a political guy so I won’t comment on Pual’s conservative vs. liberal democratic persuasions 🙂 We should all be able to get along as long as everyone obeys the law.

      Paul’s book “The Terror Timeline” looks very interesting. I did a lot of work on the ‘cyber Jihad’ several years ago but it had different focus and purpose. Are these two sites related? Are you doing joint research?

      I applaud your resolve and wish you the best. Your work is very timely and important and I’m looking forward to reading it.


      • Thank you for allowing us to include your research. We just don’t have the manpower to do this type of in-depth work and your findings are stunning.

        I teamed up with Paul to do the Email timeline, didn’t know him too well when he wrote the Terror Timeline but we hung out on the same social websites at the time.

        I think Paul was burned out and dropped from the project after the election, perhaps a little guilt there as well for exposing Hillary so thoroughly. The team and I stuck together and we’ve decided to continue where the first timeline left off.

        Sorry you couldn’t access the new website. We just changed servers and having certification issues. Have a techy working on it so check in again, we should have our problems resolved soon. Plus, the site is still in its infancy so it’s not very cohesive yet. But we’ll get there. 😀


      • I think you meant “certificate” not “certification” problem. Yep, your site is back up, it looks very nice. Just a comment about your About tab, it seems to be empty. You may want to put your contact information there and an inquiry submission form.

        BTW, what is your email address? You can ping me at: Apelbaum {&}


  1. An interesting, mostly psychoanalytic and historic, profile of the dossier creators was posted by Diana West Among other things, she briefly notes that Bruce Ohr’s father is a physicist naturalized in Oak Ridge, TN in the 1950s. The DOE nuclear complex was the only employer in OR at that time. So, Bruce Ohr, at his 50+, apparently went to Oak Ridge schools and grew up with kids who are now holding positions throught the Department of Energy, Department of Defense and, like him, the DOS. Many of Oak Ridge kids traditionally go to Ivy League schools and keep in touch. He looks like a better burrowed agent than many around him.


  2. Fascinating work. I know you need to remain concentrated bc the web can spread quite wide, but have you looked into John Schindler? He is somewhat of a “Resistance” leader- claims to have inside sources and is often walking back his assertions as the dossier story unravels. I suspect he is close to some of the players in UK and/or Baltics. Some in his Twitter click like @JamesFourM emerged from nowhere with big followings in early ’17- always suspected a link to Daniel Jones and/or Ted Lieu.


    • Hi InquiringMind,

      No, it did not use any inside sources or classified materials. Contrary to Steele, I don’t like unverified sources 🙂 Also, I don’t think that social engineering and similar techniques would have been ethical or useful in this case. When you do primarily OSINT, you don’t have to deal with these kinds of problems. I also opted to stay away from traditional intelligence gathering methods because:

      1. Accessing or transmitting US classified documents that are not in the public domain could be a crime.
      2. Using “deep sources” (which is very common with MSM) that refuse to be named because “they are not authorized to discuss the case” is dishonest.

      My objective in this exercise was to just get a better understanding of what “dossier” was all about. I have done intelligence/technology work for many years so this project seemed like a good opportunity to bring the two together.


      • Thx. No, I wasn’t implying that you use inside sources- I was wondering if you looked into connection between these players and some of the folks magnifying the dossier (&other) claims online. But that’s more to satisfy my personal suspicions. Also, I wrote “click” instead of “clique”- oops.


      • This could be an interesting project, but you will be squarely in IIPA territory and would not be able to collect, let alone publish these results without a lengthy all expenses paid vacation in a federal resort.


    • 12/10/16 John Schindler issues series of threats and ultimatums in open source medium (SOCMINT or Social Media Intelligence, part of a 5th “domain of war”) after the FBI established that DNC emails published by Wikileaks originated with Seth Rich, and not Russian hackers. Schindler maintains the official talking points of “for years” “the Kremlin is behind Wikileaks,” the quick way to deny the veracity of anything, including future leaks.

