Stefan Halper Surfaces Smelling of Swamp Stench

Once again there is bombshell material about Stefan Halper making the rounds in some conservative leaning outlets.  I heard about some of this on Rush’s radio show today & then watched the Hannity video posted by Stella here:

Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: “It was all a Set-up”

Both Stella & Sean Hannity referred to source material at here:

Halper, Hillary Clinton cronies, Obama, & the FBI began Targeting Trump at least by July 2016…& perhaps earlier, including via smearing General Flynn.

Halper’s involvement in the bureau’s investigation started much earlier than the FBI’s opening of its Crossfire investigation into the Trump campaign on July 31, 2016. He was already providing information on Page, Papadopolous, and Flynn earlier that year.

And it was in 2016 when Halper had told the FBI that he witnessed concerning interactions between Russian academic, Svetlana Lokhova, and Flynn at the February 2014 seminar dinner. This suspicion – without any proof – was then leaked to papers in London and eventually discussed in the U.S. media.  Lokhova told the BBC in May 2017 that when she first saw the allegations raised in the media she thought it was a joke.”

A whistleblower, Adam Lovinger, found material implicating Stefan Halper in inappropriate & overfunded behavior & writings…evidence of conspiracy to topple Donald Trump.  I wonder what the dates on the material he found were & when exactly Halper was paid the $1 million & if any of it predated “Crossfire Hurricane”?

Stefan Halper US Goverment Payment for Services

“An example of identity confirmation using FR and OCR for Stefan Halper’s 2016 US Government payment record of $282K for “Special Studies/Analysis” services”  from

Adam Lovinger, a former Defense Department analyst, never expected that what he stumbled on during his final months at the Pentagon would expose an integral player in the FBI’s handling of President Donald Trump’s campaign and alleged Russia collusion.

Lovinger, a whistleblower, is now battling to save his career. The Pentagon suspended his top-secret security clearance May 1, 2017, when he exposed through an internal review that Stefan Halper, who was then an emeritus Cambridge professor, had received roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money to write Defense Department foreign policy reports, his attorney Sean Bigley said. Before Lovinger’s clearance was suspended he had taken a detail to the National Security Council as senior director for strategy. “

Lovinger also raised concerns about Halper’s role in conducting what appeared to be diplomatic meetings with foreigners on behalf of the U.S. government because his role as contractor forbids him from doing so, according to U.S. federal law.

An investigation by reveals that the documents and information Lovinger stumbled on and other documents obtained by this news site, raise troubling questions about Halper, who was believed to have worked with the CIA and part of the matrix of players in the bureau’s ‘CrossFire Hurricane’ investigation into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Halper, who assisted the FBI in the Russia investigation, appears to also have significant ties to the Russian government, as well as sources connected directly to President Vladimir Putin.”

““Yet, we were puzzled by the unprecedented ferocity of efforts to discredit Mr. Lovinger, including leaks from DoD of false and defamatory information to the press,” he said. “Our assumption was that the other contractor about whom Mr. Lovinger explicitly raised concerns – a close confidante of Hillary Clinton – was the reason for the sustained assault on Mr. Lovinger, and that certainly may have played a role.”

Bigley suspects it was more than the Clinton-connected contracts adding, “Mr. Lovinger unwittingly shined a spotlight on the deep state’s secret weapon – Stefan Halper – and threatened to expose the truth about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative than being plotted: that it was all a set-up.”

“Halper has had a long career and worked in government with several GOP administrations. At 73, the elusive professor spent a career developing top-level government connections–not just through academia but also through his work with members of the intelligence apparatus.

Those contacts and the information Halper collected along the way would eventually, through apparent circumstance, become utilized by the FBI against the Trump campaign. But, it was during his time hosting the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar at the University of Cambridge where Halper shifted from a professor and former government consultant to FBI informant on the Trump campaign.”

In 2016, Halper was an integral part of the FBI’s investigation into short-term Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page. Halper first made contact with Page at his seminar in July 2016. Page, who was already on the FBI’s radar, was accused of being sympathetic to Russia and sought better relations between the U.S. and Russian officials. Halper stayed in contact with Page until September 2017.

