Small Group In-Security…

Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse continues to dismantle the edifices of “honor” of Deep State personages at the heart of the attack on President Trump…& the Constitutional foundation of our Republic…

President Trump has revoked the security clearance of former, highly political, CIA Director John Brennan.”

Other persons under scrutiny:

  • former FBI director James Comey
  • former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe
  • former director of national intelligence James Clapper
  • former national security adviser Susan Rice
  • former CIA director Michael Hayden
  • recently fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok
  • former DOJ lawyer Lisa Page
  • former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates
  • current DOJ official Bruce Ohr

“The listed intelligence and justice officials are some of the known participants in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 weaponization of the intelligence apparatus for political purposes. Despite their growing number, we call them the “small group”.

The inside group, writ large, was operating a coordinated effort to influence the 2016 election and weaponize intelligence to target their political opposition.  The inside group was assisted by an external team of political operatives including: Fusion-GPS, Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, Daniel Richman, Benjamin Wittes (Lawfare Blog); as well as contractors and agents -foreign and domestic- used by the intelligence apparatus.”

Please see the original post below for more info…

via White House Revokes Security Clearance of Former, Highly Political, CIA Director John Brennan…

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