      01/12/17 Former NSA official John Schindler tweets, “When @IgnatiusPost (WAPO) speaks, Langley’s 7th floor lips are moving. They are taking traitor Trump out now.” Langley’s 7th floor is a reference to CIA headquarters.


      • That’s a bit harsh… there are a lot of good patriotic people on the seventh floor that have dedicated their lives to this country. I would modify the statement to:

        “When MSN quotes any IC source anonymously, both should be prosecuted for treason” or “When an MSN outlet obtains classified information via surreptitious methods (e.g. NYT using a sex worker like Ali Watkins to honeytrap James Wolfe), its editor and board of directors should be charged with sex trafficking and its legal team should be disbarred.”


Dedicated to Blumenthal, Shearer, and their ilk:

The Death of MSM
inspired by Lord Byron’s “The Destruction of Sennacherib”

The conspirators crawled out of the swamp in the night,
And the media enablers promoted their lies with delight;
The flash of their cameras was like the setting sun on the sea,
Their dossier orgies included the leading politicians of DC.

Like the leaves of the forest when Spring is green,
‘Russian Collusion’ incessantly played on every screen;
Like the leaves of the forest when Autumn hath blown,
The MSNBC studios abandoned lay withered and strewn.

For the Angel of Death flapped his wings in a gust,
And breathed in the face of the MSM as he passed;
And the eyes of CNN waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and forever grew still!

There a WaPo reporter shattered and pale,
Gave the last fake news update and his ratings frail;
Their mics have gone silent, the news feed died,
The tweets unpublished, and propaganda dried.

The widows of the swamp now cry and bemoan,
The idols of DC are broken in the temple of Mammon;
And the mighty NYT demon smote by the sword,
Hath vanished like snow in the glance of the Lord!


07/24/16 Bill Kristol, from the Weekly Standard: Kristol gave Strzok and the Obama Justice Department a big assist from the anti-Trump Right by posting a flawed and questionably-sourced article. “Putin’s Party” is compelling evidence that Kristol and the Standard were far from mere sideline observers as the Trump-Russia collusion scam. Kristol’s article hits on every single one of the Simpson-Steele talking points: Trump forced the GOP to water-down language on the Ukraine in the party’s platform (it didn’t happen); the Russians were behind Wikileaks’ release of the DNC’s hacked emails (unproven); Trump encouraged foreign powers to interfere in the election (he didn’t); and Trump would not honor U.S. commitments to NATO (an overblown assessment of Trump’s NATO criticism nearly all the Republican candidates made). He listed a handful of unknown Trump campaign associates who would soon become household names, including campaign manager Paul Manafort; national security advisor, Lt. General Michael Flynn; and foreign policy aide Carter Page.


  • Hi Hugh,
    I’m not an astute political reader so I can’t intelligently comment about the 5 points that you raised. My interest in the dossier wasn’t as much political as it was structural and contextual. But I agree with you, the dossier does seem to be a byproduct of multiple agendas and research projects.


Fantastic research, love the FR and the potential of this system that you created.
I hope you can do a follow-up report, as I’m sure there are more interesting details to be told. And it seems you have a lot more.

Just a few questions about this bit:
“Steele’s information didn’t only flow in one direction. In January 2016, before the Fusion GPS dossier project kicked-into-gear, Johantan Winer and Strobe Talbott were sharing with Steele via Orbis’s Canada hosted servers and email system documents authored by Cody Shearer, who produced a ‘second Trump-Russia dossier’. This document consisted of two four-page reports, one titled “Donald Trump—Background Notes—The Compromised Candidate,” the second “FSB Interview”.”

How do you know this? That Shearer had his own ‘dossier’ and peddled it I already have read elsewhere but that timeline is rather unique. And January 2016 seems a bit early as Steele had not even been hired by Fusion GPS, or …?
And how do you know what passed via Orbis’s servers and email system?

I’m trying to establish whether Shearer & Steele simply got some of their stories from the same source, or whether Steele re-used a tale invented by Shearer, a known fantasist & dirty trickster.