During that time, the FBI sought and obtained a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to spy on Page and used Halper to collect information on him, according to sources. The House Intelligence Committee Russia report and documents obtained by this outlet revealed that the bulk of the warrant against Page relied heavily on an unverified dossier compiled by Former British Spy Christopher Steele and the matter is still under congressional investigation. Steele, who was a former MI6 agent, also had ties to many of the same people, like former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, who were part of the seminar.”

“Halper’s partner in the seminar, Cambridge Professor Neil Kent has also espoused better relations with Russia and Putin in his writings and told Russia Today in a 2014 interview that “everyone is attacking and demonizing Russia.” According to Kent’s biography, he was a professor from 2002 to 2012 at Russia’s St. Petersburg State Academic Institute.

Even more interesting are reports from the British Media outlet, The Financial Times, that state Halper received funds for the Cambridge seminar from Russian billionaire Andrey Cheglakov, who has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Cheglakov also funded Veruscript in 2016, which raised the suspicion of Dearlove and those connected to the seminar. Veruscript, a publisher for a Russian academic journal, was suspected by MI6 of being a front for Russian intelligence. Kent also happened to be the editor and chief of the journal. He published the inaugural article in the journal “The Journal of Intelligence and Terrorism”  blaming the West for the Russian invasion into Crimea but the journal closed down due to their suspicions.

Dearlove was also concerned “that Russia may be seeking to use the seminar as an impeccably credentialed platform to covertly steer debate and opinion on high-level sensitive defense and security topics,” according to the Financial Times sources.”

former senior intelligence official told this news outlet, “It’s all smoke and mirrors. Halper was well aware when he was bringing in Trubnikov in 2012 that the Russian’s were already there at his invitation. The FBI uses Halper to get more information on Trump aides but it’s Halper who has the real connection to Russia.””

“Halper was not only spying on Page for the FBI in 2016, but he had also made contact in September 2016 with another Trump campaign volunteer, George Papadopoulos. He invited Papadopoulos to London that September, luring him with a  $3,000 paycheck to work on a research paper under contract.  By this time the young Trump campaign volunteer had already been in contact London-based professor, Josef Mifsud, who had basically informed him that the Russians had damaging material about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Misfud’s role has also come into question by Congress.”

““Flynn was pushed out by Obama and then became a thorn in the side of Obama and the Clintons when he joined the Trump campaign,” said a former senior intelligence source with knowledge of what happened. “The investigation into Trump didn’t start with Carter Page or George Papadapolous, but with Flynn. Flynn was already on the CIA and Clinton target list. Those same people sure as hell didn’t want him in the White House and they sure as hell didn’t want Trump to win.””

Dr. Lezlee Brown Halper

“An example of an entity match anomaly detection. “Dr. Elizabeth Halper – CEO” and “Dr. Lezlee Brown – Board Advisor” matched on Face Recognition but failed to match on entity name” from

So in summary Stefan Halper intersects numerous players in the Big Ugly/Trump Russia Tale/Deep State Conspiracy, from General Flynn, Carter Page, & George Papadopoulos.  He was paid large sums of US Taxpayer money by the FBI to help entrap Donald Trump via contacts with various members of his campaign &/or administration.  I wonder who Halper’s handler is???  Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

It will be very interesting to see what Sundance of and Jeff at add to this growing body of material!  Here’s a couple of teasers based on titles alone from Jeff’s site:

Here’s a couple of links from

Here are a couple of informative & provocative replies to the original article from which the above quotes originated:

Outstanding investigative reporting Sara! When Stephan Halper was first linked to this mess many things fell into place for me. What follows is pure speculation on my part.

I could never really wrap my head around how aggressive the DOJ and FBI has been in the pursuit of President Trump. The actions of Deputy Atty. General Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller especially puzzled me. When Halper appeared on the scene the tumbler clicked. Stephan Halper is very, very close to the Bush family and especially close to former President GHW Bush. I believe their relationship goes back to when the elder President Bush was head of the CIA.

I believe the Bush family was furious when then candidate Trump completely obliterated the chance for Jeb Bush to be anointed the Republican nominee for President.

I know the Bush family and the Clinton family are much closer than the general public realizes. While not friendly, I think former President Obama and the Bush family are cordial.

While I do not believe the Bush family started this Russia collusion narrative I absolutely believe they were supporting players and called in a few friends to help.

Rosenstein and Meuller are there to protect the Bush family, because if they become linked to this disaster there will be hell to pay within the Republican party as well as the Democrat party. The general public will come unglued. Many reputations will be ruined. That is why so many are doing their level best to keep the truth hidden.

As I wrote earlier, this is my opinion and mine alone. Fire away.

Once again, great job Sara Carter!

The evidence trail could not be more clear. Obama and Clinton loyalists set this whole Trump – Russia collusion scam up to secure Hillary’s victory and smear Trump. It is a classic Saul Alinsky play – accuse your opponent of what you are actually doing. The Mueller investigation originated from false and fabricated information, and the players are all tainted. So, why does it continue unabated with Jeff Sessions at the helm? Why is there no special prosecutor to investigate the Democrat conspirators, some of whom are/were investigators of Trump? Keep the heat on Sessions, Sara!

Well blessings to all Patriots who keep our nation and our leaders, especially President Trump, lifted to the Lord in prayer!  Valerie

See the source image

& heading deeper into the rabbit hole…

This above article shows many threads of the spiderweb interwoven & includes the following links for those inclined to take a really deep dive.

The above link was the main source for the AT article above so I decided to dig a little deeper into Mr. Apelbaum’s work:

“My objective in writing this posting was to provide the layman reader not otherwise versed in intelligence gathering and analysis techniques with basic facts and insight so that they can form their own educated opinions on the matter.”

Yaacov Apelbaum - Christopher Steele ClaimsTimeline

           Name Title and Role
clip_image001_thumb Glenn Simpson Co-founder Fusion GPS and husband of Mary Jacoby
clip_image002_thumb Mary Jacoby Executive at Fusion GPS and wife of Glenn Simpson
clip_image003_thumb Peter Fritsch Co-founder Fusion GPS
clip_image004_thumb Neil King Jr. Principal at Fusion GPS and husband of Shailagh Murray
clip_image005_thumb Shailagh Murray Wife of Neil King Jr. and Obama’s senior policy adviser
clip_image006_thumb Thomas Catan Co-founder Fusion GPS, husband of Begona Cortina Segurola
clip_image007_thumb Begona Cortina Reporter and wife of Tom Catan
clip_image008_thumb Chris Steele Co-founder Orbis Business Intelligence
clip_image009_thumb Chris Burrows Co-founder Orbis Business Intelligence
clip_image010_thumb Sir Andrew Wood Former British Ambassador to Russia and an Orbis contractor
clip_image011_thumb Luke Harding A Guardian reporter and a Hakluyt and Orbis contractor
clip_image012_thumb Sir Richard Dearlove Former head of MI6, Steele’s boss, and advisor to Hakluyt
clip_image013_thumb Stefan Halper Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and advisor to Hakluyt
clip_image014_thumb Jonathan Clarke Former UK diplomat to US and the US representative of Hakluyt
clip_image015_thumb Edward Baumgartner Co-founder of Edward Austin. Contractor at Orbis and Hakluyt
clip_image016_thumb Nellie Hauke Ohr Russia intelligence specialist and wife of Bruce Ohr
clip_image017_thumb Bruce Genesoke Ohr Associate Deputy Attorney General at the DOJ
clip_image018_thumb Jonathan Winer State Department special diplomatic envoy
clip_image020_thumb Robert Otto State Department leading Russia intelligence officer
clip_image021_thumb David Kramer Assistant Secretary of State. Director at the McCain Institute
clip_image022_thumb Strobe Talbott Former Deputy Secretary of State
clip_image023_thumb Cody Shearer Clinton Campaign executive and author of ‘second’ Trump dossier
clip_image024_thumb Sidney Blumenthal Clinton Campaign executive and a political coordinator
clip_image025_thumb Lisa Holtyn Intelligence adviser & Russia expert DOJ Organized Crime Unit
clip_image026_thumb Victoria Nuland Assistant Secretary of State, FBI-Steele meetings coordinator
clip_image027_thumb Scott Dworkin Co-founder The Democratic Coalition, Biden’s media adviser
clip_image028_thumb Alexandra Chalupa Democratic National Committee ethnic coordinator (for Ukraine)
clip_image029_thumb Natalia Budaeva President the Free Russia Foundation
clip_image030_thumb Nadia McConnell President U.S Ukraine Foundation. US deputy legislative affairs
clip_image031_thumb Melanne Verveer Director Georgetown Institute, former Obama Ambassador
clip_image032_thumb Iryna Mazur Program Director of Ukrainian Federation of America
clip_image033_thumb   Ilya Zaslavskiy Head of Research at the Free Russia Foundation
clip_image034_thumb   Rinat Akhmetshin  Contractor of Fusion GPS present during Trump Tower meeting
clip_image035_thumb   Edward Lieberman Rinat’s Attorney, employee of the Albright Stonebridge Group
clip_image036_thumb Evelyn Lieberman Wife of Edward Lieberman, deputy chief of staff of the Clintons
clip_image037_thumb Perkns-Coie US Law firm representing Clinton/DNC and funding Fusion GPS