  • Hi Jaap,

    The June 2016 start date of Steele’s contract with Fusion GPS is the start of the “billable” activity, not the beginning of the research. Steele and Simpson/Jacoby have been collaborating on Trump/Russia going back to 2009.

    Also, there is a large Hakluyt/Orbis ‘commercial intelligence’ network in the US that regularly services political and federal agencies and has the power to summon Nazgûls the likes of John Brennan. So Steele is not the new kid on the block, he has been doing this type of work long before 2016. This is also why he has such a cozy relationship with the brass at the DOJ and state.

    There are a few similarities between their dossiers, but also many differences between the plot lines. Steele, for example, doesn’t reference the one-eyed man from Istanbul as a source for the alleged sex episodes. He also fails to mention Shearer’s allegation that there are copies of the alleged movie in Bulgaria and Israel. This suggests that Shearer was probably the earlier source. It also fits Shearer’s extortionist/blackmailer style.

    Regarding how the information was written, stored, and exchanged, I prefer not to get into the sources and methods here.


    • OK, thanks. I knew most of that 🙂

      I asked because of this: “This suggests that Shearer was probably the original source.”
      Hence my question as to the date. Assuming that Steele did get the Shearer version in January, that would be quite some time before the Steel/Simpson team wrote their version and that should be sufficient proof that they are inventing their stories and/or very loose about their sourcing.

      Ergo: what evidence can be produced that Steele (or Orbis) received that Shearer story in January 2016? An email perhaps?


Eye watering!

As a former intel guy with a couple decades performing my “insignificant share” to keep my brothers-in-arms and country safe based on SIGINT (and a few other ‘INTs’), I can certainly appreciate your OSINT-based analysis and awesome end-product.

God bless you for your efforts, tenacity, and guts to put this into the public’s hands. Accolades also for your refusal to use non-public classified documents.

This “layman” is most appreciative of you shedding light on this complex event that casts a shadow our nation’s democracy.

Liked by you

  1. By an interesting coincidence, the NSA has now decided to delete all of the Call Detail Records that they have gathered since 2015 – a momentous period of time. I don’t think anything like this has ever happened before. It would seem that the Brennan/Clapper/Comey gang under the Obama administration has hopelessly corrupted the legitimacy of the NSA data – or so they say.
    Apparently, none of that data will ever see the light of day under any circumstances. It would be interesting to know who made this decision.


  1. Pingback: Dirty Dealings of the Deep State | Special Connections

Yaacov Apelbaum,

I posted some reflections on the British end of the dossier story a few days back on the ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’ site, which is run by Colonel W. Patrick Lang, who used to be in charge of the Middle East, South Asia and Terrorism, and then of ‘humint’, at the DIA.

(See .)

A commenter linked to your very informative analysis.

In responses to him, I indulged some speculations which may very well be way off the mark, and also focused on questions raised about Hakluyt, including the relationship to it of Ed Baumgartner and in particular Luke Harding.

If you cared to comment, this would of course be welcomed.

Meanwhile, I referred in the comments to materials I sent to Harding at the time when Sir Robert Owen’s report into the death of Litvinenko was published in January 2016, in relation to claims made in his book on the affair, published the previous month.

If your interest in Harding makes you think you might to have sight of this material, I am eminently happy to forward it, as also a response from his colleague Patrick Wintour, who I knew very slightly years ago, to whom I also wrote.

There would be no need for any response from you.

David Habakkuk


  • Hi David, Thanks for the detailed comment.

    Yes, I would be interested to hear more about your experience with Harding. You can reach me at: Apelbaum [@]
    By comment do you mean on the sic semper Tyrannis site or here? BTW, is there any significance for variation from the original “Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis”?


    • Hullo Yaacov,

      As to commenting, either your own site or SST would be appropriate, if not indeed both.

      Obviously, if as I have done one sticks one’s neck out with conjectures, particularly when one does so in relation to material one is in the process of assimilating, one risks decapitation.

      However, I have found over the years that outlining possible hypotheses that occur to one can sometimes prompt responses which take arguments forward, even if it turns out one has been barking up the wrong tree (or trees.)