Apelbaum gives succinct details of how he performed his analysis of the Dossier…

Trump Dossier OSINT Architecture

“In order to conduct face recognition (FR) on persons of interest (POI), I’ve digitized and reconstructed the portraits of all key dossier team members. These digital portraits where then used to perform recursive on-line searches to discover and catalog the identity of additional individual in the proximity of the POI.”

The Trump Dossier Cast of Characters

Yaacov Apelbaum - Example of Martha Ohr's and Martin's Media Network Postings

“An example of collusion and dossier related content created and distributed through Martha Ohr’s social network. Metadata on many of the images indicates that they were produced in a commercial studio environment during business hours”, from Apelbaum article

Sam Stainer Fusion GPS Linkage

“An example of multi-element identification using FR +  University of Southampton Logo + the keyword “Orbis Business Intelligence” for the enrichment of Sam Stainer, an analyst with Orbis Business Intelligence Limited. The enrichment yielded the following:

  1. Retrieval of his image and the facial indexing of his entire social network
  2. Geospatial data for his network including: residence, travel patterns, family events, and vacation locations
  3. Social network linkage
  4. Professional network linkage
  5. Anomalies such as association with drug use, firearms, deviance, etc.”

“I’ve also taken into account the possibility that some of the entities did not want to be identified and were utilizing countermeasures like false portrait images, names, addresses, and fictitious registration in order to disguise their location and relationships (a technique used by almost every dosser affiliated team member). Any such linkage anomaly mismatch was flagged and verified manually.”

Glenn Simpson detection countermeasure

“An example of linkage anomaly detection (items marked in red) showing that Glenn Simpson is creating fictitious personas on social media and via bogus professional registrations to evade detection in on-line searches, (i.e. his new vocation is computer HW professional, mental health worker, admin at a bank, and an RV travel blogger).” from Apelbaum article…

The Dossier Network
The network graph analysis indicates that the fellowship of the dossier is a close-knit group; everyone knew each other long before embarking on the quest to find the alleged Russian collusion. All of the project key players are related through marriage, family relations, or work affiliations. As can be seen in images 9-10, this team collaborated in various member configurations on many other ‘dossier projects’ and utilized the same collection methods, materials, resources, political network, and publication channels. Some of these affiliations go back more than 30 years.”