      And then, I believe that there are a lot of ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ in relation to the British end of ‘Russiagate’, and would like to see doors opened to let some of these fall out, so, obviously I would like more people to be aware of your work, as also of mine.

      Perhaps some background may help.

      As to the name ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’, this is not a matter I have discussed with Colonel Lang, but it is clearly material that the motto appears on the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

      He is a Virginian, as it were, by adoption, having travelled south when young from his native Maine to do his undergraduate degree at the Virginia Military Institute.

      The choice doubtless reflected the fact that he comes from a military family. His uncle, John Henry Lang, was an American naval hero. As a teenager, he had run away to join the Canadian forces in World War I, and ended up going ‘over the top’ with the (British) Black Watch at Third Ypres, where he won the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

      A Vietnam-era special forces officer, also having been active in counter-insurgency in Latin America, the younger Lang was trained as an Arabist by the U.S. Army, and spent a long period working ‘on the ground’ in the Middle East. His military and intelligence experience, together with his interest in the American Civil War, is as it were ‘refracted’ in the trio of novels he wrote about that conflict.

      Over the years, discussions on SST have brought together – sometimes harmoniously, sometimes acrimoniously – people of very diverse views. What many of us have in common, whether or not we agree with him on other matters, is respect for Colonel Lang’s expertise on intelligence and military matters, and the Middle East.

      It has in general been possible for these discussions not to degenerate into a ‘bear garden’ because the Colonel acts as ‘ringmaster’, which, obviously, sometimes means an element of ‘rough justice’, and has I think been a strain on him over the years, but has allowed people of different views to interact with reasonable civility.

      I got involved with the site as a result of an interest in the Niger uranium forgeries scam, and a conviction that there were ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ at the British end, which had been successfully kept there, with too few questions being asked – which, indeed, remains the case to this day, despite Chilcot. Although much superior to Owen’s Inquiry, this was still very much a ‘limited hangout.’

      My interest in the specifics of the intelligence failures leading up to the Iraq War became involved with an interest in methodological issues, which led to my producing a longish piece discussing an article by Abram Shulsky and Gary Schmitt entitled ‘Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence’ which Colonel Lang posted in November 2005.

      (See .)

      My intention had been to follow this up with a piece discussing Roberta Wohlstetter’s ‘Warning and Decision’ study. However, in February 2007, I got involved in a – highly technical – discussion of the likely development of Hizbullah missile capabilities, and the political implications of this.

      In the course of this discussion, out of the blue, an e-mail arrived in my inbox, which turned out to be from Tim Reilly, then director of energy projects at Erinys International (not simply a consultant to Erinys UK, as Owen’s report misleadingly claims, following mendacious accounts produced by the parent company.)

      Dimly recalling that Erinyss was the company to which Alexander Litvinenko had introduced his supposed assassins, Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun, and that polonium traces had been found there, I started doing some basic Google research into the affair, in which up to then I had taken little interest. So I got diverted from Roberta Wohlstetter, and have been following lines of questioning that emerged from Reilly’s e-mail, on and off, ever since.

      As you can perhaps imagine, when ‘BuzzFeed’ published the dossier, and Steele was identified as author, it was rather like the moment in the novel/film when the Wizard is revealed behind the curtain.

      Rather than being a circus magician, however, this ‘wizard’ turned out to be a certain kind of superannuated Oxbridge student politician, like our former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – a type I know a good deal about. And in both cases, while clearly bumbling, the figures concerned are very far from benevolent.

      I will look up the relevant e-mails to Harding and others at the ‘Guardian’ and the e-mail from Wintour.

      There is a lot of other material, some of which I am in the process of getting into shape to post on SST.


    • Hi David, Comments in-line

      ….As to commenting, either your own site or SST would be appropriate, if not indeed both.
      (YA:1) For the sake of simplicity, I’ll respond here.

      …Obviously, if as I have done one sticks one’s neck out with conjectures, particularly when one does so in relation to material one is in the process of assimilating, one risks decapitation. However, I have found over the years that outlining possible hypotheses that occur to one can sometimes prompt responses which take arguments forward, even if it turns out one has been barking up the wrong tree (or trees.)
      (YA:1) Great philosophical observations, no comment.