The Trump Dossier Network

Image 9: The Dossier Network, the actors, entities, and their roles

These relationships between the team members transcended their changing places of employment and job titles. The following is a short sampling of the dossier network linkage results:

Christopher Steele knew Sir Andrew Wood from his days at the UK Diplomatic Service since 1986. In 2013, Wood had a paid consulting gig with Orbis. Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6 who promoted the Dossier in UK, Australian, Canadian, and US government circles was Steele’s boss in MI6. Steele knew and worked with Paoblo Miller in MI6 since 1994 and Luke Harding from The Guardian since 1996; Harding and Miller were also Orbis and Hakluyt contractors since 2009.

Steele and Chris Burrows worked with Stefan Halper as early as 2005. Steele knew Jonathan Clarke from his days in MI6 and communicated and met him in the US. Burrows knew and communicated with Joseph Mifsud since 2010. Edward Baumgartner had been contracting with Orbis and Hakluyt since 2011. Steele and Burrows knew and worked with Nigel Inkster from MI6 for over twenty years. They continued to work with him when he joined IISS and PS21. Inkster was also Sir Richard Dearlove’s deputy in SIS.

Orbis hired US nationals that previously held US government positions. For example, Tatianna Duran, an Orbis Senior Intelligence Analyst, previously worked for the US State Department and had a US government “Secret” security clearance. Tatianna Duran and Nigal Inkster worked together at PS21 and with Ilya Zaslavskiy at the Chatham House.”

Email Header
X-Pm-Origin: internal
X-Pm-Content-Encryption: end-to-end
Subject: CATCH-UP
From: Stef Halper <>
Date: Fri, 27 October 2017 17:14:43 -0400
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”———————8a8eec3c2c21558e9eb84a45907f9d6a”
To: Chris Burrows <>
Message-Id: <>

“Chris Burrows exchanged dossier related emails with Nicholas Fishwick, the former director of PGI and an MI6 officer, and with Stefan Halper who consulted for Hakluyt, a private UK intelligence firm similar to Fusion GPS and Orbis Business Intelligence.”

Stefan Halper Hakluyt and Chris Steele

Halper, Clarke, Downer, Smith, Dearlove, Crawford, Lobban, MI6, LAD, and Hakluyt Linkage

Marin Halper and Nellie Ohr Mitre Corporation

Example of Linkage based on MITRE company name and logo, address, and phone number for Stefan Halper, Marin Halper, and Nellie Ohr

“Baumgartner, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, and David Kramer are all Harvard alumni. Nellie Ohr knew Stefan Halper since at least 2000. Nellie Ohr also worked in the MITRE Corporation with Halper’s son Marin Halper for six years from 2002-2008.”

“Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby knew Bruce and Nellie Ohr from their days at the International Assessment and Strategy Center as early as 2004. Simpson and Jacoby knew and worked with Stefan Halper at the WSJ since 1996. They also knew Steele from their days at the WSJ going back to 2009.”

“Jacoby knew and worked with Christopher Steele, Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok and his wife Melissa Hodgman—the Associate Director in SEC Enforcement Division, Peter Fritsch, Neil King Jr. and his wife Shailagh Murray, David Kramer, Jonathan Winer, and Sidney Blumenthal who worked with her at Salon in 2004.

Sidney Blumenthal’s network is noteworthy because his email address book contains many of the dossier characters including Jacoby, Simpson, Winer, and others. It also contains most of the journalist involved in the ‘favorable’ dossier coverage. For example his friendly reporter count includes:”

# News Outlet Number of reporters Blumenthal communicated with
1 The Guardian 49
2 New Yorker 16
3 New York Times 50
4 Washington Post 60

“On April 19, 2016, two months before the content of the dossier was leaked to the media, Jacoby spent a few hours in the White House in the company of the following five seemingly unrelated individuals:


# Name Vocation Relevant Relatives
1 Scott C. Auerbach Attorney Wife –  Former Miami New Times Editor
2 Ian G. Bregg Researcher Wife –  An Attorney
3 Amy L. Bower Attorney-DHS Husband – An Attorney
4 Mary C. Jacoby Reporter Husband – Co founder of Fusion GPS
5 Laura K. Kwedar (Minch) Researcher Husband – An Attorney with Koch Institute
6 Eileen T. Zamkov State Department Former Diplomat