      …And then, I believe that there are a lot of ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ in relation to the British end of ‘Russiagate’, and would like to see doors opened to let some of these fall out, so, obviously I would like more people to be aware of your work, as also of mine.
      (YA:1) I’m not sure if “skeletons in the cupboard” is the best metaphor. Even though the UK and US have gone through their own civil wars (more than one in the UK), both ended up with different views on subjects like civil liberties, privacy, freedom of the press, etc. Since the mid sixteen hundred’s the dominate political theory in England has been the Hobbesian model Leviathan. This is where the ‘body of the monarch’ is made up of all the many elements of the society and the state.

      This model is opposite to the American political ideal that emphasizes individual liberty and the subservience of the state to the individual. In the UK, both, the private and public media (i.e. BBC or Guardian) are designed and operated to promote the interest of the Kingdom. Every news piece, article, documentary, or TV series is produced with this objective in mind. So, in this regard, the BBC is no different than the old Russian Pravda. Albeit, they are more polished, sophisticated, and much better funded. Churchill referred to this phenomenon during his April 1934 speech when he said:

      “You see these microphones? They have been placed on our tables by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Think of the risk these eminent men are running. We can almost see them in our mind’s eye, gathered together in that very expensive building with the questionable status on its front. We can picture Sir John Reith, with the perspiration mantling on his lofty brow, with his hand on the control switch, wondering, as I utter every word, whether it will not be his duty to protect his innocent subscribers from some irreverent thing I might say about Mr. Gandhi, or about the Bolsheviks, or even about our peripatetic Prime Minister.

      The same applies to other long-running lists of historical and contemporary of political and social skeletons. Using private contractors like Orbis and Hakluyt to perform the ‘dirty deeds’ and then blaming personal and corporate greed when things go south is a long-honored tradition that goes back hundreds of years to the days of East India Company. This is just nature of the beast.

      …As to the name ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis’, this is not a matter I have discussed with Colonel Lang, but it is clearly material that the motto appears on the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia…
      (YA:1) Thanks for the detailed and interesting explanation. I was just trying to classify the phrase as either the Roman version (i.e. all tyrants end up in the same way) or the American one (death to a tyrant, as in the case of John W. Booth).

      …My interest in the specifics of the intelligence failures leading up to the Iraq War became involved with an interest in methodological issues, which led to my producing a longish piece discussing an article by Abram Shulsky and Gary Schmitt entitled ‘Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence’ which Colonel Lang posted in November 2005.

      (YA:1) I’m not sure that there was a UK intelligence failure in 2005. Talking about truth in the context of intelligence is like talking about love in the context of pornography. Decent intelligence provides facts, good intelligence can provide meaning. How you use Intelligence is an operational and a political question. The decision to engage in a major military operation like the Iraq war is always driven by economic factors, so, I’m not sure if factual arguments about the presence or the lack of WMD is even relevant.

      As far as Litvinenko/Skripal are concerned, it’s hard to tell what went on over there because no outsider has access to the evidence. The details that come out of the UK news sources seem to change regularly. The bottom line is that these Russian assets were/are living in the UK for a very long time before they got wacked. It’s unknown what sources of income they had beyond the modest government stipend both were getting? Maybe the GRU does have a long memory and a policy in place to get rid of defectors. But it’s also possible that both tried to blackmail some oligarchs and as s result ended-up drinking a plutonium flaverd cappuccinos.

      I’m not convinced that Steele was just a private investigator when he was doing all of the dossier work. But even if he was the selfless guardian of the American Republic, as Harding makes him out to be, he still had a pretty impressive air support from some bigwigs in the Foreign Service and SIS brass. As far as him being the magician behind the curtain, He looks to me more of an arsonist, well poisoner, and saboteur type than a magician. I would’nt be surprised if the back of his business card says something along the lines of:

      “Coups and revolutions for hire, the more sordid and vulgar the better”.