A second degree linkage analysis revealed that despite what appears to be a random group of tourists, these six individuals were in fact related to the dossier team through:

  • Involvement in the Clinton Campaign
  • Direct contact with the core and auxiliary Fusion GPS team via email communications 
  • Work at the State Department
  • Participation in news production and reporting
  • Had HLS and government legal services positions

It is noteworthy that all of the six members of this group’s home and office address are clustered within 4 miles of each other, (see below), and that most attempted to scrub (not always successfully) their online presence and 2016 SM activity. Another interesting observation is that in two cases, it is the spouse of the individual on the list that was the link to the dossier team.”

Yaacov Apelbaum - Mary Jacoby 6 White House Visitor Addresses

“In 2012, Steele did some work for the US state Department and was in communication with Winer and the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. This was done directly and through Sir Andrew Wood, who was the former British Ambassador to Russia and an employee of Orbis. Steele’s communications included over 100 reports on the Ukraine-Russia conflict. These reports were based on information from UK and Ukrainian government sources and contained political and financial data about Russian companies that was shared with Bruce Ohr at the DOJ.”

“Steele’s information didn’t only flow in one direction. In January 2016, before the Fusion GPS dossier project kicked-into-gear, Johantan Winer and Strobe Talbott were sharing with Steele via Orbis’s Canada hosted servers and email system documents authored by Cody Shearer, who produced a ‘second Trump-Russia dossier’.  This document consisted of two four-page reports, one titled “Donald Trump—Background Notes—The Compromised Candidate,” the second “FSB Interview”.”

“Nellie Ohr’s relationship with Steele goes back to the early-2000s or even earlier. Bruce Ohr’s relationship with Steele began long before Trump’s presidential bid. It goes back to Steele’s 2009 FIFA corruption investigation. Bruce was then chief of the Organized Crime and Racketeering section in the DOJ which had a keen interest in the early stages of the case.”

I, Valerie, wonder if there is any connection to all this in Trump’s FIFA meeting “today”?

“Robert Otto, who worked for Victoria Nuland’s at the State Department (resigned in December 31, 2016) frequently communicated via a number off private aliased emails dossier and Russia collusion and anti-Trump content with his “Russian Workgroup” that among others included David Kramer, Andrew Wood, and a long list of current and former US, British, and Australian Intelligence professionals such as:”

Name Email Address Job Description
Glenn Howard Jamestown Foundation – President
John Dunlop Hoover Institute – Senior Fellow
Walter Zaryckyj Center for US Ukrainian Relations – Committee

Columbia University – Senior Russia researcher

Mira Kyzyk
(Chalupa’s Friend)

Ukrainians for Obama and Biden

Fordham University – Program Manager

Kyle Wilson Australian ONA Intelligence – Senior Russia Analyst
David Wall Australian ONA Intelligence – Senior Russia Analyst
Lilia Shevtsova Chatham House – Fellow Russia and Eurasia
Andrew Wood Chatham House – Fellow Russia and Eurasia
James Nixey Chatham House – Head of Russia and Eurasia
Cooper Julian Chatham House – Fellow Russia and Eurasia
Richard Connolly Chatham House – Fellow Russia and Eurasia
Phil Hanson Chatham House – Fellow Russia and Eurasia
Roderic Lyne Chatham House – Vice Chairman
UK ambassador to Russia
Bobo Lo Chatham House – Fellow Russia and Eurasia
Deputy head of mission Australian Embassy Russia
John Gerson Foreign & Commonwealth Service – MI6 Officer
Ian Bond Foreign & Commonwealth Service – MI6 Officer
Alan Parfitt Foreign & Commonwealth Service Officer
Elizabeth Teague Foreign & Commonwealth Service Office

Jamestown Foundation

David Riley Foreign & Commonwealth Service Office British Embassy, Washington DC-Head of the Russia Team
Celeste Wallander White House – Senior Advisor to Obama
Charles Kupchan White House – Senior Advisor to Obama
Margaret Henoch Former IC Operations manager

US News and WaPo News Contributor

Jeffrey Edmonds Former IC – Senior Russia Analyst
Chris Brot Chris Brot Former IC – Senior Russia Analyst
Paul Goble Former IC/State Department – Senior Russia Analyst The Institute of World Politics – Faculty
Brannon’s Friend IC Undergraduate Scholar program
Donald Jensen State Department – Former Ambassador
Nathaniel Reynolds National Intelligence – Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia
Julia Gurganus National Intelligence – Director’s Office – Senior Russia expert
Robert Otto State Department – Russia intelligence expert
Peter Andreoli State Department – Senior Political Officer
Daniel Russell State Department – Deputy Assistant Secretary

Russia Business Council – President

Nicholas Berliner State Department – Foreign Service Officer
Alexander Tratensek State Department – Foreign Service Officer
Kathleen Kavalec State Department – Deputy Assistant Secretary Bureau of European Affairs
Eugene Fishel State Department – Chief, Bureau Intelligence and Research
Rose Gottemoeller State Department – Under Secretary of State International Security Affairs
Eric Green State Department – Director Office of Russian Affairs
Alexander Kasanof State Department – Director Office of Eastern Europe
Kelly Kivler State Department – Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Russia
Rory MacFarquhar National Security Council – Special Assistant to Obama. Director at Google
Mark Medish State Department – The Messina Group – President

CEO is Obama’s former campaign manager

James O’Brien State Department – Special Presidential Envoy

Albright Stonebridge Group – Vice Chair

Mary Warlick State Department – Ambassador and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
John Williams State Department – Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Andrew Weiss Carnegie Endowment for International Peace –VP

RAND Corporation – Director

Samuel Charap RAND Corporation – Senior Russia Analyst

“Many of the correspondences are addressed to and from State Department and UK government emails and indicate that the content was written and read during business hours.”

Trump Dossier Graph

So is it reasonable to assume that all of these incestuous relationships are coincidental? Ian Fleming, a naval intelligence officer and the creator of James Bond, contemplated the problem of coincidental relationships in intelligence operations and came up with the answer in his maxim: 
Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action. 

“So it seems that the Ohrs have been cannibalizing and presenting this “raw intelligence” for several years from DOJ, FBI, and other agency sources long before it made it into the dossier.”

The House of Cards
In intelligence analysis, there is a concept of a runaway feedback loop that occurs when information becomes re-iterated and rewarded in perpetual cycles. For example, “Analyst A” releases a bit of dubious intel. “Analyst B” reads the claim and puts it in his report.  “Analyst A” reads the intel in Analyst B’s report and decides that his intel may actually be true. “Analyst C” picks up “Analyst A’s” and “Analyst B’s” reports and expands on it creatively.  “Analyst A” and “Analyst B” now are certain that their original piece was accurate. Actually, none of it is accurate. The same applies to many of Steele’s briefs; they progressively build upon previous dubious intel using terms like “Continuing on this theme”.”

Of one of the Dossier’s possible authors Edward Baumgartner:

“Baumgartner social media posting history is also noteworthy because it correlates directly with his work in Fusion GPS. For example, he is re-posting information about the dossier utilizing pre-public leaked information. He’s essentially betraying prior knowledge of the dossier by including these specific buzzwords in his tweets.

“One thing worth noting is that just like in the case of the core dossier network, many of these ‘receptive’ reporters such, David Corn, Joe Palazzolo, David Cay Johnston, Scott Dworkin and Evan Perez (images 32-33) had long incestuous relationships with Fusion GPS and it’s team members.”

“In a similar fashion to Kaminski’s and Baumgartner’s Twitter posts, Perez’s, Tapper’s, Sciutto’s, and Bernstein’s tweets (see below) strongly suggest that they also had early and direct access to the dossier team and were actively distributing its content as it was being written.”