      I will look up the relevant e-mails to Harding and others at the ‘Guardian’ and the e-mail from Wintour.
      (YA:1) Thanks!


  1. Thank you for one of the best pieces written to date. I hope you don’t mind me adding a few additional names which can be connected by one to two degrees of association:
    You can call them the Atlantic Council connection.
    Dmitri Alperovich-CTO CrowdStrike, Cyber security specialist hired by DNC through Perkins Coie to determine who hacked the DNC server. He is a fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Ukrainian sympathizer, a Russian ex-pat and consulted on cybersecurity with the Clinton campaign.
    Irena Chalupa-(name ring a bell?) she is a non resident fellow at the Atlantic Council and the anchor for the Ukraninian propoganda channel–
    Evelyn Farkas-remember her? She is a non resident fellow at, yes, the Atlantic Council. She told all her “friends on the HIll” to get as much information as possible “before the new administration” took office. Did she fear incriminating information might be found? And don’t forget her expertise is everything Russian.
    Victor Pinchuk-the Ukrainian oligarch billionaire donated $10 mil to the Clinton Foundation. Melanne Verveer was the go between for Clinton and Pinchuk. Pinchuk was the go between for Victor Yanokovich and Clinton. This is the same Yanokovich with whom Paul Manafort had a connection which resulted in his resignation from the Trump campaign. He is also on the international advisory board of what? The Atlantic Council along with James Clapper. His fellow Atlantic Council board members don’t seem to mind his association with Yanokovich.


  2. Yaacov,

    Thanks for that. I will produce a more considered response, but some Google checks on Hakluyt are turning up a mass of material some of which has to be absorbed first.

    (YA:1) See comments in-line

    In general, with British private security companies, the ‘Powerbase’ site is worth visiting.

    (See .)

    Also, checking with Companies House often pays dividends, however lax the reporting requirements. The filings of Hakluyt and related companies are very much a case in point, as they show that some of what has been reported about them, including material which has made it through to ‘Powerbase’, is quite seriously off-beam. (Don’t worry, the truth is not less sinister, but more so.)

    It is of interest to me is that it turns out one of the original directors of the actual company – as distinct from the ‘Advisory Group’ – turns out to be a certain Michael Maclay, and the it appears that he comes, as I do, out of the current affairs and features department which John, now Lord, Birt, ran at ‘London Weekend Television’ back in the ‘Seventies and ‘Eighties.

    Out of this also comes Peter, now Lord, Mandelson, a principal architect of ‘New Labour.’
    (See .)

    A little more work and I think I may be able to connect some dots. If, as I suspect, Maclay and Mandelson were still cooperating in 15 December 1997, which was when the actual company Hakluyt was formed, that might be significant. It was actually the ‘Hakluyt Foundation’, which is now the ‘Advisory Group.’, which was incorporated on 17 August 1995.

    A lot interesting was happening between those two dates in the U.K. – and also, which may or may not be relevant, in Russia.

    (YA:1) Thanks for the Hakluyt link. Yes, I did crawl their sites and several other sources during the initial scan and there is a lot of good information (and a few files) out there. Just keep in mind that these guys are professionals former and current intelligence officers, with a sizable cyber and an information security practice, so, I’m not sure how much primary materials you are going to find on their public site. I didn’t dig deep into their ecosystem because the 2nd-degree linkage that I got was enough to tie them to Steele Halper, Mifsud, and others. But you may be right, doing a deeper dive on them could yield some additional insight and tighter links. But this will probably have to be done through a hybrid of an OSINT and some non-destructive form of APT.

    Incidentally, when I compared Christopher Steele to the Wizard, this was not intended as a kind of assessment of his total activity. The point is simply that he clearly paid a pivotal role in orchestrating the cover-up over Litvinenko’s death.

    (YA:1) You make a good point about his pivotal role. For some reason, it seems that Steele is always the first one (and his sidekick Luke Harding is always not far behind) at every major crime scene. He always manages somehow to solve the case in record time and walk away smelling like a rose. I mean, what are the odds that one person would be randomly involved in so many major international cases like the FIFA corruption, Litvinenko’s poisoning, Skripal’s poisoning, and the Dossier composition (just to name a few…). Kind of reminds you of the arson investigator that turns out to be the arsanist.