So who researched and wrote the core parts of the dossier? It looks like it was a team effort. Most of the textual evidence points to Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby as the architects of the dossier framework. This can also be gleaned from Jacoby’s June 24, 2017 Facebook posting (which was deleted promptly with most of her SM activity after the project derailed) where she brags about her husband’s leading role in its composition and vents her frustration about Steele monopolizing the limelight.”


Mary Jacoby Trump Dossier Facebook Posting

Mary Jacoby’s FB Post regarding the dossier

When it comes to the research, promotion, and distribution work, the linkage shows that a fair amount of ‘staging’ activity took place in both the US (in the pre dossier stages) and the UK and involved individuals such as, Stefan Halper, Jonathan Clarke, Richard Dearlove, Charles Crawford, Iain Lobban, and Alexander Downer. It is also interesting that many of Robert Otto’s “Russia Workgroup” pen pals include the same Australian and UK diplomatic and IC actors that by July 2016 aggressively promote the dossier and vouch for its authenticity.

The same type of staging and delivery took place in the US through the State department sources like Robert Otto and the political and PR work of Alexandra Chalupa, Natalie Budaeva, and Ilya Zaslavskiy and their pro-Ukraine ‘Free Russia Foundation’ NGOs. It is notable that a lot of this activity dates to first week of April-May 2016, almost 8 weeks before Steele’s official June 2016 contract with Fusion GPS. This strongly suggests that there was a proto-dossier in place and that there was a wider coordinated effort between the US and UK teams with Orbis Business Intelligence likely acting as a front for Hakluyt & Co.

The existence of a proto-dossier that predates Steele’s work is further supported by an email written by Robert Otto to John Williams, the director of the Office of Analysis for Russia and Eurasia in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. In this email titled “the fried document” and dated May 1, 2016, Otto comments on some of the building blocks of the future dossier including how effective or damaging various claims would be.”

“Ohr’s and Baumgartner’s roles were likely to research specific Russian content and re-write the narrative in ‘Russian style’ in order to make it appear authentic. The ‘hard’ intelligence probably came from British and Ukrainian sources who may have also provided some of the juicy gossip. Nellie Ohr utilized DOJ and State Department documents that pertained to Russian organized crime, cybersecurity, corruption, and opportunistically incorporated them into the dossier briefs.

This careful mixture of partial truth and fiction explains all of the tidbits of information in the report that are marginally plausible and give the dossier a first-person witness quality and a thin veneer of creditability.”

“When it comes to the bulk of the literary work, Simpson, Jacoby, Baumgartner and Ohr likely authored it and Steele—if he did any actual writing—just formatted the reports in order to tag them with his scent and make them look spyish by using terms like “Source X” and redacting some phrases. 

Nellie Ohr’s, Shailagh Murray, and Mary Jacoby also played a secondary organizational role and acted as the liaisons between the Fusion GPS team, State Department, DOJ, and the White House, and possibly as a cut-outs to other agencies.”

Christopher Steele Dossier Timeline

The Steele Dossier Timeline

It seems that the real dossier story is not the scandalous insinuations that it makes, but rather it’s the funding sources, the teams that worked on it, and its compilation and distribution channels. At peak capacity, the dossier team must have consisted of at least 25 individuals who worked on it for over 6-12 months. Assuming a modest $200 per hour rate per person, some first/business class travel and accommodations, media, consulting, IT, and legal services, this project must have cost an upwards of 5-10 million dollars. According to Simpson’s testimony and documents, Fusion GPS was only paid about a million dollars by the DNC and Clinton campaign, which begs the questions of what was Hakluyt’s cut and where did the rest of the money go?

Simpson and Steele did far more than simply conduct sordid opposition research for the Clinton campaign. By various machinations, they successfully reached the most influential people in UK and US politics, the media, and federal government agencies and shaped/influenced the narrative of the 2016 presidential elections. There is little doubt that Simpson/Jacoby and their US political/media network and Steele with his enablers in Hakluyt, the British media, and the Foreign Office successfully waged a full-scale influence operation against the US and are continuing to do so even now.

OK…so I fell into the rabbit hole on the Apelbaum article…please see the original here:

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