    The allusions to Walsingham, however, bring up another relevant point – that one should not overestimate the intelligence of these people.

    In Sir Francis’s day, British intelligence hired Christopher Marlowe, a very fine Cambridge Latinist, who combined his ‘spook’ work with playing a pivotal role in the creation of the Elizabethan theatre, before a murky series of events involving his denunciation by his fellow Cambridge alumnus Richard Baines led to his stabbing in Deptford.

    The denunciation, incidentally, however unreliable, is a work of the greatest intellectual interest.

    (See .)

    (YA:1) Yes, I know Marlowe. I have his “Jew from Malta” and “The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus” on the shelf. Interestingly, Shopkeeper’s the “Merchant of Venice” and Gotha’s Faust are at least partially based on his work.

    It is a sad tale of decline that MI6 now recruits people like Steele. As to Maclay, the remarks quoted in the ‘Powerbase’ entry indicate he understands nothing about intelligence analysis. I could describe it as: a quick guide to how to be fooled by the likes of Ahmed Chalabi and Boris Berezovsky. Moreover, the company’s filings show a large element of amateurishness in their attempts to ‘cover their tracks’, as also do the efforts of Christopher Steele et al.

    (YA:1) I can’t comment about the rise and fall of any intelligence organization. Even the best int. bodies at time experience the proverbial “seven dry years “. MI6 is no different. But they are still an incredible organization with a lot of talented people and resources. But just like any politically driven government body, they probably got dragged into this by some charismatic bureaucrat who thought he had a bulletproof Mephistophelian contract for predicting the outcome of the 2016 US presidential elections. It’s also possible that Peter Strzok, Bruch Ohr, and others acutely wrote this contract.
    As far as the “cover their tracks” problem and how professional or amateurish it is. The problem with all of these cases is that we can’t have an intelligent conversation about any of the details because we don’t know the facts. So all conversations perpetually remain in the realm of speculation. Take the DNC hack or the dossier cases. How difficult would it be to publish the forensic images of the DNC drives so that the conclusion of a ‘Russian source’ can be confirmed independently of CrowdStrike? Or Steele’s original dossier document with the metadata. Where we can find who the real contributors were, when the document was written, and published, and what was the total editing time. You wouldn’t have to speculate, you would have the facts.

    All concerned have been able to get away with this precisely be the Pravda-like uniformity now displayed by the MSM, with the ‘Guardian’ and BBC among the worst offenders.

    The extent of this is however new. For an illustration, try Googling “David Habakkuk” “Disarming Tactics”, and “David Habakkuk” “Reforming Bear”. The programmes involved were all ‘OSINT’ – in particular interviews with the so-called ‘new thinkers’, among the most interesting being General-Mayor Valentin Larionov and his collaborator Andrei Kokoshin, then Georgiy Arbatov’s deputy at the Institute of the USA and Canada.

    (YA:1) Yes, it does seem like Google has a political component in their search/rank algorithms.

    The ‘cast list’ for the programmes drew on the work of Stephen Shenfield, one of the conduits through the ideas that became the ‘new thinking’ reached the West.

    (See ; .)

    The Russian interviews were backed up by ones from competent OSINT Western analysts, including Commander Michael MccGwire and Jerry Hough, both then involved with Brookings. Like the ‘Guardian’ and BBC, it was a very different place then from what it is now.


Well, that is the end of the “relevant” comments as of today.  I definitely plan to check out more of Yaachov Apelbaum’s material.  I wonder if there is a chance he is a Messianic Jew for he quoted from the New Testament above (though he is obviously extremely intelligent & well read & gifted in multiple arenas)–what a blessing he is to all of us in our own pursuit of Truth!  Here is a link he shared…Deuteronomy 16: 18-20…

also pertinent is the passage Micah 6: 8

2 thoughts on “Selected Comments on “Deception”

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